Apologies Had


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Scene Title Apologies Had
Synopsis As Cally and Kameron are walking in the direction of home, Brian arrives in his car. Cally refuses to accept a ride, and Kammy and both apologize for things that don't really need apologies. Also she tells Brian about Smedley.
Date February 14, 2009

Upper West Side

So! A good fifteen minutes after Deckard and Smedley have left, and Kameron is strolling down the park with her seeing eye Collie, and Cally leading the way slightly. Maybe she was fashioning herself a seeing eye girl tonight. "Which way are you headed anyway? Lower east side?" Kameron asks curiously, a bit of haste to her steps. She didn't want to be caught out ater the curfew.

"Yup," Cally says, obviously relaxed enough around Kameron not to be immediately suspicious of the question. Even if she should be. Perhaps she's tired. She stretches her arms above her head, rolling back her shoulders in a kind of shrug. "Everyone thinks it's a tough neighborhood, but you just gotta know the rules and how to bend em, same as any place."

Headlights flash in the distance, most cars are heading to park themselves, get home before curfew. This beat up 91 white Dodge Spirit is doing no such thing. The enginge hums lightly, as well as a slight rattling as the car circles the perimiter of the park. Brian's eyes skim the window outside. It's close to curfew. She was coming out to play violin. Maybe she thought he was angry or something, but he is posessed to go looking for her at least.

They both had reasons to be tired, one supposed. As Cally confirms Kameron's guess about where she stays, the girl smiles mildly. Definitely not too far from the plaza -maybe even one of the abandoned buildings in that area. "Yea, but nowadays, all of the neighborhoods are pretty rough, aren't they?" Unfortunately.
As the pair slip out of the park gates, Kameron automatically makes the turn to head towards the Lower East Side with Cally, heedless of circling cars with possibly worried drivers. Oops. True, she's usually back earlier than now, but - stuff happened. Brian should have no problem spyin the two girls though - he's got headlights on his car after all, and the Collie Plus Violin case is pretty noticeable.

Shrugging her shoulders and shifting the strap of her denim satchel as she does so, Cally replies, "I s'pose." Strange, she's usually more talkative. But right now, the blonde runaway seems content to meander on just in front of the blind girl and her evil dog, humming quietly the tune that Kameron was fiddling earlier. She really is a good hummer.

Roll down the— Damnit. Grabbing at the handle he jiggles it trying to roll down the window—freaking window. Raising up his fist he gives a little pound to the window getting it back on the track as he moves the car to the side of the street. Stopping, he moves himself up and out, sitting on top of the door with his body through the window. So that she could see him? He forgets things.

"Kammy!" He calls out, his eyes shifting to Cally. Damn, Kameron was quick. "Hi." He says, for lack of a better words, giving a little wave of his hand.

Kameron smiles at the sound of the humming - it's nice to walk with someone who could hum on key. Her ear for pitch often made her twitch when someone couldn't hit a note correctly. The non-talkativeness from Cally gets a small pause, though Kameron imagines it's probably because she's tired. And then someone is calling her name. A familiar someone. "Hold on," Kameron murmurs to Cally distractedly, "Brian?" Then to Cally with a smile, "My roommate." Hopefully Cally doesn't flip out like last time and flee because of what Brian had said the other day. Or think terrible things about Kammy or anything.

That suspicion, the kind Kameron wasn't getting from Cally? Is now directly fully at Brian in the runaway's expression. Yeah, she remembers him. She licks her lips briefly, perhaps out of nervousness, or perhaps it's just a tick. Glancing between Kammy, and Brian again, she says, "You should probably grab a ride with him, it's getting late, and you've farther to go then me… I'll see you around, though." Not running away, but not taking rides from strangers either!

"Do you need a ride?" Brian calls out, more to Cally than Kameron. He just assumes of course, Kameron will be taking a ride with him. But then he remembers what Kameron said about going slow or whatever she was talking about. So he decides not to ask the question—that he already asked. Wincing a bit, he bites down on his lower lip. Uhh. Kameron. Halp.

"Are you sure?" And Brian asks the question. Oooo. Sigh. Well she did say Brian would have to be patient with the runaway. She'll have to explain to Cally that Brian was really a good guy, and could be trusted. Little by little. Still, if the other girl continues to refuse the offer of a ride, Kameron doesn't push the matter.
Instead, Cally will get a "Get home safe," home. Such as it is. "And have a good night." Still a bit uneasy over the whole situation with Smedley, Kameron moves over towards the car, a hand resting on the the hood, "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you have to come out.

