A silver classic patterned tabby who is perfectly round. As a kitten she had more personality than could fit into her body, but as anyone can see she's grown quite well into it. Smudge is social, preferring to be wherever the people are. She's also unapologetically curious and will help herself to investigating all manner of bag left where she can get to it. She loves to sprawl in all places that will inconvenience just about anyone; books, papers, laptop computers, and the dining room table set for supper are all fair game.


Smudge was part of a litter of kittens left outside Raquelle Cambria's salon in the spring of 2019. When she'd heard about the kittens and the spur of the moment adoption drive held by the Cambria family, Jac talked her mom into allowing her to bring one of the kittens home. Jac fell in love with the little gray kitten with black swirls almost immediately, and the two became fast friends.


Currently in the care of:
Jac Childs

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