Assault On NJSP Officers

BAYONNE, NEW JERSEY — At least one assailant attacked a New Jersey State Police precincthouse in Bayonne late last night, killing three and injuring five. The assault is believed to be an effort of great premeditation and related to a letter of confession delivered on the same evening.

NJSP spokesperson Amy Jefferson states that the confession was inconclusive, having been signed under a name and identity that does not match the camera footage captured during the event. However, the letter has resulted in doubt cast over several crimes committed over the past decade due to specification of tools and methods consistent with forensic details that had not previously been released to public. Among these crimes was the arson-robbery of December 1st, 2008, a rape-murder committed in Chinatown in 1998, and the recent explosion in Flushing.

The suspect was in his twenties, a 6' Caucasian male with short brown hair. He appeared to be wielding a sword.

Police have not made to any statements regarding probable motivations, describing the overall incident as a 'vigilante prank of atrocious character.'

Jefferson states that though it is highly unlikely that the assailant had actually committed all of the crimes detailed, he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Police warn citizens not to approach him directly. Anyone with information is asked to call the anonymous tipline at 551-NJSP.

Officers Roger Gibbs, Annelise Rivera and Donovan Casey are to be honored in a ceremony in Bayonne the coming Friday. Their service protected Bayonne and the adjacent Staten Island for years of dedicated duty.

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