Anti-Support Pillars And Entry Points


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Scene Title Anti-Support Pillars And Entry Points
Synopsis Liz and Bones discuss the library
Date Mar 7, 2010

New York Public Library

The weather is getting worse and worse, but in spite of the ice, Elisabeth is back at the library on Sunday with a delivery — fuel for the generators. She doesn't want to take too many trips through the snow, worried about the traffic, but she worries more about the group here needing heat. Once she's settled in the building, Elisabeth settles into Cardinal's office and works on a laptop. Her paperwork needs to be done, and here is as good a place as any to handle offline stuff. She's curled up in the corner of a couch that was moved from the lobby upstairs, and she once again raided Bones's coffee maker — though again she brought her own offering to replace what she takes. She takes a break finally and heads back up to where that wonderful little coffeemaker sits to refill.

Coming in out of the cold, fluffing the collar out of his long, black levi coat, Bones, it seems, had the same exact thought as Liz as he walks in with a five-gallon jug of fuel for the generators. Turning the corner in to his room, he blinks and cocks and his head to the side as he spots Liz. "Ah, well welcome home, Liz." he greets as he sets the jug down by the door and walks in, swinging his coat from around his shoulders and tosses it over towards the pile of blankets and quilts that serve as his bed. "I still see we have the same remarkable tastes in coffee.

Turning toward him as he enters, Elisabeth laughs quietly. "Well, or something. I hope you don't mind. I did bring more," she replies, leaning back against the table with her cup. "There's plenty. I was just trying to get some work done. How're you doing?"

"Of course I don't mind. Like I can't lend a cup or five of coffee to a friend? Pfft." Bones steps over to one of the tables on the side of the room that serves as a workbench and picks up a pair of pliers with insulated handles. He turns and scratches the back of his neck with them as he makes his way over towards the fuse box. Using them to pick up a live pair of wires from a little battery bank to the negative/positive in the box's main, the chandeliers in the room gives a flicker and come to life, lighting the place up quite brightly. "So what brings you back in to town?" he asks, turning around and pointing the pliers at her.

There's a long pause as she debates the answer she wants to give him, and finally Elisabeth says simply, "I needed to come home." She sips from her cup and smiles just a little. "FRONTLINE is a job. Staying at the barracks is convenient enough for the moment — it lets me stash my father in my very secure apartment while I hunt crazy Russians and assorted other bastards. But I needed to see some people here." As the lights come on, she smiles. "Out of curiosity, has anyone shown you the security measures in the place? The same guy who did my apartment handled the library for us."

"Nope. No one ever really introduced me to them but I started doing a little improvising of my own." Bones mentions with a light shrug, coming to sit down at the table and tosses the pliers on top. Reaching back, he grabs the bear trap from his workbench, he tosses it on the table as well, sliding it in front of her. "I prefer a low tech approach to most things." he says simply with a bit of a grin. "I weakened the springs. Sure it will give someone a bite but it won't chomp someone's leg off."

Elisabeth looks alarmed at the bear trap. "Christ!" she says, backing away a bit. "That's kind of scary-looking." She looks thoughtful. "Although… hell, effective." She grins slightly. "There are motion sensors and alarms set in certain areas of the library. The upper entryways can't exactly be secured, but at least we'll get warning enough to scatter. Out of curiosity… I don't know if Richard has brought it up yet, but I was wondering if you know anything about the underground levels of the library. Places we might need to secure."

"The day after Claire assigned me a room down below, which I obviously didn't accept, I went down and did a little snooping around." Bones pushes away from the table and slides across it on his chair a ways before he picks himself up fluid from his seat and turns to a shelf full of rolled up blueprints and schematics. Tapping a couple, he finally seems to settle on one and pulls it out, slide the rubber bands off one end. "I don't like writing anything down in my line of work. Sure I'll give a vague description to my bosses but if someone wants anything specific, they'll have to come through me." he prefaces, unfurling the blue print and lays it out on the table. Smoothing it out with his big hand, he picks at the edges and skimps through two or three pages, pulling them back, presumably levels of the library, "Now this is the lowest level of the library here. Officially. All of it storage, storage, and sorting facilities and a really, really big computer server here."

"Now!" He reels back over and grabs another rolled up schematic and lays it out over the top. "Now this is not to scale since it is different departments drawing these, but this is the sewage, water, and power. Weak points and possible lines of entries would of course be from the sewers coming off the main streets. And there is a major power junction that runs up in to the building right here in the south east corner of all that. Officially, there are no entrances. But these little dots in the shape of circles? Those are 'anti-support pillars'. In other words, you're not suppose to put any weight on them for a reason, if you get the groove I am laying down."

Moving to the table as he lays the blueprints out, Elisabeth looks both interested and curious. "Anti-support pillars?" she asks slowly, her brow furrowing. "So…. they're places you can go through the walls down there?" She looks up at him, not entirely sure she's following where he's going — architecture is definitely not a talent she possesses.

"Anti-support pillars, as they put it, is their way of saying that the area below these dots are weak or there are maintenance accesses for utilities. Like say if… the library needed a new T1 line put in." Bones explains with a bit of a shrug, giving a bit of a sigh. "Now I have not actually gone looking too much in dept, but there is one of these that I definitely suspect is a maintenance access. The rest very well could be just weak points they were directed not to put very much weight on. I can head down there later and check it out in depth with a crowbar."

She listens intently, and then nods. "When you have the time, it'd be a good idea to map it and make sure we know." Elisabeth grimaces a little bit. "I don't want people sneaking up on us from the bowels, you know?" She pauses and says quietly, "Let me show you where the security sensors are, so you know. And feel free to move downstairs whenever it gets too cold up here, okay? Richard and I are both concerned about everyone who's staying here." Her brow furrows. "You're all grown people, but if I come in here and find someone froze to death, Bones, seriously….. I don't think I'll be okay with that." She smiles a little. "Don't be too stubborn on me, okay? I worry."

Bones is about to protest that he is okay sleeping up here by himself but quickly thinks the better of it, smirking quietly. "Yeah, okay, Liz. I'll be sure to take care of myself. Honest. But really I'm pretty damn warm. Claire sees to it that I bundle up when you are not about." he says, quickly rolls up the plans and schematics and replaces them where they belong. Grabbing up his crowbar though, he starts to back from the room a little quickly. "Good seeing you, Liz. I'll be down in the dungeon if you need me. You can just tell the front desk to ring me under the name Igor." he smirks and turns, jogging out of the cartography room.

There's a soft snicker. "Later, Igor," Liz says mildly. "Oh, and hey! If there's any kind of a way to access the old subway tunnels under there or something — for travel purposes where we won't be exposing our presence here during the snow emergencies — let me know that too, okay?" She rolls her eyes. "I doubt it'll be that simple, but hell… who knows?" she mutters as he jogs out.

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