Applications Passwords Mysteries



Scene Title Applications, Passwords, Mysteries
Synopsis Alia puts in an application, gets inside a system, then ponders why she was asked to do so.
Date August 20, 2009

Fort Greene Apartments and the Crown Heights Police Station

Alia sighed, looking at the cards she had dealt in a simple spread. The past was the Chariot Reversed, someone stuck spinning their wheels in the proverbial mud. The present was The Tower, lightning hitting it, breaking and destroying the comfortable, the secure, forcing people to grow, to change. The future was Death Reversed. Something without end, without rebirth. Alia did not like the meanings of the cards. But that is what she was dealt.

Now to find out why. Alia thought to herself as she stood up. This really was the most tricky part. The easy way would be to get brought in for some minor bit of crime herself, but, that seemed like quite the risk, given her status. So instead, it was time to go get the password she'd need. She grinned. The idea was a simple one. She grabbed a copy of her resume and started on her trip to the precinct house. She only needed to get that high up to get what she really needed. Thus she walked into Crown Heights Police Station.

Once inside she sat to wait for a turn at the desk. Thankfully, always a line. Alia thought, as she let her new senses spread out, feeling about for the machine that was the heart of the station, the one all the others reported to… it took about ten minutes for her to find the right one, by which time she had a frightful headache starting.

Alia quickly 'read' the access string it would want later for remote administration work, and sent it as a text message to herself… then she went up to the window as it was her turn, and dropped off the paperwork that was the excuse for being here.

An application form for computer tech work, and a resume. She smiled, handed the paperwork through the grille, then walked towards the door. She doubted she'd get a call back, there were others with far better qualifications, and if she did… Well, life always does have a way of being interesting.

* * *

Alia sighed as she double-checked what she had dug up… nothing more than one assault charge and its related information. She could easily clear the computer file, but there was nothing she could do about the physical evidence. She leaned back in her chair at home, having remotely logged into a server at the Suresh Center, then used that to remotely log into a computer at the Brooklyn Public Library that she had set up to bounce through a pair of anonymous proxy servers. It was through this round about way that she secure-shelled into the server at Crown Heights, and looked up Adam Monroe. The only thing that boggled her was, the type of money he was talking, he could have easily bought a judge or a lawyer or possibly both. Why was he paying her?

She considered what to do… then grinned. She copied the computerized files to a pair of DVDs, putting one into her fire safe. The other she planned on giving to her 'employer'. Then, she hit the delete command after making sure she could, if she really wanted to, restore the information from her backup copy.

She hit the dial button on her phone, number already punched in, waiting for an answer. Adam was going to be about as surprised as Alia was mystified.

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