Another Night At Old Lucy's


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Scene Title Another Night At Old Lucy's
Synopsis As the title states, it's just another night. Cook's following Abby like a puppy but he dims some at the mention of Dublin, Kailin checks in to see how how new friend is and where she works, Isabelle pokes her head in and tries to charm Kailin and Aaron gets prepared for his show the next night.
Date May 19, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Everyones having a great time at Old Lucy's. There's people cheering, looks like someones having a bachlorette party here because there's someone with a fake little short garish veil with "bride" in a tiara across the top. Abigail's taken a moment to grab her grey tub and make the rounds of collecting glasses since the others are busy behind the counter and serving alcohol. Cleaning rag tucked into the strings of her bar apron, using the tub to somewhat clear a path for herself, Abigails running through things in her mind, spacing out as she goes.

You don't expect good little nuns-to-be to be catering to the lowlifes in a bar. You just don't. Which is why when Cook opens the door to come in and gets an eye full of Abby's backside, the first thing he does if wolf-whistle.

There's a glance towards the bar, and then the door at the whistles. Brenda's leaning over, giving anyone who looks in her direction, a good look at her chest. Two glasses are plucked from the table, put into the tub, table sprayed with a vinegar and water solution and wiped with her rag. She doesn't get many whistles, but then she doesn't put herself in the position to do so.

Cook wanders over to Abby. Yeah, Brenda has boobs, but /Abby/ is the one Cook saw. See, Cook is like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Once he spots you, he locks on. He sidles up next to the blonde and smiles. "Hi luv."

Bleu eyes shift away from the table and up to cook. "Welcome to Old Lucy's Sir. Drinks are at the bar. I'll have the table cleared in a moment if you just wait" Red hair back in a ponytail with some bounce, she shifts again to switch out a used ashtray with a clean one.

Cook swings his hands behind his back and smiles at her, bouncing a little and rocking back and forth on his feet. "Drinks can wait, lass. S'yer name, then?"

"Abigail. Or The Nun. What's yours stranger?" Abigail smiles friendly like. It's been a fairly good day in the life of Abby despite some lingering things.

Cook says, without missing a beat, "Jesus."

Abigail cants her head to the side,. "Pardon?"

"I said m'name's Jesus," Cook says with a bigger smile.

Quite possibly ti might be. "Well Jesus, nice to meet you. I'm heading back to the front, what are you looking to drink?"

"You got any lagers? I'm itchin' for a nice throat refresher." Cook's smile widens as he starts to follow her around. Like a puppy.

This is strange. She's never had a hanger on. Usually it's Brenda or one of the others. "I can get you a lager" the red head offers, heading back to the bar, empty dirty glasses in her grey tub, tight jeans, black tank top and hair up in a ponytail. "Can I see some ID?"

Cook smiles wider. "Yeh sure, sec." He pats his slacks' pockets, routing around until he finds his ID and shows it to her. It proudly states he is twenty one years of age. 22 this November. Sagittarius. It does not say 'Jesus' on his name. It says James Cook.

The ID is taken, studied as she rounds the corner of the bar, study it. Turn it this way and that to ensure that it's real before it's passed back over. "Nice to meet you James Jesus Cook. One lager coming up, take a seat" There's a wink from the redhead before she disappears into the kitchen door to drop off the tub

It's good to be home. Though Isabelle isn't really getting the chance to enjoy it. She only comes out to the bar every once in a while, mostly staying up in her apartment. Well tonight.. she just couldn't do that. Dressed in black miniskirt and white blouse along with knee high black boots, the bartender looks just like she did before she was taken to Moab.

Her arms are crossed and weight shifted to one side so her hip is thrown out. Ahh her sweet sweet patrons. Isa closes her eyes briefly to bask in the environment of her home. Brenda, who is just down the bar, is given a wink.

