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Scene Title Arts and Crafty
Synopsis Christian and Minea discuss the situation while walking behind Sonny. They meet up with Felix in the hospital and hatch a plan to turn felix into a ghost
Date December 3, 2008

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is primarily a residential and shopping area, and not much about that has changed since the bomb. Despite bordering the region of Midtown that was torn asunder by the blast, the Upper West Side managed to survive the fires that raged out of control in the days following the destruction. It was one of the first areas hit with the massive relief effort. While the areas that did burn have yet to be recovered, that region of the upper west side has been cordoned off by large concrete barricades and Homeland Security roadblocks, preventing most through-traffic into ground zero and the affected area. Beyond that border zone, much of the charm of this upper-class neighborhood has not been lost.

The Upper West Side has the reputation of being home to New York City's liberal cultural and artistic workers, in contrast to the Upper East Side, which is perceived to be traditionally home to more affluent conservative commercial and business types. The neighborhood is decidedly upscale with the median household above the Manhattan average before the bomb, and much of that status-quo maintained by the money pumped into the neighborhood from the reconstruction effort. As one of the first neighborhoods to have electricity and water restored, this area saw a massive temporary influx of transients and refugees from the destroyed areas of the city, most of which moved on as more and more of New York was brought back to life.

Famous sites of the upper west side still remain active today, with Broadway Avenue cutting through the center of the borough. But the reminder of what happened to this city is decidedly visible on the south end of Broadway, where the high concrete barricades rise up one story from the ground, and the jagged, broken skyline of Midtown refuses to remain hidden.

Afternoon, late afternoon. Spending the day doing this and that, visiting areas of the city she'd need to learn, know, establish herself with. Minea exits from an art gallery, Some crazy looking canvas's in the window, literally just splash's of paint on black canvas. She'd spent half an hour talking with the owner, playing the trade your business card game and back out she comes, slipping sunglasses on her face, tucking a sweeping a stray lock of hair back behind her ear. WHo knew she'd wear jeans. dressed up in a skirted business suit and teetering quite effeciently on stylish heels. Minea cleans up good. The phone dug from her purse and flipped open, time. Meet up soon down the street, chosen becuase it's a place that all walks of life seemed to not mind converging at. Random coffee place for the win. Everyone needs coffee and she was assured, this place had good coffee.

Sonny had a business date in the part of town. Review board. Seems one of his colleagues was accused of…unsavoury nip/tuckage and he was a witness. Sucks to rat out a colleague, but when your dad's the mayor, covering things up is a no no.

He's standing by a slick black Mercedes. He's wearing a pair of aviators and is talking on a cell phone. "Yeah…yeah, no. Luke, listen. I wish I could help you. Do you have any idea how long my list is? I think I'm booked up until my 50th birthday, and I have to sleep sometime, you know?" He watches Minea as she passes, but his eyes are mostly hidden behind the glasses. "Uh huh. Well, if you want to give it a shot, give Leslie a call. She'll start the paperwork…. Uh huh. Yeah. Oh I'll be there. Later buddy. Bye." He flicks his phone shut.

Announced by the squeel of knobby tires, Chris isnt long in coming. Well actually he's pretty damn swift, primarily due to the fact he was only a few blocks over. "Hey Minea!"he hollers out, balancing the bike at a stop for a second before kicking down the center stand and jerking the bike firmly up onto it. "Goodness gracious darlin, Ya'll are makin me feel like I aint dressed enough."

Sonny's perused as well, behind Minea's oversized shades. young, not much younger than her, lawyer? maybe, He didn't look mean enough to be a lawyer. But Christian is squealing in on a bike and her attention flickers to the general area, looking around and assessing the area.'I can't give you access to up and coming painters if I look like a slob Christian" The glasses are taken off as she walks her way to him and the bike. Fakes kisses to either cheek. "May work for you, but not for me. I'm glad you were available, there's much to discuss. There's a few that I think you'll like"

Hollering people get the doc's attention. Sonny looks towards Chris and Minea. He gives them a once over, then tweets open the Mercedes and reaches in the back seat for a briefcase. He shuts the door again, slides the keyes into his pockets, then starts to walk roughly towards them. "Excuse me. Could you point me in the direction of a decent coffee place?" He tugs off the aviators for politeness' sake.

