A proud stallion who grudgingly goes along with what he's told, but at a moment's notice might decide to abandon you if things are mildly inconvenient for him. He is an amber champagne bay, his coloring blessedly imperfect thanks to spackles of dark across his pale body. He behaves ornery like an older horse set in his ways, relative youth betrayed only when he takes interest in something, head attentively perking with his ears peaked.


Kara never took to keeping one horse over the other, despite nicknaming almost all of them. This stubborn beast, though, she one she calls Semej for that very reason, is a frequent companion who patiently waits out her quirks as she allows his. She palms him carrots and other treats, passing them to him on the sly between errands. That sort of silent understanding leads them to be fond enough of each other.

And despite all his balking, he's never let her down even in moments where action was required, where he could have been easily spooked. He, like her, steps up in the moment.

He was moved from Sedro-Woolley to Providence in the group of horses Chris Ayers brought from out west.


Currently in the care of:
Kara Prince

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