A female tuxedo cat, with a constantly wide-eyed curious stare for the world, even if she is less inclined to go and pounce on it unless absolutely sure it won't bite back. She is black with white paws, a white tipped tail, a white chest and belly, and snowy muzzle, her fur on the fuzzy side. She has a kitteny clumsiness that she might not grow out of.


The smallest out of an abandoned litter, the cat was supposed to die within the first few days of recovery.

She did not.

Now growing up on Pollepel Island and perhaps encouraged to be a rat catcher if she ever gets big enough and brave enough, she is in the keeping of a refugee named Benji and her survival funded by Rue, who also named the feline in the hopes that she, like every other survivor on the island, might turn out to be a hero.


Currently in the care of:
Benji Foster

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