Ash The Pillow


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Scene Title Ash the Pillow
Synopsis Popping in for a surprise visit to Lucille's, Ash meets someone he didn't expect and is pretty much forced to stay.
Date May 1, 2010

Lucille's Apartment

"She's got electric boots!! A nuh-nuh fruit!! I know I read it in a magaziiiiiiiiiiine oh no!! B-b-b-benny and the jetsssss"

The sound of horrible singing can be heard out into the hallway and almost to the elevator as can the loud piano music that accompanies it. Inside the apartment, Delia is playing a video game… American Idol. She may stink at the singing part, but she's getting extremely high scores at accuracy.

As soon as the game was unwrapped that morning, Lucille Ryans was gone. Out of sight and extremely out of Delia's mind. Today, the apartment is hers.

Ash is following a set of hand written directions on a bar napkin, his eyes checking door numbers as he walks along the hallway after coming off of the elevator. The man's footsteps are light for his size, so there wouldn't be any warning of his coming via heavy footfalls. His steps bring him down the hallway, face scrunching up at the absolutely horrid singing coming from the apartment, and of course, it's the one that his piece of paper says is Lucille's. Rebel warned him about who her father was, but once he found out she actually didn't live with her father, he figured it would be okay to risk stopping by to see her. A solid rap comes on the apartment door before the man takes a step back so he can be seen through any peephole, or the cracking of the door. He looks down at the directions on the paper, then back up before he shrugs and folds the napkin back up, putting it in a pocket on his long wool coat.

The sound of the knock on the door gives Delia cause to squeak and drop the game microphone. After jogging up to the door, she peeks through the role and gasps. "J-just a minute! Be right there~!" she practically sings when she sees the guy on the other side. Running away from the door, she quickly digs through her sister's best clothes and switches out her ratty sweatpants for some jeans, cursing when she can't get them up past her thighs. She stumbles and then falls over with a shriek, landing face first on the carpet.

About 5 minutes after the woman's voice called out, she's back at the door, opening it. She's still dressed in the same ratty sweats, but her top has been switched out and there's that fresh glow of excitement on her cheeks.

Ash hears the call, but the voice is no Lulu's. He recognizes her voice, however, she never said she lived alone. SO there he stands, waiting at the door. As he's waiting he pulls his cellphone out, checking messages and such before it's tucked back into his pants pocket. Eyes float up and down the hallway, a wave and a nod of greeting tossed towards an older man that comes out, peers down the hall at the door to Lulu's apartment after hearing the noises coming from it. Ash winks at the man in a sly manner, the man then just ducks his head back inside of his apartment, leaving Ash to his own devices. The noises though set him to chuckling lightly, his eyes on the floor when the door finally opens up. He lifts his gaze up, and his eyes come to rest on … Delia. He blinks in surprise before recognition dawns and he offers her a warm smile. "Delia wasn't it? Lucille's sister?" The man's hands remain tucked into the pockets of his coat, but the amused and friendly smile on his features remains in place. "Stopped by to see your sister… I take it she's not home?" He doesn't ask to come in, or try to step inside, he stays out in the hallway for the moment, politely.

"Uhhhh… Hi!" Delia breathes, her eyes are lit up and practically look like shiny anime eyes when she sees him. "Yeah… Lu's my sister. Come in! Come in!" She steps out of the way and gives Ash a big smile and waves him in. "Lu's not home right now, she's uhm… left on a date or something." Truly, Delia has no idea where her sister is, but if the man at the door is looking at she's not here? It's a bonus for the little sister.

Her hands move to her hair as she brushes through the red curls with her fingers. "So, what are you up to tonight?" When he's inside, she closes the door behind him and flips the lock and then pulls the chain. If Lucille is coming home tonight, there's no way Delia's letting her in easily.

