Are They... Together?


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Scene Title Are They… Together?
Synopsis Molly and Kaylee talk about Peter's romantic gesture and missing their family and friends. Kaylee asks an import question about Molly's adoptive dads.
Date April 05, 2010

Petrelli Mansion

It had been getting worse and worse. She hadn't even really had the energy to concentrate and read. That's horrible for her. She spent a lot of her time just sleeping in her room. Not really talking to Kaylee or Angela. But today, she's up and sitting in the comfy chair in her room. Curled up into a ball. Drenched with sweat, she breathes heavily and then looks around the room. Skin clammy and such.

But.. she's feeling better. Much better. Maybe it's passing? Molly lifts her head and smiles softly as she looks at the picture that she has placed on her bedside table. It's her and her parents. Happy.. alive.

There is a soft knock on the door, before Kaylee opens it, being sequestered means the two of them have been the only really company the other has had. "Hey Molly." Kaylee's voice is rough, it has been with all the coughing. She is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a soft maroon sweater. Even though she's sick, she's tired of looking it.

One hand uses the door knob to keep her on her feet, her left leg protecting the movement by sending shooting needles up her leg, as if waking from being asleep. Her other hand is cradled the roses Peter brought her. "I got a visitor today." She sounds lighter then she has been, before she was kind of melancholy and somewhat depressed since the attack on Peter. "Thought you'd want to see what he brought me."

"Ah! How romantic is this!" Molly bounces up and down and coughs lightly as she zooms out of her seat and pulls Kaylee's hand and pushes her into the chair. "So what'd he say? How was he healed? Is he okay? Did you kiss him? Grab his butt? How about his face, he's so cute!" Molly asks all of these in rapid succession.

She sits on the bed and bounces on it. "Tell, tell, tell!" she says and snickers, she let's herself be a kid around Kaylee. She's one of the few people that she can trust to do that with. "What about Mohinder? We need to find him." she says the last part softly.

Kaylee doesn't protest as she's pulled the the chair, limping slightly from the tingling numbness in her foot. Once she settled, she can't help but chuckle, though it quickly turns into a cough, which is stifled with a sleeve of her sweater. Once the fit has subsided, she waves at hand at Molly to stave off further questions.

"Whoa whoa.. Slow down." Taking a deep breath she settles into the chair, offering the roses for the teens inspection. "We didn't get much time to talk, since he got called in, but he's totally healed. Some doctor healed him up." She offers, softly, pulling the good leg up where she can curl an arm about it.

"No kissing or anything like that. I'm still sick, but he says he got inoculated, so he can be around us again soon. "He acted a bit odd, but he said when I'm all better we're going to go out for a really nice dinner."

Her smiles falters some, "I haven't heard anything about Mohinder.. but when I was reading Pause magazine, some guy named Luis, mentioned dancing with him." A small smile touches her lips. "Peter is in there too. I'll bring it to you later, you can read through it."

"Can the doc fix us too?" Molly leans in and tilts her head at Kaylee. "Okay, no kiss but can he come over and have dinner with us!?" she asks with a soft smile and then she's sitting on her hands. Then her jaw drops, "Mo.. Mohinder.. dance?" she snickers behind her hand at the sight of one of her dad's dancing.

"Heheh, I miss him. He's my other dad, ya know? He helped Matt take care of me. I have two dads. Sylar took my mother and father.. and I was given Matt and Mohinder." She smiles softly and looks down as she says this.

"Doesn't sound like it, but… Molly… we are doing better on our own. We'll be find in no time." Kaylee's smile fades as some of the emotions over what happened to Peter come tumbling back. "Peter almost died." She informs the young woman. "So… I can deal with being sick."

Eyes flick to the photo on the nightstand, "Maybe someday I can meet them. Are they… together?" She asks a brow arching, The girl talks about having two dad's seems logical. "And have — you tried talking to Matt or seeing if you can call Mohinder?" Her head turns back to the teenage. "If they have been your dads, them might miss you a lot and be concerned."

