Apartment Fire In SoHo
Date January 19, 2010
Relevant Logs The Ring of Fire

NEW YORK CITY, SoHo — Just after 3:30am on Monday morning, the New York Fire Department responded to the report of an out of control fire at 157 Mott Street, in SoHo. On arrival, the Fire Department discovered that a blazing inferno had engulfed not only a second story apartment but also the neighboring apartments and the Mott Pho Bang Vietnamese restaurant.

Firefighters were able to put out the blaze, which eye-witnesses reported was "behaving unnaturally."

One eye-witness at the scene of the fire, a local resident from two apartment complexes over, said "It was weird. The whole building was just up in flames, everyone was getting out of their apartments onto the street. This blonde lady came out of the restaurant on the ground floor, she must have come from out back. I saw her run right back into the fire, she ran right into the flames!"

Authorities at the scene have indicated that the fire was started in the bedroom of a multi-bedroom second story apartment complex above the restaurant. Indications from their investigation have led the authorities to believe that this is "suspicious in origin", but are unwilling to comment on details at the present time.

Only a handful of minor injuries were reported from the fire, mostly caused by smoke inhalation, but none of the residents of the apartment in question were found at the scene, nor was the purported owner of the property. The NYPD continues to investigate this fire and we will have updates as they are available.

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