Ash doesn't seem put off by the statement that Lulu might be on a date. she's a pretty girl after all, and she did mention having done some modeling work if his memory serves him well. He tilts his head a touch forwards though, acknowledging the fact that Delia's sister isn't home. Then he gets an invite to come in anyway and the man furrows his brows together, curisoity glinting in his dark eyes. He lifts a hand up, fingers scratching lightly across the scars on his left cheek before the broad man's shoulders lift upwards only to drop back down. "Sure…"

He steps inside of the apartment, taking a quick look around, but trying not to be rude by staring or anything like that. His eyes quickly enough pull back to the young red head in front of him. His lips twist into a half smirk half smile and one eyebrow crawls up his forehead when he's asked what he's up to tonight. "Nothing at all. Wasn't busy tonight so figured I'd stop in and pay your sister a visit. Told her I would at some point." He watches her lock up all those locks with a sly amusement. "Dangerous neighborhood?"

"They're all dangerous… lately," Delia answers honestly but she's not about to let it get her down. It really wasn't the reason for the security measures anyway. Reaching down, she grabs the sleeve of Ash's coat and pulls him along to the living room. "You can wait for Lu here, if you want… I was playing a new XBox game, we have movies too, or I dunno.. We could order pi — " She cuts herself off, no pizza, with her luck it would be delivered by someone she didn't like.

"Or I could make something? I'm not a horrible cook like Lu, I can at least make peanut butter sandwiches." Her smile is bright and quite wide, she doesn't actually let go of Ash's sleeve until her rambling stops. At that point, it's like she forgot she had a hold of it and blushes deeply. "Oh… I'm uhm… Anyway, peanut butter sandwich?"

Ash lets a light smile cross over his lips, pulling them upwards for a few seconds then fading away. The look on the man's features would tell most that he doesn't fear the neighborhoods, but then, Delia isn't the kind of person Ash is used to dealing with. She's… well, normal…ish. Far and away from what Ash is used to. Then the sleeve of his coat is grabbed up and he's pulled along, his feet shifting along the floor as he's tugged out towards the living room, shoes scuffing along as he lets himself be tugged about. "It's funny, cause Lulu invited me to cook for me like I told you, and yet you insist she's a ter…" He goes quiet as rambling ensues in regards to peanut butter sandwiches. "Ummm… I have a little money. I could cover part of a pizza since it seems I'm going to be staying…" Not that it seems he has any choice but to stick around. But, at the same time, some normalness could be good for the big guy. His shoulders roll backwards, shifting around a bit until his coat is worked off of his upper body and folded up. Underneath he's eschewed his normal button up shirt, leaving him in just his white t-shirt. "Got some place I Could put this?" He asks the pretty redhead.

Grabbing the coat, Delia's lips spread into another bright smile. "Sure! I'll put it in L- MY bedroom." Poor Ash. Skipping down the hallway, Delia opens the door to the bedroom and begins kicking things under the bed, just in case he decides to follow. The coat is laid across the end of the bed and after making sure the room is relatively clean, Delia comes back out into the living room (her actual bedroom).

"I don't just insist Lu's a terrible cook though, I can even prove it. We have a whole fridge full of leftovers from the other night. I've been scared to open the fridge." The young redhead flops down on the couch and then points to the other cushion, "Have a seat! You like movies? We have a ton of movies…" She cuts herself off, she's babbling. Mentally, she's blaming it on the cuteness of the guest.

Ash has never been one to think he's attractive, or even really much of one to try and woo ladies and such, so he's rather oblivious as to the reason for Delia's babbling and rambling, he just seems to find it quite amusing, and endearing. He watches her move to the bedroom and come back before he makes an odd comment. "That top doesn't really go with those sweats… am I to assume it took you five minutes to find a top that didn't match?" He grins, an impish grin indeed, a slight bit of teeth flashing with the expression. The mischief in the man's eyes would tell her that he's just messing around with her. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a twenty dollar bill. "All I have on me if you'd like to order a pizza like you started to mention. We can .. not order from Panucci's if you'd prefer since you seemed to have an issue with the kid." The kid being Magnes. He walks over with her, settling carefully onto the couch. Here is where the man's solid frame shows. His footfalls he can keep light, but he sinks into the couch pretty good. "Umm… I don't know? I've not really had the chance to sit down and watch movies in years. I wouldn't have any idea what is new and what is worth watching or anything like that…"

Looking down at her ensemble, Delia blushes a faint pink and then wrinkles her nose. "Well I was trying to find pants too, but I didn't want you to wait too long. I should really do something about that, huh?" She doesn't move though, not even to take the money. At the mere mention of Magnes, Delia seems fairly uncomfortable. "He's… weird. He's got this thing where he likes to say pretty creepy things. Plus, he gave me a face wash the first time I met him. That's never a really good way to get off on the right foot."