"Okay, we'll be better soon. I'm sure of it." Molly sage nods and she looks over to Kaylee. "Yeah, you can meet them! Matt might be a little bit of a butthead, he's just very protective." When asked if they are together.. "What?! Oh no no no no." she says with a giggle. "I think I should call Matt.. but he can't come here. Only Mohinder, I don't want Matt getting sick. He's Evolved. Same as you." Molly says to her friend.

"I can handle buttheads." Kaylee quips back with a smirk, narrowing her eyes as if it would be a welcomed challenge, before falling into a smile, sniffling a bit as her nose is all stuffy. "I still think you should call him, cause there is that vaccine out there, if he takes it, he can come see you." She points out helpfully, shifting forward on the chair. Her fingers reach into the roses and pulls one out and sets it on the nightstand next to the photo.

"You know, Molly." The telepath starts softly, "When I get better, I'm thinking about getting my own place, get out of the safehouses finally. If you ever need a place to crash, I'll make sure I have extra blankets."

"Aw thanks Lee. And.. I think I will. I'll call him tonight maybe." She says and then she's looking out the window. "I'd love that, my dad.. Matt can't really watch me right now, he's been so busy. I could tell him that I trust you and he could read your mind for your intentions! It'd be great! Maybe he'll say yes!" Molly bounces up and down and snickers. "Mohinder.. yeah.. I miss them both. Maybe they can both come see me!!" she hugs her arms around herself.

"He better do that mind reading stuff before I get better." Kaylee wrinkles her nose a bit, "When telepaths try to read each other, it is… not fun." Her smile falls away, "I wonder if I'll be my ability back." There is a sudden touch of worry. "Anyhow… yeah… But don't be surprised if he doesn't want you watched by someone as young as I am."

"I know there is this one doctor he calls me 'kid' all the time." Kaylee gives a soft sigh, moving to sit on the bed next to the younger girl, an arm drapes over her shoulder. "I'll keep my fingers crossed they can come see you, cause I imagine it's lonely. I may be great company… but they are family." Not that her loneliness has anything to do with family. Her family is as dysfunctional as they get.

"Ah oh yeah, he said that before." Molly gets up from the bed and walks around and looks in her closet and then walks around some more. Anxious. "Don't worry, you can be in our family too. You and your dad. If you want." Molly says softly.

"My dad…" Kaylee huffs a bit, looking down at her feet, hands resting on the edge of the bed. "… he's somewhere. He hasn't been in my life… well… ever really." Socks slide across the floor below her. "My mom and I are not talking much since I asked her why she lied to me about him." Her head tilts a bit, so she can angle a look at the teenage. "I've been good on my own, Molly. I'll be fine."

"Tired of sitting around though, miss all my friends, like Colette." Her eyes turn to the picture of Molly's family again. "I knows this… guy who is looking into my dad as well. He works for my dad. Hopefully, we can find him." Lips press together briefly, "So I can ask him why he lied to me… and hid from me."

"Kaylee.. I'm going to find him for you. As soon as I'm better." Molly wants Kaylee to be happy too. "Whose the guy? Your dad has employees? Wow." She looks impressed and then she's nodding. "I miss Letty too, we'll see her soon. She's probably out spazzing somewhere." She jokes with a wink.

There is a small chuckle from the young telepath, "She probably is or getting into something over her head and I'm not there to help." Kaylee says it all affectionately. "Her and Jason… two of my best friends. Jason is in the storytelling business. Should see him with his puppets. The kids love having him around. I use to help him out with it."

"Maybe you'll get to meet him someday too." There is optimism there, Kaylee really does enjoy the company of the portly puppet man.

"Hahaha, yeah. Oh really? I'd like to meet him one day." Molly comes over and lays down in the bed, looking up at Kaylee. "It'll be fun, just the two of us. Partners in crime." She says softly as her eyelids flutter. She's been getting more and more tired as Kaylee came to visit. Get some rest?

Pushing to her feet, Kaylee picks up what is left of the dozen roses, when Molly lays down. "We'll see… I think getting better first is in order." She reaches down with her free hand to tugs covers over the girl. "We'll talk more later." Then the telepath makes her way quietly out of the room.

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