Apple Pie With A Side Of Trust


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Scene Title Apple Pie With A Side Of Trust
Synopsis Isis and Brian do something normal. They have a snack together, except they almost freak out at each other. Oops.
Date August 22, 2009

The Nite Owl

"No secret missions. No craziness. Just dinner." - Those were the term of her invite to Brian that left Isis sitting at a booth in the little diner. Throughout the day she'd managed to take enough peeks in the mirror, or down at her boobage, to both marvel and assure that all was still in order - enough to keep her gaze level ahead of her, at least.

Dressed in the same emerald-hued tank, ebon slacks, and spike-heeled boots as earlier, she wraps her slender fingers around a fresh mug of coffee before beginning to add an unhealthy among of sugar, and enough cream to turn the dark brew light, before leaning back.

"How are the new tah-tah's treating you?" His plate of pie is slid in front of him, a scoop of ice cream plopped on trop of the warm flaky crust. Poking at it idly with a spoon, Brian's eyes raise up from his pie to said boobage before looking back to his plate. He gives a little shake of his head. "So crazy."

Black suit and light blue shirt under it, his sunglasses are folded next to his bowl and his large glass of milk. Reaching over to the glass, Brian brings it up and tips a sip back into his mouth. "I got your fake ID. You never told me a name so.. I made one up. I hope you don't mind." Reaching into his coat pocket he brings out a small clip, containing Isis' new ID. He slaps it down on the table.

"Great!" Isis says, perhaps a little too excitedly for woman talking about breasts. She lifts her free hand, making a gesture towards the attention getters, and resists the urge to give them a grope as she lets the topic of her chest fade with an amused chuckle.

She leans forward at the mention of her identification, only to halt uncertainly when she realizes the possibly humiliating error - leaving her false name in the hands of Brian. She peers at the ID from a slight distance as if it might jump up and mawl her, only to creep forward slowly in her seat until she is looming over the little piece of plastic.

"Ophelia?" Her eyes grow wide. "Ophelia Bogglemocker?" Blink blink. Her attention swivels up to Brian with lofted brows. "You are the most evil man alive…" She taps the ID. "Can't even get a good nick name out of that. What? Phee-phee?!" She groans theatrically and plucks up the clip. "Thank you? I think."

She leans back and analyzes the little piece over a sip of coffee before mumbling through a teasing grin. "I'll get you back for this."

Brian can't help but grin largerly at Isis' excitement over her chest. A little chuckle lets out as well, "I would have thought you would've been a little against changing your body you've had your whole life. You must have been wanting these two girls your whole life." He lets out another chuckle before his grin intensifies as she leans over to look at the ID.

Brian folds his hands on top of the table, watching curiously for her reaction. Then his grin practically jumps off his lips. He beams at her as she takes her new identity. "I'm sure there are lots. Opie. Eelia. Phee-Phee." That one's the greatest. "Next time you should specify." He lets out another giggle.

"No you won't." He assures her, taking a spoonful of icecream. "So how are things going now? What you gonna do now?"

"You have no idea," she replies to the matter of her busty hopes. Being part of the itty bitty titty committee isn't all that pleasant.

The redhead's left eye gives a subtle little twitch at each possible, listed nickname. "Sounds like a house pet to Paris Hilton. Phee-phee." She slumps her shoulders, but tucks the ID away into her pocket. Live with a humiliating name, or have the government hunt you down. Decisions. Decisions. Besides, she'd won out in the body department. Perhaps it was Karma's way of keeping her modest.

"Things are great, actually. I spoke with my boss this morning. Adam's taking me back at the bar, and possibly throwing some side work my way should anything pop up. Though, admittedly? I'm not sure what his 'side work' entails." She wrinkles her nose a bit and sips her coffee before setting the ceramic mug aside. "Not than it can be any worse than work you've assigned for me." She grins. "At least this time I'll be getting paid." She winks.

"You never asked for money. I can get you money." Brian answers quickly, he's not cheap! Then he hesitates letting his spoon clatter on the plate with a ding ding twing. "How do you feel about Adam?" He asks, his voice sombering some. "Do you know him very well?" Winters asks softly, though a ghost of a grin shines up when she puts the ID away. "If you absolutely hate me, I can get you a different one, with a name less offensive to the earlobes."

"It's too hilarious to hate you for." She grins. "But, if you get around to it - I won't turn down a new ID. Need a snazzy name."

She begins to think over some possibilities when one of those newly formed, light and thing brows lofts into a subtle arc. "I'm not a beggar. I'll work for my money," she comments easily enough. It was not his words, but his reaction, that stirred her own curiosity, after all. "He seems? strange. For a man that owns a bar, he doesn't strike me as the type. Too stiff and anal to be very pleasant from what I can tell. Then there's…" She pauses and cants her head to the side. "Well, my ex works behind the scenes for him. One night he came home covered in blood." She dips her spook back into her mug, giving the contents another spin as she contemplates the questioning.

"Brian? What's your interest in my boss?"

Brian watches Isis for a long moment. "Isis… Ophelia, what I do involves a lot of secrets. If any of those secrets were handed over to the wrong people." His fingers tap at the table somewhat anxiously. "A lot of people would suffer for it." Slapping his hand flat against the table he goes to make eye contact. "I believe you're a good person. And I like you but.." He hums softly, "Basically I'm asking if I can really trust you." Maybe a bad idea to dangle how important his secrets are then ask if he can trust her.

"Your ex?" He arches a brow. "What is his name?"

The sharp smack has Isis lurching back instinctually in her seat a bit to violently. The booth groans in protest before the woman pushes to her feet. "Hey!" Her huksy tones manage a vicious bark for the first time. The waitress's glare is ignored.

