Most people would call this little girl a designer dog, her owner unceremoniously calls her a mutt. A papered 'Bea Griff', Trippy is a hybrid breed mixing the attributes of a beagle with those of a brussels griffon, and the result is an amazingly attractive animal. She stands about 12" in height at the shoulder and weighs a solid 22lbs. Possessing a short coat of soft hair, she's a ginger dog with brown points and dark snubbed muzzle.

Trippy is a pleasant little character who might be a little too lively and energetic for her owner's liking. She's quick to display affection to elderly women and children, though she dislikes men who wear hats. She's loyal and faithful, stupidly brave and somewhat reckless. She also normally gets along very well with other pets with the exception of cats, mainly due to her owner's dislike of felines. While mainly considered an inside dog, Trippy enjoys the outdoors and is actually quite athletic and physically strong for her size, an amazing feat for someone with only 3 legs.


Trippy was once the lucky pet of September Russo. After the bomb, she stayed with Brad (her 'brother') for nearly two months before she was presented to his producer and closest friend, Kristen, as a Christmas present. Kristen, not being the kind of woman who appreciates living gifts, hasn't been the worst owner a little dog could ask for. She regularly receives treats, her meals are on time, and she gets walked at least 3 times a day by a lovely dog walker named Dirk.

Trippy doesn't like Dirk.


Currently in the care of:
Kristen Reynolds

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