When Ash takes his seat beside her, Delia completely takes advantage of the situation to sit just to that their knees are touching. Completely by accident, of course. His heavier stature aids in the fact that the cushion angles toward him and thus, so does Delia. "We have some pretty good action movies, and I think there's something on pay per view…" The redhead looks up at Ash with a smile and shrugs her shoulders lightly.

Ash looks at the twenty that he's holding out, then back up to her before he cocks up an eyebrow again and pushes the twenty into her lap. "I've had quite a bit of peanut butter and jelly as of late. The pizza the other night was the first time I've eaten something other than PBJ or Ramen noodles in months." Truth be told he's only been back in the city for about a month, but that is entirely besides the point.

He looks around the living room, then back to her as her knee comes into contact with his own. A quick examination of the couch though would indeed show that it might entirely be by accident, though she's not making any effort to rectify it. "I'm actually more of a comedy kind of guy. Action comedy, romantic comedy, whatever have you. Life is filled with enough brutality and violence that I don't really feel the need to watch it on TV." And, with the scars on his face it can be surmised that he probably knows such violence first hand. Oh, if only people knew the killer they chat with amiably like Delia is now. Ash leans back into his seat a little, stretching his legs out in front of him. "Trying to find pants. Which indicates you were unsuccessful, which I find an amusing notion if you live here…" he glances over to her, a smirk playing over his lips, and settling there to stay for now.

Plucking the twenty out of her lap, she shrugs a bit and hands the remote over to him. "I didn't exactly have a lot of time to get changed, I was in a bit of a hurry to answer the door before you walked away." The fear was there, it's evident in the way she's looking at him, a rather uncertain glint in her usually merry eyes. "You find something to watch, I'll order the pizza. You like sausage, ham and black olives, right?"

She reaches over to the end of the couch and grabs a cordless phone and a small pamphlet from the side pocket. "You want anything else? Something to drink? Coke, Pepsi, ice tea?" Glancing over to him, she gives him a tentative smile along with a couple of raised eyebrows. "Or, I think we have Kool-Aid here… Cherry, you like cherry?"

Ash is beginning to realize that something is afoot. The way she's kind of babbling and asking about his needs, foodwise anyway. His eyes narrow, just a smidge, but enough to lend him a curious air as he looks at her. "Mmm, I'll eat most anything, that is just what I wanted that day." He winks at her, a playful expression accompanying the smile that flits across his lips. "I'm just picking on you about the clothing… but… I'm guessing you couldn't find any of Lu's pants to slip into?" He snickers, but tries to keep it quiet since she's picking up the phone, his lips curling at the corners, lifting his lips into a rather big smile. It twists the scars on his left cheek a bit oddly as well. "I'm fine with Koolaid, but I'll drink water. It's what I usually drink after all." He caught sight of the fear in her eyes, but he's not at all sure why it was there, and it seems to puzzle him, enough so that he asks. "A moment ago, you looked afraid. Why?" His voice curious, but careful at the moment.

Delia is looking at Ash the entire time she's on the phone, her eyes a little wider at his last question than anything else. "Yeah, hi, I'd like to get a pizza delivered to …" She rattles off the address and then the order, then listens for a bit before thanking the other party and hanging up the phone. "Uhm.. I have my own pants, she just has better ones." She explains, her voice a little muted. Her fingers pick at the material of her sweats before she looks up at him with a half smile. "I have scrubs, sweats, and ripped up jeans. She's got all the good stuff."

