Another Life


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Scene Title Another Life
Synopsis Graeme has some supplies for Jaiden, and hopefully, a favour to ask.
Date April 19, 2011

Central Park

Jaiden meet me at the park, 1hr -Graeme.

The text message that Graeme sent about an hour ago was short, simple, and to the point, and now, he's been out jogging through the park for a bit, dressed as usual for the activity, black workout pants, and at the moment, a matching black muscle tee that matches. Nondescript, and there's a small backpack on his back, as he rounds the corner to the more precise location that he'd texted to jaiden shortly before. It's secluded, reasonably, along one of the more difficult jogging trails, and not one that Graeme's known to be used very much at this time of day.

It was from one of the numbers Graeme purchased, and as far as Jaiden knew, Graeme wasn't aware of exactly where they were. Still, the text message was sent and Jaiden, being the prudent guy he was, instead of responding to the text, just showed up. Sure, he was being unobtrusive, with clothes that didn't look anything like what he normally wears, and cased the area to make sure Graeme was alone — even going so far as to jog past the spot several times just to be sure…."Hey Graeme…" Jaiden says as he jogs up. "What's up?"

"Hey Jaiden," Graeme says. There's a small measure of relief in his voice, and a hint of a smile on his face at the sight of the Aussie. "It's good to see you." Graeme's alone, today. Entirely and wholly alone, even Odin having been left with Aric this morning while Graeme had things to do. Even so, Graeme glances around after Jaiden arrives, before picking up the canvas bag that now rests at his feet, and offering it over.

"One, I brought some stuff I figured you could use. Necessities of various sorts, and some books, and a few decks of cards and a small travel backgammon and chess board, and some chocolate from the apartment. Good chocolate. Also, some good coffee, I got it ground while I was at the market, and there are filters and a collapsible cone for it." There's a smile as the offering is made. "And um…" at that, Graeme trails off. The second request that he's come to make is much, much more difficult to make, and so for now, he's content to just offer Jaiden the bag, with a bit of a smile on his face as he watches for the other's reaction.

The bag is taken with a nod, slipped into Jaiden's own that, for some reason, seems to be lined with brass screen material. It's the same stuff that was on the walls of his safe house — specifically there to keep any kind of tracking stuff from happening. Just in case. "Thanks, Graeme. That really means a lot. We've kind of been eating out of convenience stores and take out places. Good coffee will be welcomed." Jaiden blinks slightly at the trailing off. "So…there was an um there….what else is there? It must have been important for you to call me…"

Graeme nods, quiet, almost terse. "Yeah, I need to ask you to ask Liz something for me," he admits, quietly, another glance given to make sure that there's no one around. "I need to get in touch with someone. Ben Ryans?" The name is said carefully, and Graeme's voice is careful, level and even as if he's not sure he actually can keep it that way. "It's… family matters, and important, else I wouldn't, and wouldn't be asking." However, he is asking.

Jaiden's face doesn't show any sign of flinching at the mention of Ben Ryans, but he does nod slightly. "I've got your number, so I'll pass it to her to pass to him, if she even knows where he is. The last time I saw Ryans was out of the city somewhere, and as you may know, it's tough to pin that man down." Jaiden shoulders his backpack. He wouldn't be asking if it wasn't important, and Jaiden, with a little more information, would feel more comfortable passing this on. "Is everything okay?"

"He's my sister's uncle," Graeme says, still almost fighting to keep his voice even and level and most importantly, calm. "Possibly mine as well. Like I said, it's family stuff. And if it's at all possible, there are some things that he deserves to know." Graeme looks down at his feet, now, biting his lower lip. "It took me a while to figure out that the uncle she mentioned was you know, the same one as the person I'd heard mention of. But other than that, things are alright."

He's being elusive, but that's fine. Cloak-and-dagger stuff has become fairly common with Jaiden and his lot over the past few weeks. "Do you just want me to have him get in contact with you if possible? Anything I need to have passed to him other than 'this person wishes to talk to you?'"

There's a pause, and Graeme looks back up at Jaiden. "If you can, that would work. Tell him that I'm Keira's brother, yeah? And that I really would like to get in contact with him." Graeme sighs. "I just… it's something I have to do. She asked me to, before she left town, and so. And well, thanks, yeah?" There's a faint smile on Graeme's face. "And give both Liz and Ygraine a hug from me." That said, there's a moment, before Graeme steps over and gives Jaiden a quiet, tight hug as well.

Jaiden doesn't pull away, or make a face, or anything like that. When Graeme hugs him, Jaiden hugs back, giving the other man a tight squeeze and a pat on the shoulder. "You know I will, mate." Jaiden smiles and pats him again on the shoulder. "Meant to ask — how'd your time with the DoEA go? I was on the run when it kind of started."

"Mainly, I was bored," Graeme responds, with a bit of a face made, obviously in response to the mention of the alphabet soup. "And it was Homeland Security, not Evolved Affairs. Though for a moment, I thought that they were going to pull Evolved Affairs into it too," he adds. "I'm pretty sure by now that the fact that there really wasn't where to actually sleep wasn't intentional, but it meant that they got a rather nice display of my ability, and that as long as I'm well fed enough, which they did do, that I can stay up for a damn long time." There's a chuckle, afterward. "But they asked a bunch of questions, and when they figured that I wasn't going to answer beyond that I wasn't sure why they were holding me, and I had a job and real life to tend to, they let me go. Took a few days. They took Aric in for a little, as well, or something, made sure that I'd been staying with him."

"Well, as long as you weren't charged with anything and let off, I don't think you can complain too terribly much. My garage, though…." Jaiden shrugs slightly, giving a small frown. "You might want to stay away from there for the time being. I'm sure it's nice and taken over by the state or something now, or abandoned."

Graeme nods, head tilted to one side. "Liz mentioned something along the lines of that," Graeme admits. "Last week, when I saw her. They let me off, but they were trying real hard to tie me to anything." There's a glance around the park, empty as it may be, before Graeme is satisfied.

Jaiden chuckles. "The last thing any of us want is to have another life pulled into the fleeing that Liz, Ygraine, and I are doing. We've got a pretty decent spot to stay, and really don't have too much trouble finding food or staying out of the limelight."

Graeme smiles. "I know. Plus, it does you lot a bunch more good if I can bring you coffee and chocolate." There's a smile, and then another impulsive hug for the other man. "But I should get going. And you should. Text me, with anything?" On contacting Ryans. On anything. Graeme bounces on his heels, and ducks a nod to Jaiden.

"You know I will, bud." Jaiden squeezes the other man back, patting him on the shoulder in a brotherly way, and smiles before stepping back, shouldering his bag. "And if you hear from Remi, pass my number on to her, would you? The last we heard, she was going to be deported. Here's hoping she stil has your number."

"I will." Graeme nods one more time. "Seeya. Be safe. Take care of yourself." And with that, Graeme's starting off on a slow walk down the path, not the direction he'd originally come in.

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