At Arms Length


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Scene Title At Arms Length
Synopsis Yana delivers the virus, as well as some news of slander.
Date February 19

Yana's Apartment


It's been another fairly pleasant evening, allowing Yana to treat him to a birthday dinner. This time it was at an Italian place, and Magnes actually seemed to know his way around the menu more naturally than the French restaurant, where it seemed he had a little practice beforehand.

But now they've returned to her apartment, and he's unbuttoning his suit jacket to get a little more comfortable. The keyboard was brought by him earlier, but he hasn't played yet. "Thanks a lot for the dinner, Yana. I hope you had fun, I did."

There have been hints of distance from her all night. The kind that comes from having something on her mind, but not prepared to speak it at the time. This of course means that more than likely, she was rather going through the motions rather than actually letting enjoyment set in. The polite thing to do, you might call it. It is just going to be one of those nights that she is detached until she works through whatever is going through her head at the time. "Yes, fun." though her voice dictates that it is merely her registering that he said something as opposed to actually paying attention. "I might have derived enjoyment from it, had I not been concerned about some things as of late." She makes her way across the room, stashing away her keys and her purse onto the counter quickly.

"What's wrong, Doctor Blite?" Magnes asks with some concern, taking a seat on the chair he placed in front of the keyboard. Though he's sitting sideways to face her rather than face the keyboard itself. "I hope I didn't do anything to upset you."

"No." Yana replies in an icy tone, "It isn't you. Though part of it has to do with you. It is something that has been eating at me since I heard." With a black folding fan attached to a strong to her arm, the likes of which matches her dress, Yana steps through the apartment, turning on various lights to make visibility a bit better. One of the lamps in particular strikes an eerie cast over her face as she speaks, "I found out the other day, that Keagan is trapped within the dome that came down, and as unsettling as that is to my family, he said some things that I found to be disturbing." Next, she moves from the table, over to a painting of a moon cast midnight in a clearing, and pulls the picture away to reveal a safe, which she takes a moment to tack in the combination.

He has been speaking with some individuals that had some very negative things to say about the Surresh Center, and ontop of that, you as well." As she opens the safe, there contain a few items that are obviously her valuables, however, she reaches to pull out two vials, with the caps on the top that are used to insert syringes into to extract the fluid. "According to their word, you are a psychopathic killer, the likes of which I should be very wary of."

"That's… kind of weird." Magnes tilts his head in confusion, standing up to follow her when she takes out the vials. "I told you I've had to kill people before, but it was in self defense. Why would anyone call me a psycho? Are you sure he's… not with Humanis First in there, without knowing?" he sounds slightly alarmed, waiting to see what she has to think about that.

"I cannot be sure, exactly. However, he spoke of one of the people he was with, mentioning that the Surresh Center had performed horrible experiments on her, so I imagine it isn't them. But—" she turns to face him, with both of those vials in her hand, securely pinched between her fingers, "While not dismissing the slim possibility of it's truth, I did not put much stake in it. However, it is enough to make me ponder for some time, and I hope.. that I am not handing out a deadly virus to the type of person they spoke of." she only gives another few seconds of hesitation before she hands the vials over to him. As if she were handing him her very own children.

"This rabies virus is programmed to replicate much faster than normal, and it will strike the brain quicker, making the lethal symptoms show initially. There is absolutely no vaccine against this strain. Nor for the influenza virus in the other vial. Now, it isn't influenza B like we planned, that was a bit more difficult to find, I visited 3 different hospitals. It is simply a normal influenza virus, with a little alteration, so I suppose in a way, it is a new strain. Like the rabies virus, it is programmed to be more lethal, and much quicker. However, it loses it's potency if transferred from the initial carrier to another. So there is no real danger of anything more than a normal flu spreading."

Magnes carefully takes the vials, sliding them into his chest pocket where they'll safely sit until he gets home. "Doctor Blite, do you honestly believe that I could be a psycho murderer? Even the people who don't like me wouldn't say something like that." He's frowning now, looking a little hurt as he stares down at his feet, then back up to her eyes. "It, well… it kind of hurts a little that you'd even consider that sort of outrageous second hand knowledge."

"Don't take it personally, Magnes. Surely you must understand that I am the type to consider anything possible. You could very well be sick, and I wouldn't even know it. Serial killers are often the person that you least expect. This is not saying that I definitely believe that you are, it is merely just another angle, another factor that I have to consider, as a scientist, you have to look at everything, no matter how small or improbable it may seem." She did just hand him over something very deadly. If she had any suspicions that he would be psychotic about it, she more than likely wouldn't have given it to him.

"Also, I have placed quite a bit of trust in you so far, so there really isn't anything to worry about. I'm mostly concerned with these people actually getting away with what they are saying. They need to be stopped."

