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Scene Title Assignments
Synopsis The Hands of Mary discuss plans and responsibilities within the Safe Zone.
Date May 27, 2019

The Hands of Mary - Meeting Room

The building that the Hands of Mary have set up definitely still needs some fixing up. But inside has been put together with more care. The meeting room is made up of comfortable chairs and couches all arranged to mostly face one another with small tables sprinkled throughout. Today, many of the seats are full, as those associated with the group have been asked to gather together for a meeting. Drink and food have been made available and everyone seems to be settling in, so Ezra sits up a little straighter.

"Thank you all for coming. We thought it might be a good idea to get everyone together and discuss what our plans are moving forward. Some of you have been helping out already, which is greatly appreciated, but we have a few new faces." She pauses, just long enough to take a notebook and pen off the table next to her. "I thought we could chat about what you all think the Safe Zone needs most from us. Trouble areas. Opportunities. Anything on your minds."

Black coffee trickles into a small paper cup, while Jonathan half listens to the conversations around him. Focus shifting to Ezra as she speaks. He turns to listen while he stirs his coffee. The normal chatty and outgoing councilman is subdued and has been since he woke up on Staten Island with several days missing.

The question does get Jon thinking, though. “Before the war, it was pretty standard for schools to have food programs for underprivileged kids.” As he speaks, the school teacher takes a few steps forward, that little stick still swirling in his cup. “Raytech and Yamagato have done an amazing job with the food shortage, but that doesn’t really fix the crisis of some kids not getting the nutrition they need. Especially, breakfast.”

With Jonathan, it was often about the kids. “Just a thought.”

“A breakfast program for the kids would be a great idea,” Niki Zimmerman is quick to agree. She brings her cup of coffee to her lips for a brief drink. “I confess I’m hoping to get some ideas from this meeting to bring back to the council myself.” Working together will only make their efforts stronger.

Niki slouches forward, resting her forearms across her legs, her coffee cup held between her knees. Her heart hasn’t been in the leadership role for the past few months. Losing her ability left her rattled and feeling adrift. But she’s here, trying to engage. Trying to do right.

Months after the unspoken incident in New Mexico, Luther has shown up to volunteer on more frequent occasion for the Hands of Mary. Perhaps in an effort to make up for his lack of presence during those early months in 2019, now he’s settling in with the others and looking bolstered by those around. Niki is one of the ones he can sympathize with a little mode deeply given his own recent experiences with ability loss. His returned in due time. But ask him and he wouldn’t be able to explain the whys or hows.

“The new greenhouse in Jackson Heights brought more options to the markets at Red Hook,” he says and nods in agreement. “However, the prices are still higher than some may be able to afford. Continuing to provide those outdoor soup kitchen events regularly would put communities at some ease. Thinking about all those people who’ve turned out and come to help, or be helped.” He smiles, knowing that he’d been among them.

But when the query for input turns to mention trouble, and things on his mind, Luther adds, “Once the NYPD are officially reinstated, how’s that going to look for what we need in terms of security in the rougher neighborhoods? Maybe putting something together with them, a show of solidarity.”

Why the fuck was she here? Doing the good work?

Isa takes a sip of her beverage, spiked and looks around the room. There was a time when the words NYPD instantly put her on edge but she wasn't a criminal anymore, she was a upstanding citizen who had her head on totally straight.


The pyro winces and buries her nose further into her cup. "Come back to me." Her voice echoing out from the cup. Her scar flares that orange color, casting a light through the cup. It's like a lightshow. A dark jean leg is tossed over her knee and she settles her elbows covered in a leather jacket on her leg as well. Isa is holding it together. The heat in the general area a little too warm but consistent.

Ezra makes notes, nodding along with the suggestions as they come. "Jonathan, that sounds like a great idea. Would you be willing to head up that project? With group support, of course. Maybe we can find out if there are places we can set up in more places than just here to provide for more than just local kids.

When Luther voices his question, Ezra sends him a warm smile. "Miriam would have a better answer to that one." She looks over the crowd, but Miriam is already making her way up to join Ezra.

"It's important that we continue to support the Safe Zone community. When the police are open, I'd love to set up a system with them. A sort of neighborhood watch, since they won't be able to be everywhere all the time, even so." She glances to Ezra, who gives her a nod. "Anyone who has a contact with the NYPD who would be willing to entertain a meeting, it might be good to go with a familiar face. In any case, we'll keep looking out for the people here, especially in the spots with more trouble."

The question gets an enthusiastic nod from Jonathan while moving to settle into a chair. “Absolutely,” he says rather brightly, “In fact, I don’t see why we can’t use the school cafeterias for that.” He is often the councilman that deals heavily in the schools, for obvious reasons. “I’ll talk to the other council about it.” He points at Niki. “Though I think we already have a vote there. I don’t see a problem with it.” His fellow councilwoman gets an appreciative smile.

Jonathan settles into listening to the others, his eyes moving to person to person as they talk. Especially, the talk about safety and such. “I want to say that I appreciate what you all are doing with this watch. I think the NYPD is going to have it’s handsful. Some people don’t even feel safe in a place that claims to be just that.”

He sips his coffee and considers his next words, “I… me… I’ve seen murders, arson… kidnapping. In just a few months. Just me.” Jonathan swallows hard and continues, his expression becoming haunted. “I lost three days myself and ended up on Staten Island with no memory of what happened to me.” He looks down at the coffee cup in his hands. “So.. So this” he motions to the room, “this is good, too. Not just the NYPD coming back.”