"Don't you threaten me. I didn't ask for any of this." She points rigidly at his hand. "I won't take that shit."

She stands rigidly, lifting her angular features in a stubborn manner. "Ash. My ex's name is Ash. Now, listen - I didn't give Adam anything. I don't know what his business is all about, and - you know what? - I'm kinda fonda ya." She wrinkles her nose, as if this particular moment, she regretted the fact.

She stands there a moment longer, though it quickly becomes apparent that the time only boils her blood a bit more. "You know what? Screw this. How dare you. How dare you drag me in through all that bull and now ask me if I'm trust worthy?" She grunts and begins to slide out from between the booth and table. "All you had to do was ask," she mumbles, sounding almost childish despite the body and its airy, alto vocals.

He looks taken aback. Then very aback as Isis' escalates. He pauses, peering at her before looking confused. "Wait. Wait. Sit back down." He motions towards the seat. "I.. Threaten?" His eyes lower as if going over his words to find a threat. "If I threatened you, I didn't mean to." Then he looks down at his hand. Oh. "I was just drumming with it.." His eyes go back up to her looking apologetic and still confused. "I was asking, Phee-Phee. I didn't mean to come across as rude. I was.." He glances around them, then lowers his voice so no one looking over at the feuding couple would hear anything he says. "I was just saying that if I do trust you and.. it turns out to be a mistake. I will be severely fucked. Please Is', sit down." He says soothingly, pushing his pie and ice cream over as a peace offering.

Now it's Isis's turn to look sheepish. She glances from the man's hand, to his expression, and back again. "Oh?" Her new nose gives a few rapid wiggles back and forth. "Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit. It's ah? bad habit, maybe." She shrugs. Besides embarrassing herself, it perhaps gave away a bit more than she had intended.

She slips ever so delicately back into the booth, lingering a moment in silence before leaning forward to share in Brian's quiet demeanor. "Listen - I wouldn't screw you over. We've been through a lot, if you ask me. Besides, I still consider myself in your debt. You didn't have to help me out that night in the bar. Besides, if it help any - More logically, you're one of very few that know who I am under here. You've got the power to screw me over, too, yeah?" She sighs and folds her hands onto the table in front of her, looking at the dome formed by her slender fingers. "Obviously you don't have to tell me what's going on. But, if you want some help, I'm here." Her hazel eyes level up slowly, meeting Brian's gaze.

Watching her slowly settle down, Brian maintains his serious somber look. That is until Isis finishes her spiel, and when their eyes lock Brian can't help but crack. His whole body comes over the table as he lets out a bout a burst of laughter. He laughs for a good while before bringing his grinning gaze back up to her. "Holy shit you go off quick." Bringing one hand up he coughs a few times to clear his throat, get the giggles out.

"I know who Ash is. Because I also work for Adam." Winters murmurs going to sneakily steal his plate with pie and ice cream back. Grabbing his spoon he brings up some more ice cream and om at it. He tilts his head at Isis. "He's not a good guy, Sis. Adam. He's.." A bad guy. That much goes implied. "I need to watch him. Closely. And so from his group is how I do it. He can't know anything about me, not even that I have a girlfriend, especially not my ability."

Isis scowls ever so slightly at the first hints of laughter, only to allow the expression to melt and give way to a more amused smile. "Yeah. I, uh, usually try to keep it in better check," she mumbles. A hand lifts to knead her brow. Way to go, Phee-phee. Way to be crazy.

She lets her fingers fall away from her pale features and watches the blob of spooned ice-cream absently. "I figured he isn't an angle," she notes with a tilted grin, "but, I hadn't guessed it was anything serious. Maybe I shouldn't take that side work?" She leans back and lifts her hands then in a show of surrender. "Hey, that's fine by me. I won't say a word. I guess I should play dumb when I come across you, then?"

"Take the side work. He's not the smartest, but I won't imagine he won't give you something that will push you too far. But he is.." He pauses, placing his spoon down he places his elbows on the table and clasps his hands together in front of his face. "I need to keep my eyes on him. If you can help.." He gives a little shrug. "Every little bit helps. He.. I've seen him let people die several times." He lowers his head. "I've killed people, I'm not a saint. But I don't think I have just watched others kill people and go on with my own agenda when I could have avoided so much.. Do you remember the hospital shootout on the news? So many people killed? Adam was there. He could have easily stopped it. Or the earthquake in Chelsea? It was done by a terrakinetic. So many people dead, and Adam tried to sweet talk him.. I could have stopped him, but Adam was there and.." A mistake. That much is said when Brian lowers his head.

"Thank you Isis. For trusting me.. For letting me trust you." His hand crawls half across the table, opening up and waiting.

Isis gives a silent, gentle nod to each point of mentioned disaster - and the horrors of death that Adam made no effort to save. Her somber gaze falls unto the shift upon the table, the gesture of open hand awaiting her. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Her hand lifts tentatively and drops her fingers into his palm, the tips of each digit dancing uncertainly across the patterns of his 'life lines' before falling still. Her efforts to restrain her ability leave the moment with a soft, fluttering sensation before a little smile pulls up the right corner of her lips. "No need. Just being me. You're the one that goes above and beyond - saving people." She chuckles and uses the moment to slip her fingers from his touch, pushing to her feet. "I'll keep an eye out for you. Do what I can." She shrugs. She dips into her pocket and unfolds a few bills, dropping them onto the table. "Take care of yourself, and that girl of yours, Brian." With that, she flashes a last grin on new, elegant features, and turns away, slipping out the door.

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