Après Sylar


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Scene Title Après Sylar
Synopsis Abby flees to some place familiar. Mohinder patches her up and Magnes offers to be a bodyguard and pound the crap out of sylar, much to Abby's chagrin. Chivalry is very much alive.
Date December 24, 2008

The Nite Owl

The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

Some place warm and familiar. Abby's shaking from her close shave. Having backtracked from the ruins, the woman holds a fresh handful of snow to her forehead, slow the bleeding, numb the pain. The Nite owl in the distance is a safe haven. The night having thoroughly set in and blanketing denizens of the city in its' stillness, well, as still as New York gets. Her blue jacket marked with streaks of blood, tired from the healing of the evolved boogeyman, Abby's a sight in the streets at this quiet hour.

Mohinder is at the diner, taking in a late night meal. He's deep in thought, having just finished his plate. He sips his coffee quietly, staring down at the counter top. He usually does this when he's there. He looks over to see Abby outside, and his eyes widen in surprise.

She's crossing the street, a glance behind her, to the side, everywhere around. Paranoia is a bitch. She'd scoop fresh snow but it's dirty here, and she can get ice and stuff from Natasha or maybe Brian will be working. She stoops enough thoush to wipe her hand in the snow, wash her hand off before she steps up the stairs to open the door to the Nite Owl.

Mohinder sees Abby enter and his concern as a medical professional takes over. "Abby!" he says in surprise, "What on Earth happened to you? Were you /mugged?/" he says, rushing over to look her wounds over.

Abby startles at the appearance of Mohinder, expecting it to be Natasha or Brian who rears their head. Instead it's.. the scientist from, so long ago. And surprise he remembers her name. "S..sorta. I just need some ice, really. The snows stopped the bleeding" Forget, you know, that you can see bone likely if she were to take away the snow. How deep does sylar slice? "Sit.. maybe some gauze" the snow melts a little watered down trails from across her head, tilted so that it doesn't run into her eye. "Mohinder" Dredging his name up from somewhere. "I need to sit" The redhead in question is appearing from the back with a surprised look too at the former Waitress's appearance.

Mohinder leads you to a chair, and once you're seated he begins to asses your wounds. He begins to move the snow away from the wound.

Scraped palms hold the snow to forehead but when the snow is scraped away it's like a shining beacon as to who was mugging. The trademarks Sylar slice. The cold has cut off the bleeding, and with it gone, it oozes some even as Abby hisses once seated and being looked at. "I'll be okay" Even as she trembles and shakes. Good lord she survived Sylar. Only through an answered prayer, but she survived him. "I'll be okay. I can fix it"

Magnes slowly rolls into the diner, and the first thing he notices is a hurt Abby… again. He rushes over, but quickly grabs the counter to keep himself from falling on the slippery floor. "Abby! Are you alright? What happened this time?" He eyes Mohinder, tilting his head at the strange wound.

Mohinder nods, "So can I." and he whispers lightly into Abby's ear as he works. "I also know who did this to you. I can try and help, if you'll let me." he glances over to Magnes and steps back. "I think your friend is concerned about you." he says understatingly.

'I also know who did this to you' Abby's eyes are suddenly frozen on Mohinder, tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth and her heart leaping into her throat. But Magnes is entering, on his skates as always. "Magnes. Just someone wanting a Christmas present. They didn't get it" Her voice is shakey as she offers a weak and pained smile to the younger man before her eyes dart back and up to Mohinder. 'How"

Mohinder gives her a reassuring pat on her shoulder. "Just..trust me. I have years of experience with him." he nods. He watches after the cut, "That's gonna need stitches. Be thankful it's not needing staples."

