Art And Things


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Scene Title Art And Things
Synopsis Eve and Jessica meet. Eve asks Jessica for some advice. New friends are made.
Date September 2, 2008

Coffee Shop, SoHo

Afternoon in New York. It's cloudy…overcast outside. In other words, it's the perfect kind of day to be inside in a coffee shop. Jessica's woken up not that long ago; when you work late, you don't tend to wake early. She enters the coffee shop, heading for the counter, and putting in her order. She goes for something a little less bitter than coffee today, and orders up a chai.

Already sitting in the coffee shop, Eve is sipping on tea as well. She looks out of the window and sighs; she comes hear sometimes to think. Nobody really knows her here, so it is a great spot. She is wearing a blood red dress today with a pair of red leather boots. Her long dark hair is pulled back from her face to show her fair skin and light colored eyes. The woman takes another sip and looks out of the window. Thinking.

Jessica's dressed in normal attire rather than work clothes for her. (In other words, as per her @desc). She collects her chai, and heads for a table conveniently near Eve. She does take a moment to check out the outfit; red leather boots are unusual for the common coffee shopper.

Feeling that someone is looking at her she looks up and meets Jessica's gaze. She smiles softly, "I got them from a flee market. Cheap price" she runs a hand through her hair. She then takes another sip of her tea and holds out her hand, "I'm Eve" she says. She is in a friendly mood right now.

Jessica smiles a little. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to stare. But they're nice boots. I'm Jessica." She gives her own name in reply. "Going clubbing tonight?"

Eve chuckles lightly. "It's ok. Nice to meet you" she sets her cup down. "I wish. I'm in need of some fun lately. Things haven't been the most fun in a while" she says and shakes her head as she looks out the window. She has been moody since the other day. Maybe she is struggling with a choice she needs to make?

The blonde isn't the most empathic in the world. She answers, though. "If you need fun, you make it. Life's too short to go around stressing over crap. Whatever it is, it's probably not worth you making yourself miserable over."

"You are all too right. I just need to tell someone something, and I don't know how he will feel when I tell him" she says and looks back at Jessica. "I shouldn't let this get me down though. Thanks" Eve says softly and thanks another sip of her tea.

Jessica looks back. "Depends. Do you care how he feels? If he's worth anything, it's probably not a problem. But you'll have a miserable life if you spend it worrying about how other people feel."

"I do care about how he feels, because I like him a lot. I just don't want him to reject me. I sound like such a teenager" Eve sighs, she isn't normally this emotional about things. "I don't want this to consume my life, but I need to know how he feels about me"

She shakes her head, looking back to Eve. She clearly doesn't approve. "You're right. You do sound like a teenager about it. If you want to know, ask him. But whether he loves you or he hates you, there's a lot of other fish in the sea."

Eve grins softly. Now /this/ is the kind of person she likes. The ones that don't censor themselves and that are blunt. Which is Eve's personality too. "Yeah, I'm going to do that as soon as I see him again. And there are other fish out there, always will be" she says quietly and finishes her tea. "What about you? Love life?"

Jessica looks a little amused. "No one. Well, no one that I'm interested enough in. I have lots of people interested in me. But that's the way it ought to be."

"Well aren't you lucky?" Eve teases and she plays with her cup and moves a strand of her hair out of her eyes. "Cloudy day" she observes and then shakes her head.

Jessica laughs. "Well, it helps make a living anyhow." She takes another sip of her chai. "I'm a dancer. So the more horny guys out there, the better a living I make. And better clouds than rain."

Eve's eyebrows raise a little and she nods, "Horny guys are good for your job. How long you been dancing?" this seems to have grabbed Eve's attention, always the curious one!
Jessica looks back. "A few years now. Since a little bit before the boom. Moved out here around that time. It pays well." She closes up just a little at that. Something about the tone. The perceptive might notice it."

Eve does take notice and she decides that sometimes it isn't good to discuss the bomb with random strangers so? MOVIN ON! "Ahh. I'm a artist, not the best paying job but I love it" she shrugs lightly.

Jessica looks back to Eve, and asks "So what kind of art do you do? Paintings and stuff?" As long as she doesn't paint the future, Jessica's happy. "As long as it pays enough to get by, I guess."

If only Jessica knew! "I paint and sing" Eve nods at Jessica, "Yep, since it pays ok, I'm not really inclined to do anything else in terms of work. Although, I would like to sing"

Jessica nods. "That's not too hard these days. Not in this city. Plenty of places have an amateur night. You must be pretty good, though. Everyone hears all the blurb about the whole "starving artist" thing.

"Not to sound full of myself. But I do think that I am a good artist and if you don't believe in yourself. Who will?" she asks and smiles at Jessica. This woman is growing on Eve more and more.

"Well, that's right." she agrees. "But believing in yourself usually doesn't pay the bills…that's where other people come in. They have to believe in you, or at least be willing to pay for you to make a living."

Eve nods thoughtfully, "I think I am going to go to one of those amateur nights. Where do you work? I'll stop by and invite you to come and see when I do" Eve grins.
Jessica looks amused at that. "Coming to see me at work usually is the kind of thing that might make most women uneasy. Most of the clientele is male, and they're probably going to figure any of the women in the audience are batting for the other team."

"Then I shouldn't stay long, when I come and give you the details about the amateur night, then huh?" she chuckles a little. Eve is much more relaxed now; it's nice to have someone to talk to that doesn't know everything about her.

The blonde looks amused. "Unless you actually DO enjoy the show." she quips. "Or I could just give you a phone number and make things easier on you if you like."

Eve laughs, "That might actually be a good idea" she takes out a pen and paper and looks to Jessica ready to write. She looks out of the window again for a moment and then turns her gaze back to Jessica.

Jessica jots down her cell number on the paper, and looks back to Eve. "Here you go. Can't promise that I'll be able to make it, but you can reach me there." It might be nice to have someone to talk to sometimes.

Placing the number in her pocket, Eve looks at the clock on the wall of the coffee shop. "I really should go. Have to talk to that guy" she grins and stands. "It was nice meeting you"

Jessica nods. "You know, it was. Good luck with the singing thing. And the art thing. Give me a call if you like."

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