Asking Permission


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Scene Title Asking Permission
Synopsis Brennan sniffs out Russo so he can find out the state of Delia and see to her recovery.
Date January 6, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Russo's Apartment

The call had left Russo leery. His more protective side had balked against the prospect, but then, everyone had the same goal— to see Delia in her own body again. But he'd relented early on, sure that everything would turn out relatively fine. And so the pair find themselves in his relatively bare living room. The empty walls discomfit the room, empty, dead, nearly sullen. White. White. White. Like a blank slate.

Brad had offered the good doctor a cup of coffee upon entrance as well as a fresh made muffin. Mostly because he'd baked like a fiend for the last twenty-four hours. That faint aroma of carbs— made in the oven continues to permeate the air with a nearly sickly sweet smell with all of the scents combined.

The furniture in the living room isn't the highest quality, but it's comfortable enough. Brad doesn't entertain much, leaving little reason to buy anything better. "I don't suppose this is merely a social call— " in fact he knows quite the opposite, but how does that conversation lead to others.

That Brennan was even let in - after tracking down where Russo resided, who's home that was actually in New Jersey and the necessary phone numbers - may have come as a slight surprise to the Doctor who came bearing nothing in his hands but a row of stitches over where he'd previously been nailed by Cardinal, right arm in a sling and a myriad of bruises that looked imposing enough to have scared the bejesus out of his twins along the side of his face. All because he flung himself over the two in the back.

"Actually, I am. Here for a social call. Not here on DoEA business or Suresh Center business. Just here as Harve, wanting to make sure that someone he cares about made it okay. I would have been here sooner but they just sprang me from St. Lukes and then Michelle wouldn't let me out of the house. They said that Delia and the man in the back with me never made it to the hospital but they weren't in the morgue either"

Brad quirks his eyebrow somewhat skeptically, but then allows himself to relax somewhat in the chair with a vague nod. "Yeah, I am still sketchy on what happened, even though they told me— " a finger is pointed to his head followed by a whistle as if to assert his own crazy mental state. "Everything's foggy, even days later. Evidently I can expect that for awhile." Of course, Brennan's a doctor, he'd know that.

"She's okay. Sitting up, trying to talk, working on her motor skills, and rebuilding muscles, but okay." Vaguely Russo glances towards the hallway. "She didn't get what she deserved, you know. Whatever happened with the family— she's just a kid, barely understands her own life." A small weak smile spreads over his lips, "She's sharp still. Misses her family…" pause "The rest of her family."

"I'm thinking Brad, can I be allowed to call you brad? That you mistake me for Agent Lupinetti or someone else who works for the institute or Homeland. I work at the Suresh Center when Delia came in with concerns about her ability. She's puddled around in my dreams a time or two and I was doing everything in my power to save her so that she could go back to her family. My job isn't to track down people and drag them kicking or screaming anywhere. My job is as medical manager for the Suresh Center and for my own private practice. To care for people, and occasionally do some public speaking for the Department of Evolved Affairs."

Brennan shifts in his seat, trying to find a comfortable spot like Brad where his head doesn't hurt. "I'm not here to punish her for what she may or may not have done or what her family may or may not have done. I'm her as her doctor, and asking you if she made it out okay and how I can help. You and I both agree at least, that she's just a kid still. Kids are learning, they make mistakes and then they learn from their mistakes. At least this time it hadn't done anything permanent and it sounds like she's got a good support network to lean on" Brennan doesn't glance to the hallway but some signs of body language are obvious. It's possible that Delia is there.

"If you like, I can.." He doesn't know whether it will be taken up. "Do some research draw up a timetable for you, for her therapy and help get you what she'll need. If you haven't already taken her to see someone"

"Sure, feel free to call me Brad," he nods slightly as he leans forward in the chair, listening intently to Brennan's words. "You mistake me, Doctor. I recognize the tenuous nature of the situation altogether. Whatever the interests others have in my sister, she has my devotion, my attention, and my resources at her disposal." Which are more numerous than the host will ever admit. "And yeah, she's a kid. She doesn't know how deep she's in, and she can't possibly know of all the sharks in the water. Right now, more than anything, she needs… support. And even if she can't find it anywhere else, she has it in me."

He lips his coffee cup to his lips and takes a slow sip, "I would actually appreciate any research and guidance you can provide in this matter. She's not without friends or help, but I'd be happy to have more. I haven't taken care of anyone in years. I'm out of practice. I've lived alone." It's a strangely warming feeling, but Russo won't admit it. "Rest assured, however, Delia is okay. She's as okay as can be expected."