Magnes reaches into his pockets, looking around for something, then he pulls out a white cloth and holds it out to her. "It's clean, I just took this from the pack of rags we use to clean the stove. You remember what the person who did this looked like? I can look for him, then tell the cops." he says in a very concerned tone at the cut. "You get hurt way too much…"

"No Magnes, I don't remember what he looked like" Utter lie, lie on Christmas eve. She's going to hell. "Cops can't do anything, he didn't get what he wanted" Natasha's now entering into the fray, bringing over a first aid kit, and sticking her red headed nose in. "Gosh kid. Well, can't say you're not entertaining. Need an ambulance?" The latter asked to Mohinder since he seems to be taking charge.

"No, no ambulance, I don't need an ambulance, I'll be fine. I just need something for my head. And Magnes, I'm Serious, you don't need to look for him. Someone else is doing that right now" She takes his rag, folding it neatly before pressing it to her forehead when Mohinder's done looking. "I don't need stitches"

Mohinder isn't a stupid man. Just kind of naive and dense sometimes. He can follow along with something. He glances to Abby and nods, "You just..hold that on the wound with some pressure until it closes, okay?" he says, nodding.

"Well, alright, as long as you're fine I guess." Magnes seems unsatisfied with her answer, but finally nods to Mohinder. "My name is Magnes, I work at Panucci's pizza. Do you know each other?"

Mohinder nods to Magnes, "Pleasure to meet you." he says, still helping Abby hold the rag to her head. "I'm Mohinder Suresh. We've met here before. Quite a pleasant conversation, really." he speaks in a such a way that he hopes to calm Magnes down now that he knows what's really going on. "The wound isn't as bad as I first thought. Scalp wounds do tend to bleed profusely."

"He comes here for food. I met him while I came here one time" Abby leans against the back of the booth, the cloth pressed to her head thanks to Mohinder. Her free hands pop open the clasps of the first aid kit, like she's done this many times before, looking for the bottle of painkillers. Take the edge off the searing pain, so she can do this. There, Tylenol. About six of them are dumped into her hand, then transfer to mouth, eating them like they're candy. "Really Magnes, worse than they look. The guy just scared me, I promise" She's calming down now that she's in someplace warm. Albeit Mohinder doesn't quiet make her scared, he does make her nervous, but Magnes is offsetting that as she reaches out for the other guys hand to take it, assure him. 'Christmas Eve. God answers prayers on Christmas Eve"

Magnes' cheeks go red when he takes her hand and just nods. "Even though it's in this kind of situation, I'm glad I found you. I wanted to give you something, I mean, you helped me a lot…"

Mohinder continues to help but stays quiet, by and large. He wants to speak with her, but can't with Magnes here. Though when Magnes mentions wanting to give her something, "I know it's none of my business, but you might want to wait at least until the Tylenol kicks in. She's been through the wringer tonight, I should guess." his tone is far from mean. He understands, he just hopes he doesn't come across as a douchbag doctor rather than the concerned medico that he is.

Is everyone going to give her Christmas Presents? She lets go of his hand after squeezing it. Or people she's healed for that matter. "just, just wait, just a moment, like he said" Cats out of the bag and with what she had intended to do boxing day, there was a point to laying low with it. Whoever Mohinder was, if he knew who Sylar was, then.. well. Abby murmurs under her breath, very quiet, reciting a prayer. Fail. Nothing, She can't feel the telltale tingle and it shows on her face. "Not working Magnes, oh god, oh god he took it"

Magnes nods to Mohinder in agreement, but tilts his head in confusion when Abby seems to be alarmed. He doesn't put together just what she means. "Took what? What are you talking about?"

Mohinder leans in, "Let me check this a little closer.." he says, leaning in and lifting a corner of it. He speaks quietly to Abby, hoping to calm her down a little bit.

Mohinder whispers "Just takes some deep breaths and try to calm down..it won't work when you're all hyper like this. Deep breaths..relax..that's it.."