Slowly, she gets up off the couch and stalks to the kitchen. "Uhm… Afraid? When?" The tone of her voice seems innocent enough, as though she doesn't honestly know what he's talking about. When she comes back into the room, she's carrying three glasses in her hands. A water, and two glasses of Kool-Aid. "I brought you one of each…"

Ash sees the widening of her eyes, but he doesn't press the issue, she's on the phone. He instead gets up and goes to the movies, looking over them slowly while she places the order. He ends up crouched down, looking at movies lower on the shelf/entertainment center/whatever it is they use to hold their movies. He roots around for a few minutes until he comes away with three different titles. One is a romantic comedy, two are action comedies. "Rush Hour 3… I don't understand the title, but Jackie Chan is a funny guy I think?" He looks up with a hopeful look, needing help. He brings the three movies over to the table and sets them down on the coffee table before he retakes his seat, settling in. "Thank you.." he murmurs softly, and warmly at the bringing of both water and koolaid. "And you know very well what I'm talking about Delia. Just as you called on the phone your eyes widened when I asked. Did I do something? Or…?" he cocks a brow upwards, the man looking just plain confused as to why she was afraid of him. "And… hmm… she's got all the good ones. Well, I suppose that's how it goes with siblings isn't it? I mean, at least, so I've heard.. never had any myself."

"I'm not afraid of you, why would I be afraid of you?" The young woman seems honestly confused at the insinuation. "I'm really not." She answers back quickly, grabbing the Jackie Chan movie. Getting up from the couch again, she skips over to the DVD player and pops it in. When she finally settles back onto the couch she's sitting a little closer, stretching her legs out onto the coffee table.

When the movie starts, she leans back against the couch and looks over at him with a smile before focusing on the movie. "I like this one, Jackie Chan is the best. Do you watch a lot of his movies?"

Ash looks rather thoroughly confused, but he doesn't press the issue of the fear he saw in her, instead letting it go rather than ruin the evening. He watches her as she gets up, moving to the DVD player, and despite himself he finds himself admiring her, not ogling, just admiring. He is after all male, and she is quite pleasant to look at. When she comes back over to the couch he looks over to the TV, watching as the menu loads up on the DVD. "I've only seen a couple, years ago. Rumble in the Bronx and a couple of others from when they first started dubbing his movies and bringing them over here." He chuckles, flashing her a big smile before he winks and looks back over to the TV. "That was when I was a kid and my mom could afford to rent a tape, which wasn't often. We never could afford cable TV, antennae only, so just local channels." He stretches his legs out, but stops short of putting his feet up on the coffee table, just stretching them out under it if he's able to. "No idea who that Chris Tucker guy is though."

"I think he's from Saturday Night Live or something, maybe from some HBO things. He was in The Fifth Element too… he played that guy with the camera all the time, the funny one." Delia chirps back, returning the big smile and actually blushing a little as he gives her another wink. With the way the couch sinks around him, her leg is once again touching his and though she does move it once, it slides back toward his. She doesn't move it again.

"So you really didn't have a lot growing up, huh?" She asks, her voice a little softer as the movie begins. Not because she's trying to flirt but just out of respect if he doesn't like movie talkers, which she is. She's also a fairly loud laugher and every time they crack a joke, no matter how many times she's heard it before, she still laughs. "Oh man, this is a good movie… I forgot how great it is…"

Ash looks confused at the statements about Fifth Element, the man's eyes scrunching up at the corners. "I'm afraid I've never seen it…" he mutters under his breath, loud enough to be heard though. He shifts on the couch a bit, sprawling out and getting comfortable, his legs crossing at the ankles, and his arms spreading out, one along the back of the couch, one on the arm of the couch. The contact with his leg is noted, and she might notice his gaze flickering down that way, but he doesn't protest it or anything, just smiles a little bit and turns his attention once more on the TV. "You'll probably have to explain some of this to me since it's the third one… why are these two together?" He points at the two main characters, then glances over towards her. He chuckles at most of the jokes that are cracked, and actual laughs are heard at a few, the man loosening up, tension bleeding from him, relaxing for the first time in quite awhile.

