A squashed face, soft and fluffy fur, a sweet disposition. And the most unwavering loyalty ever seen in a feline.


Schrödinger was adopted by Odessa Price and Kurt Campbell while the two were a couple, as adopting a cat was Odessa's perception of what "normal couples" do. She took one look at the kitten's sweet face and she and her beau instantly fell in love. Since then, Schrödinger, or simply 'Inger [In-geh], has been Odessa's constant companion. She's been with her since Odessa panicked and left Kurt, and stuck with her through the many different homes Odessa's been a squatter in, and even managed to return to her after the fire that claimed Old Lucy's and the scuffle that nearly claimed Odessa's life.

Following Odessa's supposed death and the abandonment of her clinic in Gun Hill, Schrödinger was eventually found and taken in by Robyn Quinn, living with her both in her apartment in Gun Hill, and traveling with her once she moved to the Village Renaissance in October 10. Inger moved to her third owner in Elaine Darrow following the events of November 8th, 2011, and now lives with her at the Cresting Wave Apartments in Yamagato Park.


Currently in the care of:
Elaine Darrow

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