She winked at him! Score! Cook bounces up on the stool and leans against the bar, watching her as she pours the lager for him. He stuffs his ID back in his pocket. "So wha's a pretty lass like you workin' 'hind a bar, then?" He kneels up on the stool, ass up in the air. This kid's got no shame.

Kailin pushes open the door to the bar with one hand as he slides off his reflective glasses with the other. Stepping inside the club, he lets the door slide closed behind him while his eyes roam around the room. It would be pretty obvious to most that he has never been here before. With his glasses in one hand he tapps them lightly against the other as he moves around the room, wandering as he takes in the sight of the place. "So this is Old Lucy's…" He slides his shades away and makes his way towards the bar, running a hand over his smooth head to brush away any stray hairs. He finds himself a seat and hops onto it, tugging lightly at his loose jeans as he looks across at the selction of alcohols. His head looks down the length towards Abby and he smiles briefly, before his eyes shift to Brenda, then Isabelle wondering who is who.

"Making money to keep a roof over my head Jesus" Once she's back and pouring the drink for him. "Girl has to eat and scholarships only go so far for school" There's enough foam to make anyone happy and it's slid in front of Cook. "Whats a guy like you doing in a place like this?" Izzy! Abby grins wider at the sight of her employer, breaking away from her part of the bar to wrap her arms around the firey woman. Kailin isn't seen quite yet.

"Well I-" Cook starts to say, and then Abby's hugging a woman with, "CHRIST ONNA CRACKAH you're stacked." What is it with women and huge tracks of land lately? It's like everywhere he goes…

"Alright ladies! Let's get a move on it! These fine people here want some drinks so let's give them what they want!" Izzy yells to the female bartenders, the ladies all grin widely at the lead bartender. Yes, they are happy to see Mama Izzy home as well. When Abby wraps her arms around her, Isabelle grins widely and nuzzles Abby's head with hers, "Heya Abs. Shift going alright so far?" she asks as she spots Kailin. She gives Abby a look and wink. Oooh hot man!

Isa stretches and saunters over to stand in front of Kailin, she leans on the bar to tilt her head at the man. "And /what/ can I get for you sir?" an inner light seems to twinkle in her eyes.

It's about that time when Aaron enters, looking mildly perplexed at the congregation of bartenders. He squints a bit in the lighting as his eyes go to the stage to inspect whatever lighting exists for it. It was one thing he hadn't thought of originally and had never paid attention to in any of his previous visits. Having never seen Isabelle before, he immediately heads Abigail's way, pausing only a moment at the bar to ask for a cup of coffee. Two other men, roughly his age follow him in, but remain at the doorway, waiting for him.

Of course Izzy's going for Kailin. She's as bad as Brenda sometimes. Cook gets a glance at and his stacked comment. Talking about Izzy again, not her. THe red head smiles, heading back to her corner of the bar, a wave of her hand for Kailin. "Hello Mr. K" Even as she's pouring a drink that someone calls out to her for. Abby's fairly colorful probably in Aaron's view today.

Cook just watches Abby. Aw hell, now the place is full of people. He sits down on the stool and leans on it a little, lifting his beer to his mouth and taking a few long, deep swallows.

"Mmm…" Kailin smiles to Isabelle as he leans forward, resting his forearms on the bar. "Well, how about you start me off with something light. Let me get a coke." His smile turns into a smirk as he sits there looking at Isabelle, much longer than would be casual. When he hears Abigail his head turns in her direction and lifts a hand in greeting as he raises his voice to reach about the tin of the crowd. "Hey there. See, I told you I'd see you soon. I came here just to see you." He leans back again and his brown eyes go back to Isabelle. "And its just about like you described…" Though looking at Isabelle, his comment is still directed towards Abigail.

"Hey buddy, those friend of yours?" Izzy jerks her thumb over in the direction of the two guys at the door of the bar. "You tell them that they sit down here like the other customers or they get out. There's no posting in this here bar. Glad we had this chat." Izzy winks at Aaron, her gaze returning to Kailin.