Leaning her head back against Ash's arm, Delia points toward the screen right after him. "Well see, in the first movie, they were partnered up to his daughter back when she was kidnapped. See he doesn't trust the FBI and stuff so… he got help from LAPD and well, this guy, Tucker, he's the uncool cop. So they give him to Jackie as a partner. They kind of wind up together in every movie like that." She looks up at him just as he's looking down at their legs and bites her lower lip. Noticing that he's not movie away though, she doesn't either. "You'll have to come over again sometime to watch the other movie, I think you'd like it. It's an action comedy with Bruce Willis. It's pretty hilarious, I like it, anyway." Her voice drifts off a bit as the movie progresses and another very boisterous laugh bubbles up from her.

Ash is a good listening, and a good movie watcher. After asking for that explanation he goes quiet, watching the movie, laughing when appropriate. 45 minutes into the movie on the dot the door bell rings. Ash's head jerks in that direction, eyes blinking before he hops up, a lot quicker than someone of his size should really be capable of too. He looks over at her and winks. "I'll get it." He flashes another big smile before grabbing up the twenty and taking it to the door. A minute later the door closes and Ash comes back into the living room, setting the box down on the table and popping the top open to see what was ordered. He settles back onto the couch, once again causing it to sink quite a bit. He looks down at it, then back up. "Hope I'm not hurting the couch…" he murmurs quietly, then reaches out to snatch up a piece of pizza, which is handed off to her with a napkin. He takes a piece of himself then and goes back to watching the movie, though his left arm goes back out along the back of the couch once again.

"I doubt it and even if you did, it's for a good cause. It's nice to see you smile." Delia utters as she takes the slice from his hand. Leaning forward, she starts picking all of the toppings off of it and dropping them into the top of the box. When she's finally done, she leans back and settles against his arm looking up at him with a smile. It's just a flit of a glance because soon her blue eyes fall back on the television and she begins laughing between her bites of pizza. "Oh my god! Did you see what he just did?!" And then she claps her free hand over her mouth to muffle a snort of a laugh. Then another. Soon she's laughing at her own laugh, a mix of cackle, snort and actual guffaw. "Oh god… my stomach hurts so much.."

Ash tries to hold in his own laughter when he hears the snorting from the girl next to him, the man's eyes no longer watching the TV, but instead the pretty redhead seated next to him. He doesn't comment on the snorting or the stomach comment, instead forcing his eyes back onto the TV, though he can't hide the sly smile that has stolen his lips and twisted them upwards. He eats his pizza slowly, enjoying the rich flavors of cheese and sauce and toppings as he watches the movie. The glass of koolaid slowly disappears sip by sip, as does another slice of pizza after the first before he speaks again. "I'm curious though. You and Lulu look nothing alike. Which of you takes after your father if you don't mind my asking? It's always curious to know. Funny enough I take after my mother. Eyes, cheekbones, hair color are all my mother's, and the rest is her father's. I look nothing like my father did."

After the first slice of pizza, Delia doesn't chance another. Mostly because she's been much too busy laughing to eat. Her Kool-Aid disappears to the halfway mark, then remains as it is on the coffee table, no coaster. "Well, I have Mom's hair and Lu has Dad's.. He's not a blond though, he's got brown hair." She leaves that as it is to allow Ash to make his own assumptions. "We both kind of look like Mom, but I have Dad's nose." With that, hers wrinkles a little and she covers it with her hand for a brief moment before lowering it again. "Lu's always been the prettier one," the redhead says with a shrug, as though it doesn't bother her in the least. "I've just been, uhm, I don't know… I've just been the more focused one, I guess."

"So what do you do? I used to work at a bike messenger's but now I just have hours at the hospital." She seems a little grim at the mention of the place, turning her face from watching him to the television. "I've been thinking about quitting though, I don't know… At least there. I might try to find work somewhere else."

Ash catches the reference to her sister dying her hair, a faint smirk touching his lips, ghosting across them as the girl tries to one up her sister, or so he sees it as. And yes, even he has noticed her flirting and looks towards him. Not to say he doesn't enjoy the attention, because he does, he's just no where near used to such attention. He finishes off a third piece of pizza before he closes the lid on the box for the time being, and drains his glass of water. He watches the movie, head tilting in confusion at some parts, but lips parting to laugh at others. The question of what he does catches him off guard, and he turns his head. "Uhhh… I… well…" he purses his lips then. How does one tell someone that they compete in illegal underground evolved fights for money, but their day job is as a pro evolved terrorist?