"No, sorry. No rides from strangers. I do accept candy from them, though," Cally says, a biting remark that doesn't have a whole lot of sting backing it. Possibly because she likes people that feed her, and if a person that fed her is backing Brian… well, he can't be a total creep. Or perhaps she's just too tired to put any feeling into it. Kicking a person can take a lot out of a girl. "You too, Kammy." And Prince will get the usual "hairball" in fairwell, before Cally continues on her way.

The features on Brian's face could most accurately be described as 'fuckisuckagain', the young man grabs on the top of the hood as he hauls himself out, his feet landing on the ground. Looping around the hood of the car, he goes to greet Kameron and Prince. Calling after Cally. "Have a good night!"

Did.. the door not work on the car? Or did Brian just have some bizarre need to exit a car in the most complicated fashion possible? There's a perplexed look on her face as she listens to the sounds that accompany this method of exiting cars, before Kam redirects her attention to her friend, "Don't worry, she'll come around." She promises. "Are you okay?"

"I'm sorry." He whines. "I like suck with people right now or something. God. I'm such an idiot." He mutters as he goes to open the passenger door for her. Then he opens the back door, motioning for Prince to hop in. Once that done he would kick the back door close and help Kameron get settled in her seat before shutting her door. "Well at least she likes you." He says with a little smile.

"Stop that," Kameron offers at the whine, smiling lightly. "You're not an idiot. She's a bit distrustful right now, and I only got as far as I have so far because I bought her lunch." Ponder. "With runaways like her, you have to take a different tactic from being as up front as you are with them." It can probably come of a bit intimidating and overwhelming. At least, she's pretty sure that's the reason Cally keeps running off. Once Prince has jumped into the car and Kameron herself is settled, she continues. "She'll like you too. Just give her time. She isn't staying too far from the apartment complex, so I'm sure we'll see her again.

Once he closes the door behind her, he goes around the hood and back to the driver's door. Actually opening the door this time he goes to slide into his seat. Closing it quickly behind him. Going to roll up the window—after some difficulty he takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry I blew up earlier." The replicator murmurs softly.

Moving his hand over to her for a moment he goes to grasp her hand. "I'm really glad I have you." He says softly, lowering his head for a moment. "Thank you for putting up with me." Bringing his hand back up he goes to grab the wheel.

"So. What's she like?"

"You don't have anything to apologize over, Brian." Kameron assures. "With Abby missing I.. I'd be more worried if you didn't get upset. You can't hold that kind of thing in - it's not healthy." His expression of gratitude brings a grin, "What are friends for, right?" She shakes her head, "You don't have to thank me for so much." It's nice he did though.
Stretching a bit, she rests her violin case across her lap, considering the question about Cally's personality. "She's very nice. I don't think she eats very well -or has too many opportunities to get to eat," which would be rectified if they can get her to come stay at the Lighthouse. "She seems very independent. I don't know how long she's been on her own. It must have been a while."
Should she mention it? "She's very sassy, and has a bit of a temper I think. Someone in the park a while ago didn't believe that I couldn't see and accused me of deceiving people to get more money when I'm busking in the park," which is so not true on so many levels, "And she jumped right in to demand that he apologize to me. It wasn't necessary, but it was still very sweet of her." Unless the guy pulled a gun. Then it would be crazy.

Brian arches a brow, in his slightly more paranoid world, people who accuse things like that— "Did you get his name? What did he look like? Did he say anything that would indicate where he was from?" Brian rattles off, staring at her for a moment. Oh yeah, car. Shifiting it into drive he lets the car roll away from teh sidewalk. One hand going off the wheel and reaching back not to pet Prince, but just putting it back there for sniffing and what not.

"She's not going to like me." He murmurs, "That was really nice of her, though." He smiles. "Why the hell would—" Joe's not here. It's safe."He think that? Did you open your eyes?" Brian asks, his tone sounding a little worriedly.