Ha! you relax, when someone had you hovering mid air and was trying to slice the top of your head off! God's not answering. Either Sylar succeeded, or god's just not answering her request. Her eyes dart between Magnes and Mohinders chin as he speaks to her, quietly, and then to Magnes. "His gift. he took.. He gods gift" She shuts her eyes then, clamps her lids tight, whispering prayers again over and over. Not to try and heal, just to try and calm. He answered her once, he'll do it again. He wouldn't turn her away, not tonight. It's the five prayer, she's calmed enough, the Tylenol is just starting to dissolve enough that it flares. Before Mohinder's eyes the flesh starts to knit back together, a little more with each blink. "Oh thank god, thank you, thank you"

Magnes appeared incredibly worried at all she was saying, but suddenly smiles brightly when she appears to be healing again. "See, a Christmas miracle. If your gift really comes from God, then no one can take it."

Mohinder glances over at Magnes, and hearing his words, cocks an eyebrow. "You know of her gift?" he asks, using their words. Not his.

"Helped him" She's needing to really concentrate, work hard so there's no evidence of Sylar's attack. Last she'd need is an i told you so from Teo or to be tagged with a babysitter all the time. No one could take her faith. Magnes words were taken and held close, cherished. "No one else here does" Warning, for the both of them. Keep your voice down.

"Yeah and she knows about mi—uh, my special cooking technique." Magnes cuts himself off when he almost slips, remembering that he has no idea who this Mohinder guy is. He laughs nervously and rubs his neck, right over that Company mark.

Mohinder nods, lowering his voice to just above a whisper. He'd been speaking quietly the whole time - like someone who has been well familiar with dealing people who can do things like this. He glances over at Magnes. "You have, uh, a special cooking technique as well?" he asks.

Abby lets the two talk, working carefully at the gash, leaving just enough at the end to account for blood, and to not rouse suspiscion when she's got blood on her and no wound to account for it. Keep pressing the rag to that though, looking between the two with glassy eyes.

Magnes smacks his forehead, this guy thinks he's talking in code! "Ah, um, I suppose so…" he decides to agree, having let it slip anyway. "What about you?"

Mohinder shakes his head, continuing to watch the progress of the wound's closure. "Not I, my friend. I have not been blessed in a such a manner. The only gift I received was from my father..it would seem genetics is our family business."

"Scientist" She supplies for Magnes. The wound disappears from sight, the rest of it hidden beneath the pizza rag. "Natasha. Can I have some coffee?" It's louder than how the other two are speaking. "Oh. Magnes, My bag" she gestures to the backpack, it is thankfully devoid of anything in the A, B or O range. "Red bulls, can you pass me one?" She looks up to Mohinder, wariness. "Thank you"

Magnes quickly grabs the backpack, reaching in but not /looking/ in, who knows what girls have in their backpacks. He feels around until he finds a can, then holds it out to her. "Oh hey, are you related to the guy who wrote that book? Same last name! I just started reading it, trying to learn stuff because I um, only know a little bit about my cooking…"

Mohinder nods, "That's my father..I've taken over his research." he says quietly. "We've learned alot since his passing."

Conversations getting interrupted as Natasha enters bearing three cups and a pot of coffee. Pouring one for everyone and departing. She's not stupid. Hushed whispers. The redhead meanders off and the redbull is taken settled on the table. With deft skill that speaks of many a time doing it, Abby pops the tab and brings the silver red and blue can to her lips to guzzle it.

"I barely know anything about this stuff, though I can kinda share my technique, I don't know if that helps you any." Magnes shrugs helplessly, far from a geneticist. "I was studying physics before all this stuff happened, I was gonna go to college soon. I wasn't too good at it though."

Mohinder nods, "It's very complicated. If we've more time in the future, I'll do my best to explain it." he glances to Abby, dabbing at the residual blood and seeing the wound's majority closed except for a little bit to explain the blood on her already, he reaches in the first aid kit and pulls out some tape. Folding the gauze pad over so it's a fraction of its size. "There, that should do it. Barely a scratch, really." he says, a little louder. He asks Abby, gently, "How are you feeling?"