"Out of work too? It's all over the place…" Delia doesn't wait for him to explain, she just assumes that perhaps he's one of the millions that are jobless at the moment. "I saw this guy the other day, he used to work with my dad. Now he's living on the streets." Her voice is quieter, a little glum, though her lips do turn upward with more jokes from the movie. She pauses for a moment and her eyes flicker around the room, as though she's thinking very quickly about something. "You know what?" her voice is now a hushed whisper and she turns to him with an excited expression. "I think I'm going to go volunteer at a shelter tomorrow, or try to find a place to help out at. There's got to be something I can do, you know, since there's so many people living on the streets. I bet they've got shelters all over the place."

Ash shakes his head to the question, a slow and hesitation motion though as his eyes flit about, searching for the words to put right the idea that he's not working. "I… well… what I do for a living isn't exactly legal. It's not criminal or anything but…" he presses his lips together as he considers just what to tell her. "it's something I've been involved in for quite awhile. I'm a fighter. Like, the underground street fights and stuff like that? That's how I earn my living…" He waits to see just how she's going to react to that tidbit. The mention of her father having a coworker that's now homeless is met with a slightly amused smile, one that he tries to keep to himself. "They do have shelters all over the place. And helping out is a good thing. I help out when I can, not at shelters, but activist work and stuff like that. Protests and such. Not that there's anything much going on in this ungodly weather. Starting to wonder when pigs are going to fly and such since Hell has obviously frozen over."

Delia's eyebrows twitch a little at his explanation of his job and she tilts her head slightly to examine Ash's face. "Like.. paid Fight Club? Or the cash fights in the Spiderman movie?" Her voice is just a little breathy, like she doesn't actually believe what she's saying but it strengthens with her next remark. "What .. what do you do when you get hurt?" It's an expression of genuine concern that's painted over her features. Her hand lifts a few inches, and then she clasps both of them together and tucks them between her knees. The notion of the homeless shelters is left alone for the moment, there's something much more interesting on the conversation table. Ash.

"I think I'd get scared or something, if I ever really saw a fight. I don't know… I mean, I see a lot of stuff in the emergency room, but lately…" Her voice drops again and this time even the jokes form the movie can't bring her mood up.

Ash tilts his head to the first option spoken aloud. "I actually saw that one. Yes, like paid Fight Club. I go, I fight, if I win I get a portion of the host's winnings of the bets on my fight. Most fights you get a little bit regardless for participating. But when you win you get a much bigger cut. After all, people that lose all the time wouldn't come back and they'd have only a few opponents for people to fight…" The question about being hurt earns a slightly confused look from him. "Well, you go get yourself patched up. It's a lot easier now with Evolved healers out there. They can charge the same fee and fix you up good as new. If you have the money for it. I usually don't so I just tend my wounds myself. Been doing it since I was… well damn… not sure. Been doing it for awhile."

Then there's depression being viewed by him, or at least, temporary. "What have you been seeing that's got you so down all of the sudden just thinking about it?" His voice is soft, concerned, even though he barely knows the girl.

The very word evolved causes the young woman to tense up and her eyes widen when she looks at him. There's discomfort and possible fright in her expression, though she tries to hide it with a tentative and faltering smile. "They can heal people too?" She swallows a gulp of air and the corners around her eyes tighten a little as she does her best to bring back the merry mood she was in earlier. "I didn't know they helped people too. Except for Magnes, but he's… a little brain addled sometimes." It's quite plain to see that the young woman has been sheltered, very sheltered for most of her existence.

Looking up at Ash, Delia's eyebrows knit slightly and her lips purse into a thin line. "I saw someone get boiled alive… It looked like he was boiled alive. He died."