Its almost comical really, because the pair are so entirely opposite save for all but one important aspect."Darlun, ya'll are gonna get me spoiled rotten with such high class livery."He takes a moment to stash his key, before making a dismount from his particlarly tall steed."I'm glad ya'll found yourself a right nice catch, you know ya'll never can tell with these things right? Ya'll get the documents I emailed you?"

Chris is about to inquire himself where this place is, when sonny gathers his attention. Slyly he half turns to put himself inbetween the two, if only to lock up his helmet right? Granted its not as though he feels he needs to -protect- Minea, but rather felt it a little easier to simply provide some degree of cover if she should feel the need to draw. Mutual support indeed.

'That Christian is why I do the finding and I just hand you the money" But then Sonney is interjecting before she can reply to his question. Her hand oh so casually goes into the large oversized leather purse. Thank heavens that's in style this year. Her carmine lips split into a smile, the picture perfect, almost. Nothings ever perfect. "Yes, I was informed there's a lovely place, just half a block over, you should be able to see it from here" There's a split seconds whenit seems she might drawn, but instead a business card is brought out. Plain white, series of numbers punctuated by dots and Dahl Consultations in simple raised black script. "Here. In case you ever have the need or want for art for your walls. you look the kind of type who would use my services" but just like that, she glances back to Christian. "I did. It was delivered this morning, your so very prompt. I had a few things to discuss regarding it"

Christian rolls his shoulders some, before stepping to the inside of the sidewalk to give Minea a clear look of things. Like a bodyguard should, right?"So ya'll gots me darlin, and you know you have my ear. Ask away, I'm not a very good note taker I know."and truly, he had sort've skimmed over things in his op reports. Well except for the bit with wireless, where he'd been able to indulge in his radio-nerdity in proper amounts.

"Over there?" Sonny glances across the street, then back to Minea. He takes the card. "I think I'm set, but thank you anyway." He tucks the card away into the pocket of his jacket. Christian is eyed. "Is there something about me that's threatening?" He arches his brows. His tone is polite.

"I have one painting, ready to go, across town. The artist didn't need to do much to finish.." Minea pauses, a glance from sonny to Christian. "You'll have to pardon him mr… . I procure paintings for clients, He provides security when they are delivered. It's a force of habit it would seem. But I foudn that despite the exterior he presents, he does the best work" Minea waits, patiently, for any remarks, comments or otherwise before turning to Christian again. "As I was saying, I have one ready for delivery, he just needs to sign on the line and it's ready to be picked up, I have four possible others in mind, for clients and delivery dates would be soon if they agree to take them, so it's shaping up to be a good month"

Christian doesnt say anything, well to Sonny at least. He just keeps his eyes open, tucking his hands into jacket pockets."a fine month indeed, you work pretty quick boss. Why dont we have ourselves a seat, and we can discuss delivery dates. Any painters I know, or are we tapping entirely fresh talent?"He's happy to let Minea do the talking for once, mainly because he is astutely aware of just how bad of a liar he is.

"Bianco," like the mayor. And Sonny -is- driving a Mercedes. "Doctor…Bianco." He gives Christian a more pointed look. Normally he doesn't go throwing titles around, but he's hoping the MD will help cool the posturing. "Thank you for the directions. I think I'll go for that coffee." He turns and starts to walk towards the shop.

"A pleasure to meet you Dr. Bianco, perhaps we'll meet again" Minea calls out. Not too loud, that be uncouth and improper. Her attention though once more returns to christian and the area. Sunglasses back up. Winter is still sunny. They follow though, behind Sonny as it seems that their destination is to the cafe as well. "Some i've worked with before in the past, others, very new. I work quickly when the galleries can provide me with what I need and what will meet the clients tastes, needs and expectations. I can't put a small Travers painting in a loft, when a Conroy for a little more, and much bigger would be better suited. It's about tailoring it to the clients needs, not to the galleries. The galleries won't be looking at it for the rest of their lives. How many do you think you can handle this month, I understand your quite busy"

Christian shrugs softly"I think we should probably acquire some shared workspace for our clients, You know someplace quiet and secure. I know a few places, my studio at the Radio is probably a little high profile. I certainly think we have the budget for it, dont you?"he glances over his shoulder at the sound of a passing siren, before offering her his attention oncemore. "I can work my timeframe up a little, but I have two dates up immediately. I know of a pair of painters locally who do good work, but they're a little fresh to go into a gallery. Was thinking of just lending them the space, help them out a little."