"No one ever knows of all the sharks in the water. We can only ever hope that we're just not swimming with a bucket of chum around our necks" Spoken like a man who's just started noticing those few sharks he's now starting to swim with.

"It'll be taxing. Taking care of someone, but it will get better, this will be the worse. You won't need any fancy machines and equipment at least, to get her back up. It's all surprisingly low tech. Have you had her checked out by a doctor after the crash?" It's a silent offer to look her over himself.

There's a longish pause after the question in which Russo directs his attention to his coffee cup. But after swallowing he shakes his head slightly, "She hasn't seen a doctor. And… " he glances down the hall, "it would be smart if she did. I think she's okay, but— " he's no medical professional. "I've thought about hiring her a nurse, but keeping her situation under wraps is my priority." His eyebrows tick upwards as his throat clears, "She's staying in the guest room… down the hall."

"You're in luck. I know a nurse, who knows Delia, and is shall we say… probably not high on the institutes list of individuals they would be looking for nor care about. I can give you her information. She'll probably not even charge you for it knowing her." Brennan doesn't rise and leap for the hall, that would be rude and if Delia has been conscious and interacting with others, odds are she's not breeding in the brain or any other internal injuries.

"I didn't bring my bag up with me it's in the car, but I can look in on her after I get it. I have to admit that I'm glad she's here and not in some drafty safehouse somewhere. Where do you stand in all this Brad? I never saw you when I spent my time in the Ferry as their guest. You're not institute, you don't peg in my mind as the kind of person who would stick your hand in their pot and swirl it around"

"Thank you! Yeah, I would really appreciate someone that can help, but…" Brad's lips twitch in a near cringe, "…I would insist on paying her. I'm not— " he shrugs. The apartment he's living now doesn't make him look like he has any wealth to speak of. "— in want. I guess?" Clearing his throat, he cranes his neck and finishes off his cup of coffee, resting the mug on his knee.

His eyebrows escalate at the question. "The Ferry? I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. Like actually." It's the truth. "I know that Delia was in the papers awhile back and had been charged for something— " he waves a hand somewhat flippantly, like it even matters now. "— and she disappeared in November for the riots. She like… knew… and wanted— " he shakes his head. "What is the Ferry?"

"Something that you'll have to ask her about. The Ferry and I don't get along. We disagreed on a few things. But it's irrelevant, makes me feel more at ease helping you knowing your not a part of them" Small smile at that. "Next time we have to do what we did Brad, we'll take my car. It was my fault. I lied. About the four hours. I didn't have much faith that if I just came in and said 'hey I have a solution, but you need to give me her body' that I would have had a snowballs chance in hell" Confession time. He looks regretful about it. The lying.

"Ferry," Russo repeats. "Sounds like a boat. Full of people. Carting them back and forth. Over water." His lips purse slightly as his hands grasp the arms of his chair. "So… you lied." His tongue clucks quietly. He manages a small nod and then counters blandly, "I would've done the same." Lying is second nature.

"Look, I'm just glad Carrots is okay. She needed to get home. She got home. I was open to anything as long as she got where she needed to." He sighs quietly as his arms draw over his chest. "It's water under the bridge now. She's safe. She's in her own body. And she's taken care of. I don't need to worry about her the way I had for so long. And while she's not completely out of the woods— " He shrugs slightly.

"I think in the end, from the looks of it in the back, four hours wasn't that far off though" But all seems to be forgiven. "I should get my stuff. Come back up and make sure she's not going to grow a third arm. Get you the number for the nurse. If she needs to go into a clinic at all, I'll leave my business card, and you can set up an appointment with my wife. She goes in twice a week right now to see patient. She'll see Delia if needed" Less suspicion. Easier than getting her to Roosevelt.

"Thank you. I… I appreciate it. I honestly didn't care how she got back, as long as it happened and she maintained… her freedom." Brad presses against his thighs to see the doctor to the door. "Yes, please get the supplies and come back up. Then we can make sure Delia's completely okay through it all."

"That above all Brad" The freedom. "I'll knock, shouldn't be five minutes then we'll see how good I can do with one hand" It's a joke, he'll be able to manage. "Keep the coffee hot. You'll have to go shopping after" He'll also being playing endless games of marbles and jacks with his sister when all is said and done. Brennan offers Russo a nod and is out the door, heading for the elevator so he can fetch that bag. Hopefully, he'll be home within a few hours to tend to his own kids.

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