El Palenque

The town of El Palenque hedges towards a vast lake, shadowed by Argentinean mountains where dense jungle crowds against it to one side, and sprawling farmlands to the other. It has a population of under 5,000, made up mostly of warehouses both abandoned and not, and a small dense urban concentration of fishing families and farmers. There's a school for all children from 5 through to 18, a brickwall church guarding it like a protective sibling. The main street sees some of the most activity, from a motel currently entirely rented out to the American government, to the bar adjacent to it that spills its presence out onto the street in the form of tables and chairs set up beneath the sun, to the off-shoot dirt road of a market place that sells food in the morning and other goods towards the later hours.

The town is not exactly bustling, however. There's a light (American) military presence that seems to be offering the village some protection while they use the village as a go-to point for the base up on the mountains, and the place has obviously seen some wear and tear.

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