Aren't You Like Arab Or Something?


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Scene Title Aren't You Like Arab Or Something?
Synopsis Adam's carrying through with his blackmail. He's also a twee bit racist.
Date May 24m 2009

PAUSE magazine - Nalani's Office

Hoity Toity of course! That's how it looks!

Adam has decided to walk right into Nalani's office as if he owned the place. He was kind enough to make sure she wasn't in a meeting with Stephanie has been following him step for step, insisting that he can't just walk into the office, 'Don't make me call security' she threatens,, but he ends up inside the office anyway. He holds out his arms open as if expecting a hug, "Nalani, darling, how are you?"

The doors opening without warning from Stephanie cause a not brief glare of annoyance aimed at the people coming through the door, her phone up to ear and talking. "..aldives. Yes. No, no, I really needs to arrange it that particular way" There's a scowl aim'd at Stephanie and a shooing motion with her hand. Mr. Monroe was back. Fabulous. "Yes, right, eight. Total" She's scribbling something down on a sticky notes, pinning it to the face of a page in the mock up in front of her, too pasty it reads. "No, eight. If Mr. Ascher is smart, then he'll arrange it. I'm not going to sit here and listen to you drone on and on. I'll transfer you to my assistant. The 28th. She'll make the rest of the arrangements for it" and with that, whomever is on the line is put on hold and an intercom button is pressed. "Stephanie, please finish up the phone call. Security is not needed, I'm sure Mr. Monroe will be leaving soon" Finger taken off the button, Nalani looks up to the outstretched arms finally. "What do you need now Mr. Monroe? My firstborn?"

Adam gets a look from Stephanie but ends up sitting down on one of the chairs opposite Nalani, "Now Ms. Hollingwood, how can you talk to me like that. Have I ever asked for something unreasonable? No, in fact, I haven't asked for anything at all.." he pauses, "Well, until now." he glances towards the door, then back towards Nalani, confessing, "I think Stephanie's still a little nonplussed that I never called her back after that night.." then he holds up his hand to his mouth as if giggling about that bit of gossip. He leans back, "I want you to write an editorial."

The door is closed behind them, The other assistant doing the usual routine when there's someone in with her and it's not involving lots of clothes. "I'd like it if you didn't try to bed my employee's Mr. Monroe" Steely jaw'd. "And what editorial exactly is it that you wish me to write? Something about men's fashions these days lacking cufflinks?"

Adam shakes his head, "Try.." he says after a chuckle, looks like Stephanie's been tainted. He leans back a bit, "No, a more serious editorial, like your one about Staten Island. To be honest, I think you'll like this, get your teeth sunk into a deep issue." he leans in, "I want you to write an article which lambastes the government for its policies. I want you to be appalled at the idea of forcing Evolved to register and the idea of herding them in for specific jobs. After all, just because a man can shoot a gun or a scientist can create a virus doesn't mean we bag and tag them, yeah?"

Nalani's nostrils flare outwards slightly. "Mr. Monroe. Very infrequently do I relay my personal political opinion in my magazine. It's not meant to be a sounding board. What I wrote had foundation for it and event hen it was fairly quite tame compared to what Time or even the financial magazines might proffer up. I Don't think so" The bollywood beauty's lower arms rest on her desk, glaring at Adam.

Adam tilts his head a bit and lets out a sigh, ,"It's your magazine, Nalani, you can do what you like, as you've demonstrated. And you'll do this, or will I have to take out a one page ad in the Times informing the world of everything a certain tall and beautiful editor can do? Which wouldn't just raise questions about your being out…but actually force you to register under the very policies I am asking you to write against." he pauses, "I think that's ironic in some way, I'm sure if I think about it, I'll figure it out."

Once again, Nalani is wishing that her stinking ability worked on this arrogant prick. But it doesn't, either that or she's not refined and strong enough yet. "I don't have facts Mr. Monroe. I have only those few sentences. I don't and will not risk my credibility just because you need me to wrote some fluff editorial piece on what you think. Staten island was weeks of research. Not to mentions that the latest issue is just about to go to bed already. It's already had the test run, so it won't be this issue"

Adam shrugs a bit, "The next issue then. It'll give you time to research." he pauses thoughtfully, ,"Perhaps you can even hype it up." he holds his hands up flat as if imagining a marquee, "Special editorial issue…Government policies on the Evolved….reasonable or Nazi?" he mms, "Or something like that. You know, you're the editor, you do what you think will sell." he seems about to stand, then sits down again, "Oh. I also want to learn Arabic. I think you should teach me…" he pauses, "What do you think, two lessons a week? I'll even spring for dinner while we do it."

"What on earth makes you think I know Arabic?"

Adam looks up at Nalani surprised, "Well, aren't you like Arab or something? I mean, look at you. You're from some far off land with a lot of sand, seems reasonable to expect you might know Arabic. Do you?" he demands calmly.

"I'm. British." She bites off. "But I know Arabic. I'll think about teaching you Arabic Mr. Monroe"

Adam considers this. He could press, but he sees no hurry, he's got three other languages to learn after all, "Thank you Nalani. I wouldn't suggest thinking about it too long." he pauses thoughtfully, "When is your birthday? I could just google it, but you're right here."

"A woman doesn't tell anything that might let a person know her age Mr. Monroe. Your becoming far more than Uncouth. leave me be. I have other appointments that you are interrupting with your unscheduled visits" The mock up book is closed on the desk, brown eyes under impossibly long full lashes looking up at him.

Adam arches a brow, "I'm not asking you to tell me what year you were born." he seems almost hurt, "I just wanted to know when to buy you a birthday present." he sighs, "Fine, I'll just google it." rolling his eyes he stands up, "I hope to see that issue come out soon, I know you'll do a bang up job." he walks towards the door and opens it, "You really are beautiful, Nalani." whether he says that as a jibe or to be sardonic, is unclear. Perhaps he was just paying a compliment. Either way, he leaves.

A manicured nail depresses the intercom on her phone. "Please have Patrick escort Mr. Monroe from the floor Stephanie. This is not negotiable" Even as he's heading for the door. Compliments don't count when they come from Sociopaths.

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