Sonny is far enough away now that the two don't need to worry about being overheard. At least, not by the good doctor. Even if the two end up in the coffee shop a minute or so later, he's still two people ahead of them in line. When he gets up to the counter, he orders a latte and an oatmeal raisin cookie, then snags a nearby table as he waits for it to be made.

"I have the funds, I could very well sponser them. I'ma menable to the idea. Will they need to be babysatt or will I be having to relay the costs of focusing on them, to my buyers?" Minea gets in line as they enter, sunglasses off, tucked into the purse.

Christian files in behind. "Naw they're fairly self sufficient, but I think they'd appreciate a place to go if their current sponsors didnt like the quality of their art. They've both produced a few nice pencil peices I've got on my walls, very impressive attention to detail on one. The other has a particular talent for restorations, she did a wonderful job on an old peice near and dear to my heart. Not sure about supplying them with art supplies though, might be worth the bother. Either way I'd like to introduce you to atleast one of them."

"I could take one, right away. Once I find appropriate facilities, which I don't see a problem, I could take both, i'm sure. One's good at restoring?" Her eyebrows rise at that. 'That takes great skill, i'm surprised she's not squirreled away with some company. They usually covet such things. Though I wouldn't mind seeing the examples of their work. Are they unhappy with their current manager or just looking for a change of pace and scenery?" Minea steps up to the counter, a smile given to Sonny as he goes to customize his drink. "Venti drip, very hot, shot of raspberry, easy on the skim, extra collar. Christian?"

"Black, tall."he isnt long in letting the conversation wander back however."I'm more worried about another broker to be honest, you know how those things go. If your too good they snag you and then your stuck doing commission work for corperate clients. Good folks, it'd be healtyh for them to keep doing what they're doing. At least until they're developed enough to handle that side of things on their own, but you know how those things go right?"

Sonny has left.

"I've dealt with a few. Strictly in foreign markets so far" Minea muses, eyeing the room casually as she gathers her drink with a polite thank you. "Hwo soon do you want me to take in the first? I could possibly like I said, right away. Restorationist or the other?"

Christian shrugs "I'll have to talk to them, but I think neither are an immediate concern. I'd like to introduce you to the other local broker I've been working with though, he's less of a art background but he's a rather solid judge of character. I've worked with him in the past to great effect, I think the three of us would make a particularly effective team. As long as you can tolerate a little seperation from corperate, you know they're always trying to make bottom line not do whats in the best interest of the artists in question. I dont know, seems to me that such profiteering is really hurting the art community. Reminds me of the late unpleasantness."

Christian is eye'd studied before she offers her hand up to him. "I'll meet, no guarantee that i'll agree, but I'd like to know what i'm getting into first. Brokers don't always play nice with each other but i've been known to share my sandbox"

"breaking company policy, to ensure that the community is protected. Here we have people capable of becoming the next big thing, of really creating a second age of artistic appreciation. I think you've been around Europe enough to see, that the desires of the corperation rarely serve the people at large nor the individuals caught up into it. You know when I was in the army, I got sent for a stint in germany. I made a friend with a real old fella, who'd been a Nazi back in the day and even SS. He was just the nicest guy now in his age, so I asked him. You know, how could you do these things to people. Didnt you know what you were doing was wrong?"

Chris pauses a beat to snag his coffee."and he told me, he was raised to fight for what his superiors told him was right. He confided, that you know after the war he got married to a good woman and began to think about the things he'd seen and done. He said he cried, even thought about a pistol the regret was so bad. Told me, he pulled all his young officers aside and told them how it needed to be. To take their good nature, and to fight for whats right not whats easy. Do you follow my meaning?"

'There's a time and a place to follow the strictures laid out in the art world, the way we do business, and then there's times where one has to forge ahead and break new ground, or lax the rules to accomodate the artist. Nothing's black or white anymore" Minea answers back without hesitation.

Christian nods softly. "Well our other agent is in the hospital right now, you know how rough gallery openings can be. Well anyway, I think he'd -love- to see your own artwork, not just your scouts. I think you'll find theres a genuine appreciation for your style, I think his gallery could use one of your pieces immediately."

"Interesting. Hi artists that hot? Ic an see about tending to his while he's laid up. Anything else?" The lip of her cup popped to make sure it's right, having paid for their stuff and she's poised, ready to go.

Christian sipsips.."Apparently, I didnt think so but Felix is something like Felix the cat. Nine lives and a nose for trouble, sadly his bag of tricks is somewhat less than stellar these days. I've been meaning to visit him after I met up with you, why dont you come along with me? He's good people, you'll like his style."