"I'll alive" That's saying quite a lot considering who she ran into. She remains still, letting Mohinder do his little part, her eyes darting to Magnes, surprised. She didn't know he was going to go to college. But then, she didn't know alot about Magnes, including that he had tattoo's. "Queasy, shaky" The red bull can is settled down, rattling a bit at the end as if to give proof to her words. "I should go home"

Magnes has no idea he has tattoos either, however small they may be. "I always have time, when I'm not delivering!" He reaches into his pocket, after zipping the backpack and gently laying it down, always keeping a few menus with him. He pulls one out, for Panucci's Pizza, address and numbers on it, then hands it to Mohinder. "You'll be alright, Abby. I just wish I had your present with me, I'm sure it'd make you feel better."

Mohinder takes the menu and folds it up to stick in his pocket as he doesn't have his briefcase with him. "Thank you, I'll be in touch." he says to Magnes. "Do you need someone to walk you home?" he asks Abby in a concerned tone.

"I'm sure Magnes just being in my apartment and the doors locked will be enough, but I'll come visit the pizza place in the next few days, I promise Mags. Right now, I just want a taxi. I'm not walking, it's snowing and it's too cold and I live in the bronx" Other end of the island and across the bridge" Abby moves, shifting around to get her coffee and start gulping that down, forget that it's hot. "Thank you, both of you. REally. It's Christmas Eve, you both have othe rplaces to be. I'm fine. He didn't follow me"

"I don't have anywhere to be on Christmas, my parents are still gone, and everyone at the pizza place are with their families." Magnes stands, grabbing her backpack and staring down at her with a warm smile. "I'll take you home, don't waste your money on a taxi. We'll be there in sixty minutes or less."

Mohinder grins to Magnes, "Or it's free?" he asks, the grin is more one of relief that everything turned out okay. He takes a deep drink of his coffee. Yes, it's hot, but it's bracing given what just went down here.

"No Magnes. Thank you, really, it's fine. I can make it home on my own steam. Another coffee and I won't fall asleep in the car" She heard Mohinder's joke, even as she reaches for the third coffee, chugging that down. She sets about, once the cream colored porcelain's put back down on the table, to repacking the first aid kit. Everything back to normal, nothing to see here, just a radiation leak. "I'll be fine" If she says it enough, it'll come true.

Magnes sits back down and looks at his coffee which he's yet to touch, but not to be rude, he finally releases the backpack again and starts stirring it up. "That's usually the policy. I'm the long distance delivery boy. And alright, if you really wanna take a taxi, but I'm totally gonna hold you to your word that you'll visit! I think you'll like your present."

Mohinder smiles and rises. He walks over to the counter, and leaves money for his bill and the coffees. He then heads back to the table. "I'm afraid I have to go, but I don't think that'll be a problem since you're going home too.." he glances to Magnes again, "..and you'll be taking her, yes?" he nods. He reaches into his back pocket hands each a card. "Here is my card for both of you. Please contact me when you feel comfortable doing so."

'Fine. Magnes can take a taxi home with me" To appease both men. She takes the offered card though, it's rude to not do otherwise. Whether he'd get a phone call or not is a different Question. "Happy holidays Mr. Suresh. Thank you again" It's tucked away into the pocket of her pants to either be pulled out later at some point or to be caught in the wash and the ink obliterated.

Mohinder has disconnected.

Magnes takes the card as well, then nods in agreement to Abby. "Sure, I'll go with you in the taxi. It's been a long time since I've taken a car anywhere." He leans forward, whispering, though his cheeks seem to go red at the closeness, "I know you have God's gift and all, but try to be more careful, alright? I don't know who did that to you, but they sound dangerous, so just run if you see them again."

"If I see him again Magnes, I won't be able to run. Even you wouldn't be able to run. Was really… a miracle, that I got away. I thought he was someone who got mugged. I didn't know" Natasha veers by to top off coffee's again, check on Abby and make off with the first aid kit leaving the two of them ot thier coffee.