"Oh baby, you like to start slow, I can work with that." She winks and quickly pours a coke for the man, "Abs." Eyes still on Kailin. "You know this.. man?" Isa looks Kailin up and down and puts one hand on the bar in front of Kailin as she puts her weight on it.

"I'm sure it is and I sure do. This is Mr. K Izzy, Mr. K, that's Izzy. Don't break him Izzy but first, you need to stop yelling at your performer. Aaron, this is my boss. Boss lady, this is Aaron, who we hired while you were vacationing. I think… those might be his band mates?" A glance to Aaron, waiting to see if they were indeed. A small bowl of pretzels and peanuts are popped up in front of cook with a sunny grin.

"Aw, thanks, lass," Cook tells Abby, returning the grin with a leer of his own that is, if not innocent, at least harmless. He looks like he wants to eat her with whipped cream and chocolate mousse. Some people might find that sexy and romantic. For Cook, it's just a Tuesday.

Aaron kind of flushes a hot red when Isabelle speaks to him a manner he finds just a little too sharp for his tastes, and so he cocks his head and hears precisely what he was expecting. Boss lady. "Not quite," he responds to Abby, "They're just here to help with some setup for tomorrow's pseudoconcert. They got a little overzealous when they heard I was performing somewhere and they lined the village with posters. I think you might get a full house or worse tomorrow night as a result, but now I have to make it a big performance, so they're lending me some equipment." All of this, and Aaron seems rather flustered and maintains a blush. "You're looking radiant," he says, noticing how colorful she is. "I didn't mean like that. I — I'm going to stop talking." He looks at Izzy and approaches, hand outstretched, "I'm sorry, I'm Aaron Michaels."

"Lively… I'm glad I've been properly prepared for you." Kailin gives Isabelle a wink and stands from his seat, taking the wallet from his back pocket. He slips out two twenties and sets them on the bar as he turns back towards Aaron as he approaches the bar. He bites his bottom lip as his eyes shift to his outstretched hand and fights the urge to say anything. He just looks back to Isabelle and raises an eyebrow, interested in how that interaction is going to play out.

"Oh! A performer? Hmm nice." Aaron receives a new look from Izzy, "Well then welcome aboard my friend. I'm sure you would have recognized now that you are the /only/ men employed here.. you should feel lucky." She teases. "I like this guy, he gets me money. Good." She shakes Aaron's hand. "Isabelle Ashford."

A 'I'm not done with you yet' look is thrown Kailin's way.

"Yes Izzy, he's a guy and your welcome Jesus, let me know when you want a refill. Where are you from?" Abigail's trying to be nice and make small talk while she starts filling in drink orders. It's a busy night and the puppy dog that is Cook, well, he's not grabbing her ass so he's welcome to park at her end for now. "Mt. K. You get ripped off or mugged yet?""

"Possibly a lot," Aaron says. "Tomorrow. My former course mates from NYU," he says, gesturing towards the door, "Got a little overzealous and lined the village with posters, so you might bit busy when I perform here tomorrow. Not quite my usual performance. It should be spectacular because they're helping me set up. They're standing there waiting for me to flag them in with the keyboard and sound equipment, and wanted to know about the stage lights you have here to see if they'll work, otherwise they'll some temporaries for the show." Definitely not his usual fare, which is just his guitar in plain ol' lighting.

His coffee, amidst all the madness, actually manages to make it's way to him and he downs two ibuprofen with the first few gulps and then flags the two guys at the entrance, who sure enough come in with an 88-key keyboard, stand, and bench.

