Anonymous Assignation


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Scene Title Anonymous Assignation
Synopsis Veronica Sawyer recieves an unusual phone call from an anonymous caller, who asks her some questions… and gives her a second assignment that she isn't sure she wants to handle.
Date Jan 30, 2010

Veronica Sawyer's Desk, Fort Hero

It's the first time she's been back to Camp Hero since she returned to New York — doctor's orders to spend at least a week off her leg, plus another week "taking it easy" meant she called in and did some research from home until she was given her newest assignment from the unlikely source of non-Agent Ryans. Now, given the task to look up the files on Mortimer Jack, she sits perusing them at her desk, injured but healing leg propped up on her desk. If anyone were to look in on Veronica Sawyer, they would see a scowl upon her face as she reads through the information. She is not looking forward to this task — if she were being told to bag and tag, she'd do it happily. Perhaps even to take him out in a more permanent solution. But to merely investigate to see if he is a threat? This is the man that killed her coworkers and friends.

As the agent considers the file belonging to the most unusual fellow known as 'Mortimer Jack', the opportunity for relief from that curious task arrives - although as she soon discovers, the interruption may be even more unusual than the assignment that she's been handed.

The phone on the desk remains silent, but her personal cellular phone rings, the face of it lightning up with an unknown number as someone reaches out to contact her.'

Veronica reaches into the pocket of her coat, lifting the phone and peering at the number. She pushes the green button. "Sawyer," she says brusquely — either they know who they're calling or they don't, and if they don't, she isn't going to give them any more insight into the owner of the phone than the last name. She picks up a pen to twirl in her free hand as she waits for the reply.

There's a moment's silence on the other end of the line, that lingers until Veronica might assume that she's about to get clicked over to an automated telemarketing call. Just when she might be about to hang up, a voice speaks - a strangely toneless whisper, bereft of inflection or emotion. Perhaps computer altered? It drifts in and out, louder than fainter, as if moving towards or away from the phone. "Agent Veronica Sawyer. I have a question for you."

Veronica immediately looks up and around, eyes circling her office. It sounds like those calls in a horror movie when the person is being watched by the caller even as they speak. "Go ahead," she says, her own voice calm and almost as toneless as she can make them. She gets up to walk to the door, peering down the hallway, listening to see if she can hear the two voices in stereo, in case someone thought it would be funny to play a practical joke.

One of her co-workers is talking on the phone to his wife, from the sounds of it, and the other way there's a sound of someone kicking a desk - followed by a muffled swear afterwards. There's no stereo, though, just that whispering, toneless voice asking, "Where is Braxton Pendragon, alias Hector Steel?"

Assured that none of her coworkers are playing games, she closes her office door and heads back to her seat. "Can I ask who is asking? It wasn't my turn to watch Steel, though, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be," she says lightly, picking up her pen again and writing on a legal pad the time of the call and the question.

The answer to her question is, perhaps frustratingly… another question. More than one, in fact.

"Where is Lewis Zimmerman, inventor of the Formula?"

"Where is the Butcher of Madagascar, Dmitri Gregor?"

"Where is Moab Internee #122, alias 'Doc'?"

"Why hasn't it occured to anyone to wonder where these men have disappeared to?"'

The agent scribbles down the names and shakes her head. She never got the whole story of the other countries' actions, being on the outskirts of most of the group as a Company agent. She doesn't know all the connections that the voice clearly thinks she should, but she can try to connect the dots. "Are you saying that they are all involved in something that I should be looking into? Most of the information is probably not available to someone of my limited clearance. Are you sure I'm the one you want to talk to about this?" she asks.

A low chuckle stirs over the phone, harsh and raspy before it fades away as if the wind had blown it. Silence falls for long moments then, before that quiet voice speaks once more, "You're the right choice, Agent Sawyer. Find them. The future may depend upon it."


The agent stares at the phone in her hand, then types in the number into the computer for a reverse look-up. Just what she needs — mysterious clues from a mysterious caller. Should she go to her superiors with the information? Try to figure things out by herself? She doubts, like she said, she will have access to the information necessary. Clicking the return key, she sends the phone number and waits for a reply to load on the browser.

The phone number comes up registered to an anonymous, disposable phone - the sort you can pick up from any corner store. According to the area code on it, it was purchased somewhere in New Jersey, not too far from the city proper.

Curiouser and curiouser. Veronica sighs and begins to type the names into the computer to see what information is available for her, while in the back of her mind she mulls over the dilemma — to go to a superior with this or try to figure it out on her own. Oddly enough, it's the second time in less than 24 hours that she's been told she's the right agent for a job she isn't sure she wants.

As Veronica Sawyer - and some of the others who came back from Antarctica - is beginning to learn, the game's not over… it's just beginning. The pieces are always moving, and the only choice they have is to move of their own accord - or be moved by another's hand.

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