"There's someone like that?" Magnes pauses on that thought, sipping his coffee and sighing lightly. "I can't let someone like that hurt my friends, there has to be some way I can stop him if I see him… I mean, I can move any way I want, it has to be possible…" he muses in a low tone, appearing to be quite bothered by the situation. "I wont let anything happen to you, I mean, I'm not really religious, but maybe I met you for a reason, maybe to protect you from this guy. You have God's gift, it's important."

"I don't need another bodyguard Magnes. I have enough of them. And you can't, no one can. Can you get away when he's holding you up in the air with his mind, not even touching you, by your neck Magnes? Can you stop him from slicing open your head and digging around in your brain? Because I couldn't. God was able to, but I couldn't"

"I don't know what I can do, I've done a lot of things I don't understand. If you believe in God then have faith that I learn to do something." Magnes says with a determined gaze, sitting his coffee down. "I may not have much faith in myself, but maybe I can believe in you who believes in me."

Abby rubs her face, wincing as she jars the gauze on her forehead. "I jsut don't need another bodyguard Magnes, I have more than you can fathom, truly. But thank you, I'll add you to my list. Okay?" She peers over at him from the other side of the table.

"I'm your friend, I wont look over your shoulder. But he'll hurt other people, if a monster like that could do something so terrible to you." Magnes looks at his hands in deep contemplation.

"I have to do something, even if it's not protecting you. I use my abilities to deliver pizza and skate, but that's wrong. Spider-Man used his abilities to make money, and Uncle Ben died. What if you died, when I could have maybe done something before and helped the police capture dangerous guys like that, and this whole situation may have been avoided just because I decided to help?" he asks with a deep conveyance of guilt, possibly failure.

Abby reaches out, slipping her hand over his. "Magnes. You didn't know. I didn't know and I was right there, before him, dangling in the air" She squeezes gently. "So, if you want to help, what can you do? Short fo tagging behind me and waiting for the boogeyman to come out?"

Magnes puts his nervousness aside, possibly not even really thinking about it when he puts his hand over her's. "I don't know, maybe I could be a crime fighter or something? I just don't know, I don't want dangerous people with abilities to hurt innocent people, when there are good people with abilities like me and you to stop them. You must think I sound silly, don't you?"

"So, go back to school and learn to be a cop?" Abby prompts quietly.

"I can't afford school, and I'm not talking about being a cop, I mean… I should be a superhero." Magnes finally just spells it out for her, also keeping his voice low this whole time. "Doesn't it seem obvious? There are bad people with powers, and there are good people with powers. I can be a good guy."

Abby just blinks at him. Again, and again. "I am not a superhero Magnes, and you.. your a guy who delivers pizza. But.. I know people you could help, that you might be able to help"

Magnes isn't one to question someone who slaps him back to reality, he really doesn't have the confidence for that. "Who?"
"Can I give them your number Magnes? I won't give you theirs right now, but I'll give them yours and someone will call you" She watches him with her tired blue eyes from beneath the gauze.

Magnes reaches for a napkin, then pulls out a pen he uses for receipts and writes his number down. "That's my cell." he says as he offers the napkin. "I trust you Abby, I wouldn't give my number for strangers normally, but if you trust these people, I trust them too."

"You might fit in with them. I don't know, but maybe you can help. I need to go home now Magnes. My head hurts and I don't want to ask god permission to fix it till I'm out of here" She takes her hand back as he writes and the napkin is folded up and tucked safe in her jacket pocket.

"Alright, I'll walk you to your door, then I'll go home my way." Magnes stands, taking her bag again, then holds out a hand to help her up. "I'll carry your bag. That's like, you know, the chivalrous thing and all…" he awkwardly says as feelings of uneasiness return once he's calmed down.

"I won't complain" Abby answers, knowing how bad and pitiful she looks right now. "Just get me home before my roommates decide to come find me and they freak out"

"Alright, and don't forget, stop by the shop, I'll even make something for you." Magnes holds the door, then nods to the waitress.

"I'll come, I promise, within the next week, for pizza and to pick up my present Magnes. First though, lets concentrate on getting a taxi?"

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