Kailin chuckles lightly at the look from Isabelle and he just smiles in response, turning back towards Abby to watch her work. "Mugged? Nah. That hasn't happened yet." He seems to be able to hold his own well in the crowd, but backs away from the press of people at the bar just the same, straightening his jacket a little. He has the height on him to continue the conversation over the heads of other people. "As for ripped off? Probably. I don't sweat the small stuff, so I don't mind paying extra here and there. I'm getting right to business though, so its been a busy few days. I'll have to talk to you about it one day when you're off of work." He turns slightly, looking over his shoulder towards Aaron, curious to see the performer. There still seemed to be plenty of those in NYC. At least some things never changed.

Cook isn't grabbing Abby's ass mostly because his mouth's not close enough. Chomp chomp. He smiles at her and says, "Dublin," though it should be more than a little obvious at that, given his accent.

"Thank you Abby." The woman is given a wide smile. Isabelle smiles back at Kailin, "So Mr. K.. is that short for something?" Isabelle says as she goes to leaning against the bar and grinning at Kailin.

"I know someone from there!" Abby exclaims. "He just went back" She is close enough, or well the top half of her is. What could Kailin want with her, she doesn't have a clue unless it's.. host a meeting for his co-workers to plan.. buying stuff? There's a bobble of her head that cuts off at the pills in Aarons hand. A glance up to him is filled with concern and it's enough to draw her around the bar, to move past Cook on her way to the Empath.

"Did he now?" Cook asks, spinning in his stool to watch Abby go past him. "Wish I'd gone wid'im." He sighs, and takes another long drink of his beer, setting it down.

Aaron, meanwhile, is heading over to the stage, where the rather grand-looking keyboard is being set up, bench at the level it would be for a piano, the keyboard likewise. He kneels down as the two from NYU bring in the studio monitors and a desktop computer. The computer seems a rather odd choice for anyone who doesn't know its purpose in this specific case. Aaron begins to connect a rather dizzying array of cables, also to a wireless earpiece, which he puts in his ear as he boots up the computer system — momentarily without a screen — once it has been plugged in. The cup of coffee sits next to him on the stage, the previous keyboard folded up in the far corner.

Kailin nods to Isabelle with a tilt of his head. "For lots of things. Its about the only thing about me that is short, but I still make it count." He brushes back his jacket and rests a hand on his hip, hooking a thumb into his belt. "If you want to find out, you'll have to work for it. I'm not easy." He rests one hand on the bar and shakes his head to Isabelle. "But I get the feeling you're not someone that needs to work hard for anything unless she wants to."

"Yeah, I usually get what I want." Izzy shrugs and raises an eyebrow at Kailin. "Playing hard to get.. I like it." The pyro chuckles and takes a shot of tequila from the bar. "Woohoo!" she says as she slams it down onto the bar surface. "Now.. just how hard would I have to work for it?"

"But if you went back, you wouldn't be coming back here Jesus" God, it's so strange to say that word in association with a person. "I'll be back in a minute" She promises the group of folks at the bar, worming her way through the crowd. The regulars make room for her knowing Abigail's dislike of physical contact, and as she make her way to Aaron, the healer lowers her voice, speaking only to him and hard to be heard over the thrumming music.

Kailin drops his head a little and shrugs, raising it again to Isabelle. "Well, the problem is: I don't play. I'm just that hard to get. I'm pretty picky. I like quality in everything, so…" He lets that hang and gives a smile to Isabelle, slanted in its presentation, rising higher on the right than the left. "But we'll see how we do. Maybe you'll break me down quicker than most." At that point he picks up his drink, sipping at it lightly as he glances down the bar non-chalantly.

"Nyeah, we'll see how that goes then shall we." Izzy states with a light shrug and looks towards Abby, "I'll be upstairs!" she calls and looks back to nod to Kailin. "Maybe I'll see you around later.. maybe not. Who knows.." the bartender holds her hands up and shrugs again. When she turns around to nudge open the door leading up to her apartment, there is a grin on her face. Oh yeah.

