As Fun As A Math Test


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Scene Title As Fun as a Math Test
Synopsis Melissa, Mortimer and Lucille all happen to converge on the street. Words are exchanged and snowballs are thrown.
Date March 3, 2010

East Harlem

East Harlem was and is still referred to as 'Spanish Harlem' or 'El Barrio'; a majority of its population is of Hispanic descent, especially originating from Puerto Rico. It also includes immigrants from around the world. East Harlem is no longer quite the low-income neighborhood it once was, due to the increase in housing prices across the board, but it remains one of the neighborhoods where making ends meet is merely difficult instead of impossible — in an economic sense.

The neighborhood is plagued by other problems. Although mostly unaffected by the explosion, the influx of refugees to East Harlem has compounded the issues present previously. Fresh foods, produce and meats alike, are scarce and expensive. Crimes of all sorts, from theft assault, are frequent; drug trafficking and use is extremely widespread.

There's all sorts of unsavory characters lurking in the shadows of East Harlem late at night. One such shadow would be Mortimer, except he's not his insane half at the moment. He's in his grayish green trench coat again, jeans visible from the knee-down, biker boots heavily scuffed from an extreme amount of use and surviving an explosion. His hands are in his pockets, and he's walking down one of the smaller streets of the area, mostly full of little shops that are either closed or closing for the night.

Melissa is dressed for the weather. Ankle-length coat, hat, gloves and scarf, all black, except for the hot pink skulls on the scarf. Who knows why she's wandering around in this area though. Exploring perhaps, or maybe bored. But something has her in a mood. Mostly good, since there's a smile on her lips, but thoughtful as well. It's always a shame when good moods have to be spoiled by evil thinking. As she walks along she kicks lightly at the snow, enjoying seeing it fly up lightly. Silly Southern Girl.

"Look, Lilian. I'm not fucking joking here." Comes the voice of a nearby female, talking away on her cell phone. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a dark green sweater, the blonde also wears a brown leather jacket with a hood attached, the hood drawn up and hiding her face. Blonde hair with a pink streak peek out from the hood.

Grey eyes survey the street as Lucille makes her way towards home, after visiting a friend. "No Lili, it's like.. I have all these fucking problems ever since these meds. I'm not going to take them anymore." Lucille says with her mouth full, because she just took a bite out of a chocolate candy bar. "I flipped the other night at Lucy's." she tries to explain to her friend and then she's shaking her head. "Okay, so you think I need to just get adjusted to busy life again. "I don't know hun, I really don't." she says into the phone as she walks.

Mortimer wanders because… he gets sick of being underground with a cult all day. A cult that's technically his, but not at the same time. Have to get out and meet sane people…

He only briefly glances at Melissa and her skulls, since the talking of the hooded woman has grabbed his attention. Lucy's, pink streak, freaking out; doesn't take a genius to deduce that one. He stops in her path, tilting his head slightly, then casually says, "Hey." as if they're old friends who decided to meet here or something. He's a bit too laid back for his own good lately, but with a life like his, the mundane things just don't carry a lot of weight and worry.

Melissa stops walking and bends down. One thing about southern girls like Melissa? They can't resist a little snow. And a lot of it? Well, you might as well expect a fish to want to stay out of water. She scoops up some snow, packing it into a snowball, then she straightens, looking around for a target. Hmm, no one she knows, so it won't be as much fun, but Mortimer isn't far, and she's not a timid person, but she does watch for a moment, when he approaches Lucille, studying them both as she lightly tosses and catches the icy projectile.

"Um hi." Lucille says and then she's walking around Mortimer and rubbing her forehead. "No, some guy, I don't know! Hah, Lili give him my number? I don't even know the guy." She says into the phone and then she's tilting her head. "No.. I'll be fine. When I get home I'll call you okay?" Lu waits until her friend is done replying and then she smiles and nods her head. "Peas in a pod." She says softly and then she's hanging up the phone, stowing it in her jacket.

As she continues to walk, she notices something out of the corner of her eye. It's a snow ball. The faux blonde turns around and crosses her arms as she decides to watch this development. "Uh oh." She says softly as she grins at Melissa.