“If we don’t look out for each other,” Niki asserts, “no one will.” That’s why the Council exists. It’s why this group is meeting here. A somber look is fixed on Jonathan. “I know a little something about missing time. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

It’s disturbing, to say the least. But they’re trying to focus on the positive changes they can enact. “I can head up the neighborhood watch project if no one else wants it,” Niki offers, with a nod of her head to defer to Luther for having brought up the topic in the first place.

The note about missing time gains the councilman a concerned look from Luther, although he doesn't add his experience on that to the mix. Still, he gives the teacher a slow nod on those confession statements.

"A neighborhood watch will be good for the community. Gives people a chance to come together and protect their own. But, gotta be careful people don't take it too far. Gangs were neighborhood watches before things went to shit, after all. And people get stupid when they don't agree on how something's to be done." Luther doesn't mince his words there, glancing back to Niki as well. "Safe Zone's a big space," he adds to the councilwoman. "Don't let yourself get run ragged, Niki. We'll all be here to help."

He pauses a moment before he admits, "Well, you all will be. There's a couple of things I'm going out of country for… but this ain't the meeting to discuss that." He turns then to look over at Isabelle, perhaps noticing the extra heat from the pyro. "Speakin' of though, heard there was some attack on the Yamagato gala not long ago. Rumor was outsiders, not in the Safe Zone."

There, he huffs and puffs a sigh. "As if we didn't have to worry enough about people inside the zone. Granted, there's always been dangers outside the zone, but that's the first I've heard of an attack that brazen. We should stay alert."

The pyrokinetic takes a deep gulp of her beverage once Jonathan is speaking about murders and arson. The scar on her left side begins to glow a soft orange, the air spike just the tiniest bit upwards. "Hail water." Raising her paper cup in awkward salute. Luther's looking it met by Isabelle's half lidded hazel eyed stare. Ah he's talking about that.


The engineer leans forward on her knees and nods her head, "There was a attack, more like… a heist." Well she was attacked. "I work in the park." That's one way to say what she does, "Was at the Gala, motherfucker stabbed me with a nail. A human goddamn nail." The warmth spike now noticeably and the veins in the pyro's neck are bulging out. Luther able to perceive the heat radiating off of her, it runs deep within her. Smoldering. "I asked a friend to use her ability and check it out, got a couple faces and the name… Ollie. That's the fucker with the bone nails." Or whatever the fuck that was. Isabelle doesn't go into whether she has given this information to authorities. (Cuz she hasn't). Blinking though she looked over at the schoolteacher, "Someone kidnapped you? New York never fucking changes."

Miriam listens to Jonathan with a deep set frown. His very personal experience with the rougher side of the Safe Zone seems disturbing to her. "I'm sorry to hear that," she says, "we'll see what we can find out about that. As a group." Her attention shifts toward Niki and she gives her a nod. "Looks like you're in charge. I admit, I feel better about someone in your position heading up the project." Someone who knows the Safe Zone and the people within it, its problems and it's merits.

When Isa speaks, Miriam looks her way, too. "Perhaps you can consult with Niki on matters that straddle Yamagato Park and the rest of the Safe Zone, then. We don't have anyone else with ties there."

Ezra blinks at Luther, surprised by something that he has to say. But she gathers herself up and steps back up next to Miriam. "Thanks for letting us know you'll be out of the area, Luther," she says, trying to keep her more professional tone there. "Please let us know when you'll be back. We'll let you decide where you'd like to help out after your trip."

There is a small incline of the councilman’s head in recognition of what she says to him, but Jonathan doesn’t say anymore on the matter. It wasn’t the focus and he happened planned on doing anymore than express his appreciation.

There is a smile for Niki as she is put in charge of the watch. “I agree, there will be less friction with council in charge of it.” Or at least Jonathan is hopeful.

Niki offers a thin smile in return. Not an insincere one, but one that betrays just how tired she is of late. She takes another drink of her coffee and tugs at the collar of her red cardigan with her free hand, trying to wrap it around herself a little tighter.

“I’ll see about getting a meeting with Donovan’s office,” the blonde promises with a short nod of her head. “I’m sure we’ll find some way to liaise and get a watch up and running with the NYPD’s blessing.” That seems to bring her a bit more cheer. It’s good to feel like she’s got a direction to carry in.

Luther folds his arms over his chest as he nods slowly to the remarks about the attack on the park. "Main thing is? Hope you all stay safe out there," he says to the group. And yes he does actually mean each and every one of them. A far cry from years ago when his concerns were survival of himself only.

He's caught the surprise from Ezra too, his expression shifting to a down cast of his gaze. A touch of guilt prods at him, and he falls silent with a slow nod to the woman. They’ll talk about it. After, he makes promise from the look up at her.

Isa looks like she's having a hard time, she takes another swallow of her drink and nods her head towards the woman addressing them, sure that's her answer. The pyrokinetic tries to just… relax. That nagging feeling, almost burning in the far reaches of her mind are pulling at her. If you were a telepath then you would know it. Isabelle looks discreetly (not really) towards Sigurd and grimaces before turning her head away again.

Maybe she'd go see Kaylee again, yea that made sense.

The heat in the place around her goes up a tick and the brunettes shifts uncomfortably in her seat. "That's why we're here right? Safety." A small grin is pulled from Isa's lips.

"Of course, safety is the top priority. If you ever feel like something is too big for you, please don't engage," Miriam says with a firm nod. "I think this is a good beginning. Ezra?"

"I think so, yes," Ezra says, her hand resting on Miriam's arm for a moment. "Thank you for coming to speak. And thank you, all of you," she says to the rest of the room, "for coming. And for your input. Hopefully together we can make the Safe Zone a kinder place."

With the meeting officially called, some linger to mingle a little, meeting the others before they all go their own ways. Ezra, though, looks toward Luther and disappears out of the room.

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