Appreciate The Living


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Scene Title Appreciate The Living
Synopsis Abby comes to Ariel for counseling after the death of two of her friends.
Date July 7, 2009

Office of Ariel Martinez

A phone call from Abby and Ariel has no trouble finding a spot to fit her in. Even if it is her lunch break. She looks across the room at her patient and offers a warm smile. She always seems to have one for everyone. It's a way to disarm them and hopefully get them to open up to her, even though it's a genuine smile. She reaches up and combs her fingers through her red hair before reaching for her pad and pen. "Seems important that you needed to see me, Abby. Has something happened?"

"My boss died" Spoken like it's just a little hard to believe. "I left my job like a month ago. Some cleaning of my soul after I lost my gift. Old Lucy's in Greenwhich. I wouldn't even tell my parents I worked there right, because the bartenders get up on the bar and dance around and I didn't rightly know how they'd take to me working there. But the woman who washed up on the beach? Isabelle. She was my boss. She was a reall… really good boss" There's no bent legs, feet up on the arm chair today with dangling arms, at ease young woman. The shoes stayed on, her hands clasped in her lap and the marks of a sleepless night on her face.

"My close friend, died over the weekend too. Lord in Heaven, he ran the lighthouse on Staten Island with the orphans, and he's.. I don't even think that a copy of him still lives. He could make copies of himself. But. Lord. I don't.. I don't think I can take another person dying"

Both deaths made news and Ariel kept up every evening with the news, and read the paper each morning. She vaguely remembered the stories of the deaths, but will have to go over the news stories once again after Abby leaves so she can have it fresh in her mind. She feels for the woman in front of her. "Tell me more about Isabelle. What is it you remember about her?" Ariel takes a very comfortable posture as she gives Abby her undivided attention.

"Her laugh. Her kicking my rear up to her place when I walked in tired so I could sleep for an hour or so before getting to work. She was one of the ones that came to rescue me from Staten Island" Abigail leans forward, rubbing her palms across her face. "She gave me a job, when I knew nothing about serving alcohol all because she met me once and found out I was needing one. Didn't get upset when I screwed up drinks and had to redo them. I remember a lot of things. She's just been… She's been a good friend"

Listening as perhaps a friend would listen, Ariel doesn't scribble anything on the pad, her ears are open as Abby speaks. It isn't until she stops speaking that she adds a single line of notes to the paper. Brown eyes peer up at Abby. "And, what will you miss most about her? Isabelle. Tell me one thing."

"Her calling me Nun." It comes easily to her tongue. "I'm not gonna hear her bellowing it when I walk in the door for a soda" Abigail leans back, slouching against the back of the arm chair.

Ariel nods, making a single note before looking up again. "And the one who ran the Lighthouse? You didn't mention his name, but what can you tell me about him?" She reaches over and brings her cup of coffee up and takes a small drink before setting it down. Abby has her full attention once again.

"Brian. We fought, a lot. But we went through stuff. When I was brought back from Staten, he sent a copy to stay with me all the time. Help me out, be there during the night with the nightmares, drive me around, take me to church. We both believe heavily in god, though there were differences. But he was always there, and he was always beating himself up if something happened to me." Forefinger is picking at her thumbnail again, as she takes a few moments. "I never appreciated him"

A soft nod comes from the counselor as Abby finishes speaking. Ariel doesn't say anything for a few moments as she contemplates the words spoken. She watches the woman who is in so much pain at the moment. "Sounds like you do appreciate him. It may have taken his death, but it seems that now you understand. As hard as that is, I can only imagine that all along, that is what he truly wanted. Understanding. Wouldn't you think?"

"Why couldn't I have given it to him while he was alive" Abigail shuffles her feet, rubbing her heels along the carpet. Abigail stares a little blankly at the carpet in front of her visible just over her knee's.
There's a comforting smile that crosses Ariel's face as she nods. "It's a good question. But, a better question would be 'What do you do about it now?' You can't really do anything in regards to Brian and Isabelle, but what about those you have around you now? How many of them, if they were to die today would you say you never truly appreciated?"

'Too many" Abigails answers, voice small. "People who drove me or took me home from healing people. Made sure that I had what I needed afterward. My parents, my few friends. I'm sure they'd say I show it, my appreciation but I don't think so"

She bobs her head several times. "It's really like that for most. Those we take for granted until they've gone. Those who you think will be around forever, until they've gone." Ariel places the pad aside, as she has no more need to take any notes. "So, in the next few days, how many do you think you can reach out to, and let them know how much you appreciate them?"

"Like, call em up on a phone and tell them, or like, visit them, physically, and tell them?"

"Like, whatever it takes."

"I could.. reach a lot of people" Abby mumurs. "Some by phone only, i'm not.. I'm taking a break from trying to visit Staten Island and work on my fear. I figure getting shot byt he same guy who kidnapped you, allows me to take a break from that. But I can.. I can do it."

"I think it would help." Ariel smiles, nodding as she folds her hands together and places them in her lap. "I think it's important for you to let others know that you do appreciate them. Death happens. It can come naturally, or spontaneously. These days, it's just not safe anymore, so it's even more important that you are consistent with letting those you care about know how you feel. Does that make sense?"

"It does. I'm used to being by myself, staying away from others. Not touching people unless it's for healing. I'm getting over that, making myself get over it. I only wish i'd been able to.. tell Izzy how much I appreciated that job she gave me. The leniency that came with it. Brian for.. for holding me when I screamed, making me tea."

"Good. Now, go out and start calling, start visiting. Start making sure that those you care about know how you feel. Don't let it wait, okay?" Ariel stands, the session time is up. "Next time we get together you can let me know how things go, if you like. I'd be happy to hear it from you."

"Here's to hoping it goes better than trying to do something for myself did" Abigail know the cue and stands up herself, hand closing around the strap of her messenger bag so she can sling it over her head and settle it across her shoulder. "Thank you Ariel"

"Call me anytime." Ariel watches Abby leave and she's walks over to her desk and sits. She starts to type notes into her computer, but something stops her. She glances over at her phone and picks it up and calls, obviously getting someone's voicemail. "Hey. I know you're probably very busy. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. I love you. See you at home tonight." The phone is returned to its cradle as Ariel begins to type again.

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