Minea makes a show of consulting her watch, then consulting the blackberry, scrolling through, hitting buttons. "I could slip a visit in"

Christian sets his coffee on the counter to check his watch. "Cool, where'd you park? could just follow me there, its a little quicker than trying to explain it out."that'd also violate SOP, never say where your going in plain english. Granted, Chris was probably being a little paranoid but that -is- Chris isnt it?

"Not far, On the street. I drive a classic. Not traditional, but, it have memories. Makes the artists realize that i'm not too high faultin" Minea gathers her stuff, glasses slipped back on. "Shall we? I must admit, i'm curious now"

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke's Hospital is known for its high-quality care and its contributions to medical research. Its staff place an emphasis on compassion for and sensitivity to the needs of their patients and the communities they serve. In addition to nearby Columbia University, the hospital collaborates with several community groups, churches, and programs at local high schools. The associated Roosevelt Hospital offers a special wing of rooms and suites with more amenities than the standard hospital environment; they wouldn't seem out of place in a top-rated hotel. That said, a hospital is a hospital — every corridor and room still smells faintly of antiseptic.

It's the usual sterile hospital room - Fel's hooked up to monitoring equipment, which is beeping contentedly to itself. He's only semi-conscious, weary and gray, but at least he's off the oxygen mask - not a wound to the lung, this time. HE still looks sunken-eyed and awful, but at least he's alive.

Christian tries to be stealthy, but he's all in his stitch and everything so that's not going so well. "Christ, you look terrible Felix."He sidles in just the same, offering a broad smile and a nod towards Minea."this is Minea, Minea this is Felix. Normally, Felix is a regular handsome fuck when he isnt beat to shit I promise. Minea is my new associate, she'll be joining us."

Minea at the moment looks nothing like his associate and instead some upper class out to lunch trophy wife. Belted peacoat and all. Her eyes rove over the downed agent as she comes to stand beside chris, simple stiletto's clicking on the hospital floor. "Must have been the showing. pleasure to meet you Felix. When are they thinking you'll be out?" She offers her hand to Felix, the one not tethered to tubes and the like.

Felix chuckles, though it's a rather rusty wheeze, as he takes Minea's hand. "He's exaggerating. Couple days at most. Like the Black Knight says, just a flesh wound. I just bled out more than I should, considering. I'll be fine. Pleased to meet you, Minea."

Christian smiles, checking over the room a touch before producing a tin brick with a single glowing LED. A signal jammer. "I got your text, and Minea here is something of an expert."before bumping the door all the way shut. "Felix needs to vanish, he'll need a new identity for awhile and we'll have to produce a body. How's your wet work?"

'That means we'll be supplying you with some fresh coconuts and european swallows before the day is out, i'm sure. Christian, have you thought to bringing in you… restorer?" What else was she to call what they'd talked about in the cafe. Minea squeezes, firmly enough to not be mistaken for a namby pamby fainting female, then releases. There's a moue of her lips. "Identities, shouldn't be an issue I have some premades that just need some pictures, inserted and I have the equipment to do that, but the latter. I've never had to do it before, I work with documents and on occasion, surveilance. Do you need some water felix while we're up?" A gesture to the water jug on the adjacent rolling table and cups with straws

Felix looks pleased. "A little water would be great," he says, nodding. "What he said….I need to be off the radar for a little while. See if I can divert abit of attention from the serial killer I've run afoul of."

Christian nods. "I'm going to talk to a healer I know, and her handler. I'm gonna put them both up, or at least offer them a safe house Minea here and I will set up. You stay there, and I'll see if she cant fix your legs. I think you met Abby before, right? She's our little art restorer."

'Healer?" Now Minea's showing surprise. "Thought she was a doctor who stitched you up. Evolved?" The water is poured, straw position and brought to Felix. Her lips moue a little but she nods. "I had a loft, think we can swing it. Can fortify it as needed as well and I can work from there easily"

"I….met one just the other day," Fel notes, tone a little ironic. "Yes. Abby. That was her name," he says, taking the glass of water and sipping from it. "I'm not so worried about the healing. More the disappearing."

Christian cant help but chuckle."Dude we're the I, S fucking A. This is like what we do, dont worry about it. I'll go find somone nobody will miss about your height and weight, and make it a real ugly death. Make the body difficult to identify, then I'll have a proper death announced. Then we lock the body in the FBI morgue, as evidence in your death. Meanwhile, your hanging out in the loft and cooling your heels. Minea I'll need a little help, we're gonna dump the body in your bed."

