Anyone Talked To You About Pinehearst?


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Scene Title Anyone Talked To You About Pinehearst?
Synopsis Matt takes a chance that Abby might know about Pinehearst. But she doesn't. So it turns into just a dinner with her trying to cheer the agent up with questions of his daughter. Little does he know that she will do what she can to help him. I mean, she's his informant. It's her job to get him information.
Date May 30, 2009

Restaurant in NYC

Considering Abby's age, Parkman choses an rather nondescript restaurant frequented by New York's business elite for this afternoon pick-me-up. Tucked away in a corner booth, far from their fellow, yet sparse, patrons, Parkman sips at a tall glass of amber-colored beer and sighs.

Got a visit from Cardinal today. Remember him?

The projected thought is quiet, but hardly mistakable.

It's a little strange to hold a telepathic conversation when you're not used to it, but Abigail is pretty sure that she can manage. A tall glass of ice Tea in front of her, pouring scads of sugar into it, she glances over at the homeland agent. Richard Cardinal. He stops by to check on me. He's been playing tag with John Logan and trying to make the guy think the shadows are talking to him. Hope that he'll put a gun to his head and kill himself as opposed to waiting for someone to do something about him and make him get locked away for what he's done in short, yes. She does. In goes a tall spoon to dissolve the sugar.

Parkman's eyebrows lift at that, and he smiles. Sounds like justice to me. Parkman is quiet a moment, then nods to himself. He ever tell you anything about Pinehearst?

Abby shakes her head, rummaging in her mind before shaking again. Can't say that he has. He's mostly just babysat me some nights, took me out during the day to putz around, introduce me to some safe folks. Get someone teach me to fight. But he hasn't told me about Pinehearst. Is pinehearst something I have to be wary of?

Second-guessing himself, Parkman furrows his brows. He hadn't wanted to invade Abby's brain against her will to find out what she knew, out of politeness, but it had cost him. Maybe, he finally projects. I think the man who took Molly is there. Despite the breaking of protocol, it feels good to get that off his chest.

Abigail frowns, another shake of her head. I frankly haven't been in contact with much of anyone Mr. Parkman. There haven't /been any warnings from folks. IF you want, you can take a look and see if I've forgotten but…// Abigail brings her glass up, taking a long sip. //Do you want me to talk to the people I know, see if they know anything? By people I mean… I could use up the last of my favors. //

"No," Parkman says audibly, his face as stern as it's ever been when denying Molly or Cole of some ill-advised pleasure. "I can't let you do that. It'll be alright." And saying it out loud gives it a measure of truth. Everything will be alright.

I'll call you then, if they end up telling me anything. I highly doubt they will. They've been… distant and for good reason. "You'll find her Mr. Parkman. My dah moves heaven and earth for me. You'll move galaxy's for her with your bare hands if you have to. Drink you beer and i'll think happy thoughts. Tell you about my Dah and Momma's visit. How my dah went up one side of a detective and the other hmm? You'll get a right kick out of that I'm sure. And you can tell me about your daughter. Because surely, she must be a beautiful girl if she's yours"

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