Kailin's eyes follow Isabelle all the way up to her apartment and his thoughts stray for a moment before he shakes his head and his attention returns to the bar. He sets his drink back down at the bar and turns, looking towards Abby and Aaron for a moment before he finds his way to an empty table in the back, brushing back his jacket before sitting down. He releases a relaxing sigh as he relaxes into the chair he is sitting in, glad to be off of his feet for a moment.

Bright sapphire eyes look back at Abby somewhat confused as he hooks the monitor up to the computer, along with its keyboard and mouse. "I'm not sure I quite understand." So he's dense — sue him. He sets the screen and peripherals on a stand next to the keyboard before bringing his cup of coffee up and level, taking a drink of it before setting it beside the computer screen. His pals from NYU are nice and silent, setting up three stands with red, green, and blue stage lights before shouting a 'Night Aar' and heading for the exit. Aaron gives them a polite wave and smile and they're off.

"We'll talk, later" Abigail frowns. She'll corner him later, some other time. Help him see it. "Just go do what you have to do. I have to work tonight, just.. take it easy. Go out and busk if you can tomorrow" And with that, the Red head is heading back. A couple glasses snatched off tables. Not angry, not in the least. Up to the bar, a knee up on a stool to lean across the polished surface to drop the glasses off on the business side of things between the two men at the bar. "What did you want to talk about Mr. K? You can do it right now. Jesus, need anything more?" Splitting her attention between the two, the little gold cross at her neck dangling in the air, little circles being made.

Cook might be intimidated by so many people, or just bummed for some reason. Maybe remembering 'home' and knowing someone got to go back has made him maudlin. He dumps the rest of his beer in his mouth and slides the glass at Abby. "'Nother if you dinnae mind, luv."

"OK," Aaron says with an air of confusion as he goes digging around in the cables for a set of three pedals, which he connects to the MIDI keyboard. With a bit of fiddling around with the computer, he's greeted with a toy he could get very, very used to. That's when he realizes, "They forgot the microphone." Oh well, he'll get that tomorrow when they do final setup and sound test. But no reason for him not to do a sound check of sorts right now. There's a bit of tweaking with a small soundboard connecting the computer to the studio monitors that were strategically set up on the stage, facing out. He finishes his coffee before he stretches his fingers and lays them down on the keys, starting a very sentimental and soft melody. It clashes with the house music until someone is smart enough to turn it off, allowing the sound of a Steinway D Concert Grand piano to flow through the bar with a pleasing melody that very few might recognize.

Kailin hops up from his seat when Abigail heads back to the bar and makes his way back there as well to meet her. He came here to see her at work so it wouldn't make sense to stay sitting in the back the whole night. When she asks him about what he wanted to talk to her about he shakes his head. "Oh, don't worry about it. Its kind of in depth. I'd prefer another less busy and noisy time. And you don't have to call me 'Mr. K,' Its like a first name. I should start calling you Miss Abby, but that sounds way too much like Dear Abby and that would just be weird." He waves a hand dismissively and finishes, "Nah, K works just fine. Or Kevin. Just don't tell Ms. Ashford. Make her work for it." Turning then he looks over to Cook and asks, "What's up? How you like this place? Its my first time and its not nearly as bad as I expected." He shoots Abby a playful wink.

"Don't mind at all Jesus, lemme get around back and pour you another, this one on the house" and for a second, she actually elbows him in the side with her elbow. Caught up in the moment. Now down at her end, which is a little less busy than the other parts due to the fact that it's Abby who's at this end and she's not know for the theatrics that Izzy, Brenda, or any of them for that matter, show off. She's a by the books bartender. "Uhm.. I can.. We open tomorrow at 11. Your welcome to come in then, I stop by" A fresh glass tilted beneath the tap, she gets another lager read for Cook as Aaron takes to playing his music, impromptu and not what the people are used to here. It's enough to cause the healer to wince as she wipes the outside of the glass and passes it to cook so she can trade it out with the already drank glass.