"They're in the dome, not much we can do about it right now." Magnes reaches out to lightly take her hand, wanting to guide her back out to the living room. "Come on, Doctor Blite, for now, all you can really do is relax. When the dome goes down, we'll be ready. Do you play piano at all?"

The sigh that comes from her is one of disappointment. This is of course after studying him with her eyes for just a few moments, as if she were looking for something, and not really finding it. So she resorts herself to lesser things, just to indulge him. For someone who is as cold and not as expressive with emotions like she is, she does tend to get her current state across quite well with just the simplest of gestures. "No." Sounding just a bit on the non-committal side of things. "Out of all of my cultural exposure, playing the piano was not one of my subjects. However, I suspect that you do, and it is something you are planning to use as a method of cracking through the stone that I've developed around my heart." Something was lost from her within the last few sentences of their conversation. She was obviously a little more bothered by what had happened than she had let on. "Proceed." she sounds confident that it is another vain attempt. Chalk it up to the way her mind works when she is faced with a problem.

"I don't hold any false hopes, but a guy can dream." is Magnes' only answer to her suspicions, grabbing another chair for her before he takes his seat. And, once she's sat down, he reaches to carefully take her hand and properly place them on to the keys. "Once you learn your first two songs, the general rhythm of the piano starts to like, map out on to your skull with practice… at least for me. This is a simple song, Fur Elise, by Beethoven of course."

He gently places his hands over her's, one arm around her ber back, then he begins to carefully play the song over her fingers, gracefully moving her hands to the correct keys. "Just hearing the notes created from the simple movement of a finger, all merging together to create something beautiful, it's an amazing feeling…"

Tense. That is basically what she is when he does this. She was tense from the start, and she becomes slightly even moreso when touched. It isn't the type of tension that comes from fear or worry that someone could do something to hurt her, but of not being one that welcomes physical contact, for one reason or the other. She certainly isn't relaxing as he planned. "Perhaps to the musical artist." she replies to his statement. "The enjoyment that I derive from music doesn't stem from a desire to play it. I have specific tastes." Still, her mind returns back to the problem of the slander that is going around. "Look, I know you are trying hard, but now isn't going to be one of the 'get closer to Dr. Blite' times. To be perfectly honest with you, I'm not going to relax, and frankly I am beginning to wonder why you are constantly so. It seems that nothing really boils your blood. You have no passion from my observation. As shut off as I am, I still possess passion for certain things."

"It's not a lack of passion, I'm simply not angry. People think these things about me, it's a fact of life. And there are rumors about me, probably lots of them. But what am I going to do about it? Dwell? Dwelling is just time wasted that I could be doing something else." Magnes releases her hands so he can face and speak to her seriously, resting his hands on the arms of the chair.

"Getting your nephew out of the dome is the only thing you should be worried about, because ultimately, a lot of people don't like me, and I can't control that."

"Well, Keagan is resourceful, and he is a Puika. I am quite confident that he will be fine. We are survivors." Yana explains, softly shrugging, "We also don't stand for slander, or much else for that matter." Her voice takes on that tone of seriousness, and she has to rise from her seat to continue. "To be quite honest? I have power, Magnes. And while I may have to be subtle about it, I do have ways of exacting my wrath.. permeant ways of course." she heads over to find herself a drink, "At the gala, in fact, I was rather disappointed with my date's performance.. or rather there of.. So I struck him, and I left a little surprise in his system that will no doubt cost him his job." she looks over her shoulder, "No one wants an escort with genital herpes."

"Don't get me wrong, Yana, it does upset me when people say these things, but they've done it so many times, it's just become something I've learned to live wtih." Magnes stands up and goes to follow her, leaning against the wall in the kitchen. He doesn't question the herpes, apparently not too bothered. "I don't have your kind of power, I can't just go and punch people, and just going and saying they hurt my feelings or whatever just gives them a chance to hurt them even more. I'm a stronger person than I was before, they don't deserve my time."

"Admitting that they hurt you in the first place, puts you in a lower position than them." Yana remarks pointedly. Slowly, her head shakes from one side to the next. Physical violence is not always the answer. Fear and intimidation works far better, I have found, perhaps a little long term doom with certain people." a slight smirk on her face as she rolls her eyes back and forth. "You have power, Magnes. And with your power, you could very well make anyone sorry that they had ever crossed you. It takes a bit of creativity, but yes."

"But is it so wrong that I don't really desire revenge for myself? You said I don't have passion… that's because I bounce back from things when it only involves me. It's only when my friends get hurt that I really get upset and start trying to hurt people. Emile Danko, the man who's one of the main Humanis First leaders? Well, not many people know this, but…" Magnes walks over to a seat in the kitchen for this, taking a breath.

