Anti Government Violence

Associated Press
November 7th, 2010

In the wake of the retracted New York Times printing about an alleged secret prison for the Evolved, radical anti-government group The Guardians staged an attack on the Raleigh Science Center in Raleigh North Carolina. An estimated 15 Evolved terrorists, spurred on by this news revelation, stormed the Science Center and clashed with the Department of Homeland Security.

The Science Center, purchased by the US Government in 2009, had become a temporary holding facility for SLC-Expressive criminals who were being removed from the mundane US penitentiary system due to their ability to be an excessive danger to other prisoners and prison staff.

6 prisoners and 12 members of the Department of Homeland Security along with 8 correctional officers were killed during the assault. Two members of the Guardians were killed and at least 4 more were apprehended. Among the attackers, known fugitive and terrorist Hiro Nakamura is believed to have spearheaded the assault.

Nine prisoners escaped the science center in the attack and eluded recapture while the remainder were not freed from their cells. The Department of Homeland Security is currently actively pursuing leads in tracking down Nakamura and the men believed to be working in coordination with him.

This is the first visible attack that this terrorist group had perpetrated on the east coast since their first firebombing of a DHS holding facility in June of 2009, the majority of their operation previously contained to the American southwest.

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