The impromptu playing doesn't last more than a few minutes as Aaron draws the song to a premature but poignant close. His only real intent was to test the sound, and it seems to him to be just fine. He shuts the computer down as the house music starts blaring again and brings his coffee mug up to the front to Abby. "Well, I'll be back tomorrow around eleven to get everything else ready and do a quick sound check. After that, it should be peachy. And no, I won't be playing too much of that, especially after Isabelle's reaction when I walked in. Some of the show, however, won't be my usual fare. But I think a full house really warrants something a little different. Thanks for the coffee." He still looks a bit weary, headache still present, but he's not about to ask Abby to heal his headache. It's a just a headache, right?

Cook looks at Abby weirdly at the elbowing, but he does manage a smile. He takes his newly refilled beer and tips it, downing half the glass, easily, in one drink. He doesn't even sway a little in his seat. He just puts the mug down and smiles at her. "T'anks."

Kailin doesn't get much of a response from Cook, but his attention is drawn towards the stage when Aaron begins to play and nods to hismelf. "That actually sounds pretty good. I like that." He looks back towards Abby when the small session has ended and shrugs. "Its not gonna rock out the house, but its got a nice sound to it." He shrugs and doesn't have to worry about the particulars since it isn't his bar so he has the luxury to like it if other people wouldn't. He listens for a moment and nods to Abby. "I'll see if I can come by then. Shouldn't be too busy. If not, I'll give you a call and we'll set something up. I'll take you to lunch and you can show me someplace I can get good southern eats." He looks back towards the stage and watches, finding it quite interesting.

"Long as you don't get me fired Aaron, I'll try and make sure that she doesn't kick you out after the first play" Cooks downing of the alcohol the way he did garner a cock of her head to the side but no more than that. "You can give me a call. I'll be around. Next weeks a little.. iffy, I have something but, they have food here too" Abigail dips her head to Kailin. "can you give me a hint? Folks here know what I can do. If it has something to do with that. It's not like they couldn't avoid seeing me on TV"

"How can she argue with a full house?" Aaron asks, "So long as people are happy and entertained, I think they'll be inclined to spend money, which makes me good for business." Sure, he is kind of cocky. He gives a soft shrug and a gentle wave before heading towards the door. One of the benefits of happy people is that they're more inclined to buy fancy drinks and food than if they're miserable, when they'll just buy the cheap stuff. Whichever gets the drunk the fastest. Aaron walks out into the brisk night air and heads off towards the grocer. It's not really home, but it's a place to rest.

Cook tips his beer mug back and downs the rest of it just as fast. He doesn't even pause. Ever seen a parched man drink water? When you're really thirsty, you don't drink desperately. You drink constantly. You drink at an average pace, but without stopping. This is how Cook drinks beer. He just drinks it. Five huge gulps at a time.

Kailin watches Aaron leave with a chuckle and shrugs to Abby. "Well, okay. I wasn't trying to keep it a secret, but I'm organizing the clinics in the city to do community work getting to people who need basic health care services. I was just wondering if you wanted to help with that. It seemed like something you'd be into - with or without special help. We're just trying to get people the help they need, but won't necessarily ask for. I thought you might want to reach out to the church to help with that. I'll be helping with the materials and supplies as much as I can." He shrugs lightly and says, "That was all. Nothing super special. Just some community service type of thing." He glances towards Cook and says, "Damn. You're drinking with a serious purpose."

"I can try and give you a few hours a week. I already do one evening a week at St. Lukes" But she's sure she can squeeze a few more hours of getting rid of cuts and stuff in during the week. "I'll ask Pastor Sumter if it's something he'd be interested in putting before the church, they already do outreach on Wednesdays into the trailer parks. Perhaps something attached to that?" Aaron's regarded as she speaks, watching the door where he disappeared then to Cook since that's where Kailin's attention has gone. Like a camel… "You.. are either walking home or your gonna be taking a taxi, if you keep drinking like that"

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