April In June


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Scene Title April In June
Synopsis Exit April Bradley, and Len wants to insert April Silver. Veronica and Curt are sent to bring her in.
Date June 12, 2009

Office of Len Denton

As word got back to the Company about the death of an agent, April Bradley, Len has been trying to get in touch with April — Bradley. Figure that one out. One of them is still alive. The task is finding out which one. He is sitting in his office, waiting on word from the coroner's office to see if they can enlighten him on what the hell is going on around here. That being said, he sits in this office, football in hand as the game plays on his big screen. He's not really paying attention the game, as his mind is somewhere else — on the job, where it should be. The noise just helps him concentrate.

Veronica enters the room, Curt behind her. "It's the … current… Bradley. Our Bradley," she says, her husky voice a touch softer and subdued out of respect for yet another comrade's death. "I've sent a message for the future Bradley to get in contact with us, but … God, does she even exist, if the present Bradley got killed? I mean… do we know for sure if she does?" The time travel thing still makes her head hurt. "Curt's got some information, too."

Curt shrugs a bit at her questions, "I hate time travel." he states emphatically as he enters behind her. He then tosses a file onto Len's desk, "No traffic cams caught her or the accident and her phone records show nothing odd, not in the numbers she called nor the last twelve hours of her GPS signature, though she did wander around Red Hook/Brooklyn for a bit. Turns out that's not /to/ strange for her, but worth noting I think." he sighs, "Best bet is the body or what the geeks can get out of the accident sight. I don't see anything else leading us anywhere."

Nodding, Len looks from one agent to the other. "Okay. While this is /not/ good, it will at least clear up further confusion about who we are talking about when discussing April Bradley. The next thing we need to do is get April Bradley here. If 'future' April was the intended target, when whoever did this figures out they killed the wrong Bradley, they'll try to finish the job." There's no 'if' in his statement. Len fully believes this was not an accident and that 'April Bradley' is still in danger. "So, task at hand — find her again. She's not answering — not that I blame her, but we can protect her."

"Maybe, if she knows she's in danger, but… I wouldn't bank on it. You want us to take her by force if she doesn't agree to come in?" Veronica says skeptically, leaning against the wall, arms crossed a bit. "She may not want protected… everything she's hoping to accomplish here… well, it's pointless now. At least on a personal level." Her brows furrow a bit. "Poor James."

Curt snorts, "I'm not sure I wanna try and bring her in forcibly if we're not fully prepared. A tazer should work on her though, her powers are triggered as a thought and tazers disrupt the flow of electrical patterns in the brain. She shouldn't be able to use her power if her mind is temporarily scrambled. Still… it wouldnt' be easy." He's been bagging and tagging for awhile and even he doesn't like the chances on this one.

Len holds out his hands. "Just chill. We don't /have/ to bring her in by force. What I'd like to do is integrate her back into Bradley's current life. I've already done what I can to quash her name from all news reports, so having her slip right into the role of 'our' April Bradley would be a perfect solution. If she doesn't want to come — she doesn't want to come. But we could use her help on finding out who's responsible for this."

"All right," Veronica says, with a nod. "Hopefully she'll get back to us… if she doesn't get back in a couple of days, I'll send another message through the grapevine, let her know we're not after her but to help her. If she doesn't know, she'll probably answer my message, if not yours… if she knows… well, there's no telling."

Curt sighs a bit at this entire thing and shakes his head, "I mentioned I hate time travel right? Cause I hate time travel."

Standing, Len nods. "Do your best. That's all I can ask. If she comes she comes, but that's the offer. She can have her life back. The future has already been altered to such a degree that the outcome is no longer predictable. We could use her help. But, she needs to come in and see me so we can get it all put together." He grins. "Have anything else for me?"

Veronica shakes her head. "Still chasing the wild goose that is Doyle," she says, with a shrug. "Anything new for me?" she tosses back. She doesn't expect an answer, and certainly not one of any substance in front of her partner, but it's a little reminder to her boss of his promise to her.
Curt eyes her, "What? You want him to give you a cookie?" he asks curiously, then shrugs, "I like thin mints." he offers to Len, just for future reference.

"I've got a meeting with some of the higher-ups. I will see if they can declassify some of the information you need. That's about all I can do at the moment." Len smirks as he reaches for the remote control. "Understand, my position doesn't leave me immune to.. unsavory actions upon myself if I learn more than I am entitled." He shrugs. "We all have to be careful with the information we've learned. I've shielded you as much as I can, Agent Sawyer. Cross the line — even I can't make it go away." That's about as vague an answer as he can give her without putting Curt at risk as well.

The female agent rolls her eyes at Curt's comment, and then nods solemnly at Len's non-answer. "Well, thanks for trying," she say, the tone flat though not sarcastic. She knows Len is doing his best, but his best might not get her the answers she needs. "We'll get out of your hair." She gives Len a nod, then heads for the door.

Curt moves to follow, shooting Len as look that is either 'women!', or 'hey where's my cookie?'. It's hard to tell. Then he too is gone, though Len will likely hear him talking to the back of Vee's head as they go down the hall, "Now I'm craving girl scout cookies. You look the type, you selling any boxes this time of year?"

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