Another Conversation With God



Scene Title Another Conversation With God
Synopsis Abigail has another conversation with the god that she so adores, about things, and a request.
Date January 11, 2010


The hammer hits the head of the nail repeatedly, iron biting through the new wood all bright, fresh smelling, traces of sawdust still clinging to the face of the board till it punches through and fastens new to old, grey'd and warped wood. Gaps and holes to be sealed out by the skill, albiet mediocre, of a southern brunette. Satisfied with one end, Abigail works another nail from out of their holding between her lips, sets it against the wood, adjusts placement and sets about to securing the other end. Sun beats down making sweat trickle down the back of her neck and soak into the collar of her tank top. She's ignored Flint, in as much as he's likely ignored her or tried to pretend that the woman in the next building over that's sleeping in a tent at night isn't really there.

But she is, as the sound that starts up again when she's awake, proves so very real. Another nail sinks into wood, followed quickly by another as the final nailed is liberated from her mouth and sinking through wood.

"Really don't know why I'm down here. Not like he cares" The last hit on the head is with more force than really necessary and it leave an indentation of the cold steel dead behind, off center from the nail. Her voice a tad more sarcastic than she's usually one to express.

"Really Abigail did you expect a straight forward answer. No. Course not. Why would I get a straight answer. I never get a straight answer anyone but Catherine and even then" Abigail's lips press together and she raises her arm to wipe at her forehead under the brim of her baseball cap. It comes away sweat dampened and she wipes her arm in turn on her skirt. She'll have to get Raquelle's help getting more water out of the well and wash down after this. "Even then she's so black and white, it's amazing that you can even breath in the same room as her sometimes"

"Bet he won't even thank me for fixing this.." Horrible run down bar that really needs to be sprayed down with bug killer or run over with a bulldozer. She found a scorpion in her tent this morning. How it got in, she doesn't know, but there it was. She's not a squicky girl in all things nature-like, she's seen her fair share of rattlers and even a wild pig or two. The scorpion though. Somehow, she was inwardly thrilled that she saw fit to get those cots in town.

It was a dead scorpion ten minutes later, an apology and a prayer for the poor creatures death but unlike the spiders that live in her home - Teo's adamant about catch and release, not insta-death - when it moved, it's fate was sealed. She didn't tell Raquelle about it. She figured the other man knew how to deal with this all.

Maybe. Ignorance is bliss.

She should be blissed out by now.

Abigail looks up, squinting behind even her sunglasses as she pauses to trade hammer for bottle of water. resting hand on the cap. "Really Lord?" Only she would carry on a one sided conversation with the lord above as usual.

"I jsut don't get it. I'm forgiving him" THe cap is twisted off and she tilts it back to swallow a few mouthfuls before capping the bottle and putting it to the side. THe hammer picked up again. "I'm trying to forgive him fully, to try and understand why he does it. Why he did it. We all do things we regret yes? I reget walking into that alley, I regret…" She grabs a nail, positioning it and staring at it.

"Okay, there's not much that I regret. Really. Because you have things happen for a reason. I went to Russia for a reason, Francois was brought to now for a reason. Some reason. I'm glad that he's here."

Abigail shifts, her ankle bothering her today from all the walking she's been doing on it and not propping it up. She should ask Flint to help her deal with it but pride is keeping her from doing it, and anger. Mostly anger.

"Could you see fit to not drown the world? I'd be very grateful. I'm pretty sure we're not that far bad that things can't be fixed without a wash of water. I know it's not you directly, but you still have the grand plan and i'm hoping that it doesn't rightly include me with an innertube riding the interstate on a wave" Abigail pauses in her pounding. "I don't have a bathing suit for that. Really it'd be very cold Lord. Very wet. Two things that I don't like to be unless it's in air conditioning or I'm in a pool."

Another nail is grabbed, another piece of wood as she seals another gap, and in turn, inside Deckard's hovel will be one last hole to be letting in sand and god knows what else. "Do this, save the world as I can't since I don't have it and I'll give it up. I'll give it up in heart as I had no choice to in truth. I'll stop finding a way to take it back and accept that Flint has it and give it to him."

She'd ask for him to find a way to make things right between her and Flint but there are some things that God can't touch, that only the two of them can deal with.

"I still don't see what reason you had to give it to him, other than to let him know that you care, to give him another chance, a way to prove that you notice him and want to give him something good, a chance to do good" She straightens up again, arching her back and letting her hands sink behind her and force her spine to re-align and work the stiffness out.

"Thine will be done. I know. A billion people call for your attention every day. You hear mine, but sometimes, we must do for ourselves what you cannot or will not do because it's a lesson to be learned, because we need to do just that, do it for ourselves. I'm trying Lord. I'm trying to be understanding"

Abigail sags a bit, looking through the soon to be covered crack and the alcohol within, the cot that was hosed down and dried, the fresh clothes left on the counter along with water and instant coffee.

"We're all trying Lord. In our own way. Sometimes… you just can't see it"

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