Arthur Kill Correctional Lockdown

STATEN ISLAND — A fight among Arthur Kill Correctional Facility inmates Tuesday — one involving some 50 prisoners — triggered use of chemical spray, the firing of a warning shot and total lockdown of the facility, officials said. Several inmates received minor injuries, as did some prison staff members, they said.

Two medium security inmates whose names have not yet been released are still unaccounted for. Officials said they do not believe the inmates escaped, but that New York State Police have been notified and that a cautionary investigation is underway. Until the inmates are found, no one, including correctional staff, will be allowed in or out of the facility.

Around 2:30 p.m., prison staff responded to a multiple inmate fight in the institution's recreation building. Staff immediately responded to the altercation deploying chemical spray. Six inmates were escorted to disciplinary segregation.

The facility was placed on total lockdown and all activities/visiting were canceled for the remainder of the day, officials said.

Some of the inmates involved in the altercations received minor injuries. Health Services staff provided medical services.

Several staff also received minor injuries while responding to the incident.

The institution will remain on lockdown and there will be no inmate visiting on Wednesday.

It's the third recent case of violence at a state-run facility, the second involving the state penitentiary.

On February 20, a series of fights broke out at Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, first between inmates in the West Dining Room and hours later in the East Dining Hall. A total of 25 inmates were assigned to disciplinary segregation, and several suffered minor injuries.

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