Ash sees the tension, the fear, the widened eyes and his face scrunches up at the sight of it. He searches her face for a reason as to why she's suddenly so tense. "Yes, they can. I had my knee broken about 8 months or so ago, and a healer named Chuck repaired it for me. Good man. Blind, relied on his seeing eye dog, and gentle as can be." He blinks a few times at the statement about Evolved helping people. "Of course they help people. They're not the monsters that the government makes them out to be. I mean, some are, but then, so are normal humans. Serial killers and stuff existed before the Evolved." He trails off though, going silent as she relays what she saw. He sighs softly, and his head gives a little bit of a dip. "unfortunately, there is also that. The Evolved are no different from normal people. You have your good ones that do good things with their powers. You have the ones that want ot be left alone. You have the ones who think they can make a difference in the world but are misguided. Then you have the monsters that kill for fun and pleasure. But you have all of that in regular old humanity, just without the powers."

"Yeah… It's just, it was hard to see and I couldn't help him. I forgot everything that I was supposed to do. I don't even know if anything I could have done would have helped at all." She gives Ash a small smile, maybe just to make herself feel a little better by trying to lighten the mood. Giving a nod over to the abandoned XBox system, she widens her smile a little and points. "That's why I got that game. It helps from keeping me think of it. I probably spent more money than I should have, it's a stupid game… but I can't get the hang of Guitar Hero, there's too many buttons."

Then her smile slowly fades from her face and she's examining him again. "If — if you want someone to help you out, I mean, for free. I could use some practice, if you get hurt." Quickly, she tries to cover her simple offer and looks away, "I mean, I'm not a doctor or anything, but I want to be someday. Not that I could heal a broken knee in a night but I can do stitches, things like that… If you need someone, that is."

Warm eyes greet the talk of the game and why it was purchased. "That's a good reason for spending money on game Delia…" He looks over towards the system, then back towards her. "Not that I can sing worth a damn but…." He trails off as the offer of medical aid is made. "Mmm, I might very well take you up on that. Stitching myself is not fun, though I've gotten decent at it. Still… women's hands are steadier, more accurate, and it would be nice having someone else do it for once." He relaxes back into the couch, trying to enjoy himself again, as the evening was quite light and enjoyable just a few minutes before. "Perhaps a new movie? Maybe the romantic comedy one? Help lighten the mood back up?"

"I have just the thing!" Delia exclaims as she flies off the couch and toward the stack of DVDs. Whatever movie she's picking out, she's attempting to keep it a secret because she hunches over the case and replaces it quickly after the movie is taken out. Giving Ash a sly smile, she moves over to the player and ejects the previous movie and places it on the top. Apparently she's not one for white gloving her movies.

Once the new one is popped in, she jumps back to the couch and flops down beside him, this time the angle of the cushions has her adjusting even more to try to keep at least a couple of inches between them. Soon the menu on the movie pops up and Delia gives him the most brilliant smile she can muster. It's almost like the conversation that had her so tense and afraid never happened. She even leans a bit closer as the movie begins to play. Poor Ash… it's Legally Blonde.

Ash peers over at the movies as she roots around in them, searching out, and finding a specific movie. As she hides it though his eyes narrow a touch and he tries not to look suspicious of her intent with the movie. But, he sits there in silence, and waits until it starts before he reacts, only to.. not react. He blinks at the title a few times. "Legally Blonde?" His nose scrunches up with the furrowing of his eyebrows. "Never heard of it… is it any good?" OH poor poor Ash… He settles in to wait for the movie to begin, happy that she seems to have found a movie that erased her bad mood.

From the very beginning, the movie has her giggling and pointing at the various caricatures of real people. She draws alarming parallels between each of the characters and some real life political personalities, explaining each of them with a glint of amusement in her eyes. Slowly though, her eyelids droop, her blinking slows and eventually stops altogether. Maybe only five minutes after her last blink her head tilts to the side where Ash might find himself being used as a pillow to a very tired young redhead. It's strange though, because even as the movie progresses, she's laughing in her sleep at the jokes.

Ash notices that she's falling asleep, but he doesn't stop her. Instead he sits there, and he watches the entire movie before his head turns. He smiles a little bit, and then ever so gently, eases out, bracing her though, and slowly lowering her down onto the couch. He's careful about it. When that's done he cleans up the pizza box, putting it in the fridge, and the dishes in the sink before writing her a note. 'Had a good time, thank you for the company. Will try to stop by again when I have the time. -Ash' That's left on the coffee table. He locks the handle of the door on his way out, closing the door carefully behind him.

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