Felix shakes his head. "Make it look like I died of the wound I took last night. Like I bled out on the operating table. Otherwise the person I need to believe it, won't. Have the body cremated, since that's what my will requests."

'Dump the body in my bed?" Minea looks at Christian like he just grew two heads. She takes Felix's request into thought though. "Killer won't believe it otherwise?" She glances to christian. "If we can get ahold of all the medical files and the like, I can alter them"

Christian peers through the window."Yeah, I'm gonna blow a hole in the head you could drive a truck through. I'll drop a 20mm round through the window. Theres gonna be so much fucking mess your mother couldn't tell, you use 20mm for light armored vehicles and beat up tanks. I'll sneak a body in here after I blow some holes in his legs, swap stretchers. Minea puts a sheet over you, takes you out the service entrance into a car. The minute the body is in the bed, I'll walk to the rooftop and drop a round."

"What I'm saying is….they know what they did to me. If I die of wounds or situations other than I took from them, it's gonna look wrong," Felix says, patiently. "I don't know that you need to get elaborate. Alter the records here so I bled out after getting here. Find a Doe, put a bullet hole in his femoral artery, log it in the Feeb morgue. Leave it there a day or two, have it cremated. Clean, done."

"Simplest is sometimes the most believable" Minea looks back and forth between the pair. 'This moment, your out of my league. I can alter records or not. If not.. But I surmise the Felix knows his attacker better than you? Sounds liek he's been dealing with him for some time. Time is of the essence is we go with the bleeding out scenario. They might go checking soon, if they haven't already"

Christian nods softly, "Minea, go to the feeb morgue. I need you to get started on documents, take some of the blanks from here and generate a set for local. Meanwhile, I go generate a body and deliver it to the morgue. Then you get him to the loft, I'll need an hour to get the body to the morgue from when I leave here. Can you get Felix's paperwork done, and him out of here in two hours?"

Felix just beams at them both, approvingly. "I'm in good hands, clearly," he says, glancing between them.

"I'll do my best. Loft isn't secured yet but I can bring him to my place. I was tending to that tomorrow, but i'm sure with enough incentive it can be taken over immediatly" Minea glances to Felix. "You in a position to be moved in two hours? Will I need to see about securing more medicines and some blood for you or a nurse while your with me?" She's already going through in her minds what she's going to have to alter.

Christian nods, grabbing his helmet. "What caliber did it to you Felix?"Though he's not leaving yet, he steps in to peek at the wounds more closely.

"I think a .45," Felix says, musingly. "That reminds me. Once you've gotten my death on the books - then one Eileen Ruskin will be wanted in the murder of a Federal Agent. She's one of Sylar's lackeys, apparently, though she wasn't the one who shot me. Didn't catch the name of the woman with the gun."

Now the blackberry's being use, making lists, notes of what she needs to do. "Do we have someone who's capable of altering records that I won't be able to access? I'm good, but i'm not that good. I can alter the hospital records, paper and see to electoronic ones. Anyone else who's involved in this that we need to bring in?" tap tap tap.

Christian shakes his head softly. "If we cant get to them, neither can they. My contact inside Phoenix is a super hacker, and I think she'd help if I explained the situation. Either way, he's in imminent danger of being shot. EVen if they dont buy the body, they wont be able to find the him. Take Felix's badge, while your at it. We done here?"

"You have a hacker…you mentioned that before," Fel says, looking contrite. "I'm sorry. I'm vague. Make a point of having that APB put out as soon as you can? And warn them this is the girl who can control birds," he adds. "I owe you, Chris. And you, Minea," he adds, smiling wanly. "My badge….I don't know where it is. Hospital staff must have it."

He looks grim, and appends, "As of now, I don't want any but you three, my SAC, and as little hospital staff as possible to know I'm actually alive. This charade won't last forever, but long enough."

"No, it won't last forever" Minea takes a deep breath. "rest. I'll see what our communal badges and a little power from above can get exherted will get us done and with as little as possible"

Christian shakes his head as he starts out. "One other, a test of faith. Trust me Felix, it'll be better. Minea, you have an hour to have the morgue expecting a body, now lets move like we got a purpose. If you get stuck, call me and dont sweat the details. Everything will work out."and with that, Chris is out.

December 3rd: Anniversary
December 3rd: Care and Feeding of a Fed
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