Staten Island Dog Pack

A pack of seven to ten feral dogs of mixed heritage but largely a combination of Malamutes, Shepherds, Chow Chows, and other large breeds capable of fending for themselves.


When Staten Island was evacuated following the explosion that claimed Midtown in 2006, hundreds of family pets were abandoned in their homes, and although most perished without human caretakers to look after them, enough survived to make a nuisance of themselves in neighborhoods like the Rookery and rural areas surrounding the island's Greenbelt.

Plummeting temperatures and a shortage of food during the spring of 2010 drove them to turn to human prey, resulting in a string of fatal attacks across the island, including an incident at the Lighthouse where a young girl in the care of Brian Fulk and Gillian Childs was killed when she wandered away from her peers during a snowball fight.

Staten Island Dog Pack

Currently in the care of:

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