Mortimer glances out of the corner of his eye to Melissa and her snowball, but assumes no girl in her right mind would randomly start throwing snowballs. He turns to Lucille again, holding his hand up slightly, then lowers it back down. "You probably don't remember me, but I was in the bar the other night. You seemed like you were having a rough time, so I was wondering if you were doing alright."

Well, who has ever said that Melissa was in her right mind? She certainly hasn't! There's another moment where she watches, then she flings the snowball, aiming for Mortimer's head. If you're going to start an impromptu snowball fight with strangers, may as well go for the points!

One thing native New Yorkers know is that you don't just come up to a random stranger and ask if they are okay.. so Lucille raises an eyebrow and puts a hand on her hip. "I'm perfectly fine." She gives the man a lopsided smile, "Really." To make sure he doesn't ask again, who does he think he is? Her knight and shining armor? "You aren't from around here, are you?" she asks, though she's coming no closer. She doesn't know this man. "And it doesn't seem like you're about to be okay." She chuckles softly and then her gaze lands on Melissa. "Nice coat by the way." She tells the Goth.

"I'm certainly from around here, but I've learned there's more important things in life than hang-ups and beating around the social bush. Say what you're thinking, mean what you say." And by the time Mortimer's done saying all that, the snowball pelts him right in the side of the head, earning a loud yelp from him. "What the hell was that?" He pulls his black-gloved hands from his pockets, and raises one to dig snow from his ear.

Melissa shoots at grin at Lucille. "Thanks." Then she's trying to look innocent, but right now she's failing miserably. She just looks rather pleased with herself, and she kneels again to scoop up even more snow. But who will be her target this time?

"Snow." Lucille says to Mortimer with a snort and then she's titling her head at Melissa. If she thinks she's gonna get her, she's wrong. The blonde with a pink streak looks around and then back to Mortimer. "I think she wants a snow fight." She says with a wicked grin.

"I think I'm a bit old for snowball fights." Mortimer says, despite being a good year younger than one of them. He holds up his left hand, opening and closing it, a movement that doesn't appear all that natural. "Bad hand, that'll be my excuse for not retaliating." he offers to Melissa.

Melissa gives Mortimer a look that clearly says she's very disappointed in him, stranger or not. "Dude. No one is too old for snowball fights and unless you're on your deathbed, there's no excuse not to join in one."

"She does have a point." Lucille says lightly to the man, arms crossed and weight shifted to one leg. "You have to dying not to want to participate. I mean.. she's a hot girl.. why wouldn't you?" Lu winks at Mortimer and grins at the other blonde on the street.

"I suppose in first grade, this is how you'd declare your love on the playground." Mortimer laughs in amusement, then hunches down to make a tight ball, and quickly hurls it at Melissa's face. "I can't let myself get too old, I'm only twenty-five."

Melissa turns her head to avoid being hit smack in the face, and she busts out laughing. "Love? For you? Dude, please. You were just the closest available person. Besides, so not my type."

"Alrighty, then." I'll leave you two alone." Lucille chuckles and then before the other two can say anything. She's off and around the corner, whistling as she goes. One way of getting away from a creepy guy you don't know.. Distracting with a snowball fight.

"Works every time." She says softly as she moves more in the direction of home.

Mortimer nods in Lucille's direction, then turns his attention back to Melissa. "Somehow I don't take you for the stay home and read a book type, myself." he retorts, as if to say the feeling is mutual. "I should probably start heading home, it's late and I have a long way to go." He sounds like he's trying to brush her off, starting to head down the street again, though he doesn't seem to be in a rush.

Melissa smirks. It seems that the brush off from someone she doesn't know doesn't so much as nudge her ego. "Uh huh. You do that. Me? I'm gonna go have some fun." And with that, her hands shove in her pockets and she starts heading off as well.

When she says that, he does stop to look back, raising an eyebrow. "I'm plenty fun." he protests, apparently having more of an ego issue than she does, since he certainly doesn't think he's boring.

Melissa glances back and grins at him. "Uh huh. Suuuuure you are. As much fun as a math test in summer school."

Mortimer hunches down and makes another snowball, moving to toss it at the back of her head. "I may be a bit of a bookworm, but I can still be fun."

Melissa pauses when she's hit, and she arches a brow. "Me doth think he protests too much," she says, before continuing on.

Mortimer simply lets out a sigh, then turns and continues the way he was going. Surely he can be fun when he's not insane, right?!

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