"Why wouldn't she like you?" Everyone liked Brian. Poor Paranoid Brian. "Whoah, whoah, whoa," Ever calm, Kameron waves a hand in a 'slow down' manner. "I didn't get his name, and I don't know what he looks like." No way she could describe it to him. "He did mention a place called Deadwood, but I've never heard of it. He may have been mentioning it in passing, and not so much that he's from there though."
As for if she'd opened her eyes, Kameron shakes her head, "No, not in any way that he'd be able to see anyhow." She taps the sunglasses, "He was basing it because I wasn't using the cane, and because Prince wasn't wearing the traditional vest that most guide dogs wear. I explained why I didn't have it, but I don't think he believed or heard me."

"What an asshole." Brian mutters, as he makes a turn. Though he gives a little grin at her calming motions. A little chuckle is let out. He asked her what he looked like. That elicits another chuckle from him. "I asked you what he looked like." This seems to amuse him even more, his laughter getting a little louder as he turns another block. "Deadwood? That's like a movie or something, I think." The replicator says.

Ahem. Yes. She smiles lightly at the chuckle, and giggles lightly in turn when he gives his reason for laughing. And then the laughter from her friend just gets louder, which gets her to giggle more. It's nice hearing him laugh. Especially as upset as he was earlier. "It's a movie?" She taps her chin with her finger. Never heard of it! Granted, she's not heard a lot of movies - it's a little pointless to. "Oh..!" Suddenly recalling something. "He did have a dog with him. I think its name was Carson." There's a sheepish little shrug that is a 'that's all I know really' sort of shrug.

Laughing has a way of turning into more laughing. "I'll put the word out for Carson." Brian grins. The car slowly hums to a stop as the young man parks the vehicle again. "Well if you're out playing again. And you see that guy, you call me right away, okay? Promise?" He asks, looking over at her. Then the engine is killed.

He's putting out the word for the dog? The dog? ..for some reason this strikes Kameron as really, insanely funny. Possibly because she was tired. It's been a long day, and she's been very busy. She clears her throat slightly to keep from laughing, instead looking a bit puzzled at the request to promise to notify him if she …

Kameron bites her lower lip, shoulders quivering to stifle more laughter. "I.. If I see him.." Kameron stammers in between giggles desperately stifled behind her hand. AHEM. Stoppit Kamm. "B-but why?" She asks, giggles eventually under control. "I mean, It.. was just a misunderstanding really."

His lips curl back into a broad smile as he looks over. Laughter pours out of him as well, tilting his head back he gives a shake of his head. "Oh God." Bringing forward he tucks his head into his arm as he continue to laugh. AHEM. Hee. "God. We need to go to bed." He murmurs, going to pocket his keys.

"Okay.. well.. If you don't see him. Then call me. I don't know, you can never be too careful. Especially when you know me. And, how rude is that? To accuse someone of not being blind. I mean.. Were you okay? Did you get nervous? What an asshole." He repeats. He doesn't get out of the car just yet.

Kameron only giggles again. Yes. they DO need to get some sleep. Especially Brian, who hasn't been sleeping well to begin with. "Well, I suppose," she grants after a moment. She'd been taking it for granted that the 'bad guys' didn't know she knew him, since she kept a pretty low profile, being 'blind' and all. Of course with the Lighthouse it wouldn't be so low anymore, more than likely.
"Really it's fine, Brian," Kameron smiles, a bit touched that another person would get angry on her behalf. Especially when she just didn't seem to get angry at anything. So far. "It is a little rude, but I don't think he really meant to offend. And.. I was maybe a little nervous at first." Oh hang on, the car stopped moving didn't it? And no engine either. It probably wasn't a red light, so either the car stalled or they arrived at the apartment.

"A little rude? Kammy, that's you being nice. That's really rude, okay? What the hell? People just don't do that. I would have told him to—." Well several things that he won't say in front of Kameron. Popping the lock open, the door is opened as well. "Hold on. I'll come get you." He murmurs. Getting out of the car he shuts it behind him as he makes his way over to the shotgun side. Opening the door for her, he does the same for Prince.

Last to jump in, Prince is the first to jump out, shaking himself and yawning. Seems the dog is just as tired. Prince does move closer to the passenger side door as Kameron unbuckles herself and gathers her violin case, smiling at the assistance, "Well," she can concede it to Brian. It was a bit rude, "I still don't think he meant any harm by it. I'm sure there are some who do pull scams like that.. and I do understand his way of thinking." She shakes her head, "Nonetheless," she leans over, picking up the leash, "I think we could do with getting some sleep."

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