April Fools'


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Scene Title April Fools
Synopsis Rebecca informs Coren that Muldoon's computer is as secure as Fort Knox, and Coren receives news that Muldoon's in the wind.
Date April 1, 2009

NYPD Forensics Lab

The forensics lab of the NYPD Headquarters is a massive collection of separate laboratories and testing room. This entire basement level of the building is interconnected with the ballistics lab and its own morgue. The facilities, while stocked with state of the art technology, show obvious signs of wear and tear that have not been repaired. Ceiling tiles are stained brown from leaking pipes, concrete walls show stress fractures, paint is peeling and it seems like every other fluorescent light flickers with old age.

It has been a long few hours. Detective Shelby arrived at Headquarters and immediately logged James Muldoon's computer1 into evidence, and proceeded to have that brought to the forensics lab to determine the level of work necessary to access Muldoon's files. Then he had a squad car sent to watch the place to make sure Muldoon stays put. A quick phone call to inquire about any security measures on the computer, passwords and the like, yielded voice mail. As Detective Shelby enters the forensics lab to inquire about the computer, he awaits a call from the uniforms watching the office. April Fools'.

Rebecca Nakano has been looking at this computer for a couple hours now. She's already determined that she's going to have to call in for help. So for now it just sits there. As she goes around doing other work, she will occasionally think of something else to try, and that's where she is when Coren walks into the room.

"Let me guess," Detective Shelby says as he stands idle by the lab entrance, "It's password-protected and God knows what else. Right?" He had hoped Muldoon was too arrogant to protect any of his systems, but knew it was a long-shot.

"Mmm. Yes. It looks like it has at least three security bypass systems. One is a thumbprint, the other is a password, and the third is some sort of Common Access Card." Rebecca states. "We are actually going to need all three pieces to get into this system. I do know someone who might be able to get inside. I'm going to give her a call here shortly."

Detective Shelby nods, "Of course it is. A man like Muldoon has a lot of skeletons in his closet, or on his computer I should say." His cell phone begins to vibrate and he pulls it from its clip and flips it open, "Detective Shelby." The expression on his face goes from grim to furious. "Repeat that," he commands, and moments later he flips the phone closed, eyes staring at it as though to set it aflame. His free hand is clenched, nails digging in. That's when the phone hits the floor, breaking into several smaller pieces, the SIM card sliding towards Rebecca.

"Sorry about the mess," he says through grit teeth as he opens the door to the lab, "Muldoon's in the wind." The door closes behind him.

Rebecca blinks as he hurries without his broken phone. A broom is gathered and the pieces are collected and she sweeps the debris into a small pile, scoops it up and drops the contents into a bag. Just in case he wants it later. She then picks up her phone and leaves a message for Grace.

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