Are You There Simon? It's Me, Mallory



Scene Title Are You There, Simon? It's Me, Mallory
Synopsis Mallory is not idle. She tries to contact Simon and goes on the hunt for any interest in the Allistair twins.
Date May 3, 2009


Another text sent out into the void. Mallory's been getting her bearings for the past few days, though she has no idea how long it's been. The wonder and awe shifted to panic, then acceptance, and then curiosity again. This is exposure to a world she could only experience in a limited manner before; now she can run wild, a ghost in the system. She can go almost anywhere, or so she believes. But right now her attention is focused on transmitting a message to a cell phone: her twin brother's.




She keeps trying, waiting impatiently, sending messages, trying to space them out though her sense of time is limited. She waits for him to pick up, to respond, skittering on the wireless waves, but nothing.


There will be more time to warn her brother. It will occur to her to seek Wireless out sometime soon, but her concern for the only person in the world she actually loves or even likes is her primary concern. Safety for her brother.

Some concentration of consciousness and the messages she just sent are wiped from Simon's cell, should he respond while she's not paying attention, should he contact the thing in her body instead.

But maybe she could change the pathways to lead back to alert her… so she spends some time trying to do that. Either it works or it doesn't.

And now there are other safety concerns to attend to; searching for databases with her name, with Simon's name, with any hint of anyone's interest in the twins. Just in case.

The real Mallory would not trade paranoia in for miniskirts.

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