When he looks back up to her, he appears to be very serious. "I was in a mask, my voice was modulated too. But seeing him, knowing what he's done to people I know, and other innocents… I was just full of rage. I'd never used my ability in such a way before, slowly cracking his ribs, making it so he couldn't move a muscle, reaching into his mouth and pulling one of his teeth out… And then there was this man, a pimp, he cut a woman's tongue out, a woman who means a lot to me, and shot her in the leg. Then, months later, I had someone give him a disposable cellphone. I called the number and asked if he was sorry for anything he's done."

There's another pause, and a shake of his head. "I told him I had a sniper rifle trained on him, and when he wasn't sorry, when he had the nerve to act high and mighty after what he'd done to her, I shot him in the leg just the way he shot her, but with a larger bullet. I've hurt people badly out of revenge, but I've only killed in self defense. My girlfriend's ex boyfriend was a powerful Evolved man, he kept trying to hurt my friends, he cut my girlfriend up and kidnapped her. He refused to let her live as long as she was with me, and I knew no jail could hold someone with his ability… so we had a very long fight in a remote area, and I had to kill him to protect my friends and get Elaine back from him."

"Noble reasons, I have to admit." Yana nods, "Though still not the same feeling, believe me." She takes the subject into consideration for a few more moments, before she decides that now isn't the time for that door to be opened yet. "Anyway. Perhaps I am just used to Gregori and his old ways. He was quite adamant to ensure that no one ever bad mouthed him." In fact, as she thinks about it, it makes her smile almost genuinely. "Gregori had so many admirable traits, and I think his intimidating factor was one of the more attractive ones."

"I like you, Doctor Blite, I really do, but I just want to be the best me I can be. They have no evidence to support any lies and slander, so I don't have a reason to dwell on it. I just… I want to focus on my life, not people who want to ruin it." Magnes' expression softens from one of seriousness, to a look that pleads for understanding. "Can you understand, Doctor Blite? I'd rather spend time with you, have fun, discuss things, than wonder about what some people who have nothing better to do than spread lies are up to. And I really can be passionate… though you'd probably give me herpes in a fit of rage if I tried any of that sudden onset romance stuff."

"No. Considering our familiarity, that isn't a disease worthy offense. More than likely, I would simply stop talking to you for some time, until you reflected on what you did. You're right, it would probably warrant some form of retribution." It depends on how she feels at the time, really. "But alright, I won't speak anymore about it, ever again. It is pretty apparent that you're cut from a much different mold, and I can accept it." She reaches up to take out her earrings, and unfastening the rest of her jewelry.

"Before we stop speaking about this, can I ask if you disapprove of my choice to ignore people, and if so, what would you rather I try to do instead?" Magnes asks, apparently still open to suggestion and criticism, despite his adamant stance.

"Magnes, it is something that really isn't in your nature. That became pretty obvious just a few moments ago. It is also something that doesn't require my approval, nor something that I should press any further." she shakes her head, "It's alright, that is just the way it is." It sounds as if she is accepting of it, but knowing here, there is probably much more involved.

"Doctor Blite… it was also in my nature to take women up on flying picnic blankets and speak without thinking." Magnes, oddly enough, says this with a straight face, not a hint of humor in his tone. "When you give me suggestions about my life, and tell me what directions I need to take in order to better myself, I take them to heart."

"Only, this isn't a lesson in which to better yourself. It is something that you simply have, or you don't. It could be nurtured, yes, but it doesn't seem like it is apart of your nature. Which is fine, really. Not everyone is the same." By the time she removes her accessories, she is standing before the mirror by the door, "No, it's better if it is left alone. Just a little bit of a step too far, that is all."

"There's a bit of anxiety that I'm doing something wrong, but I'll take your word for it." Magnes watches her as she stands by the mirror, then stands and walks over. "Do you need any help? And if I wear out my welcome, don't hesitate to tell me."

"There isn't any right or wrong this time. It simply is or isn't. And in this case, it just isn't. Not really a big deal." Yana shrugs a little, dismissing the whole idea. "Help?" she arches a brow, "No, I think I got the hang of preparing to wind down for the evening by now. I've been doing it for years."

Magnes stands behind her, watching patiently as she removes her jewelry. "Sometimes I don't know what to do. I mean, I know how to react to you, and how I should act, but I don't have the slightest idea of how to truly be proactive, except for the dinners and such. When I try to think on my own, beyond your interests, I seem to mess up. It's a problem I've been trying to figure out on my own, but I think I should bring it up to you."

"That is common for your personality type." Yana explains, "In all my years of experience with guys of various kind, I have found that there are those who tend to find themselves right on the edge of a cliff with me. One wrong foot and they'll fall right off." she shakes her head, "It isn't something that I can offer advice for.. Correction, it isn't something that I want to offer advice for. Much like the previous conversation, it isn't something I desire to force. You either have it, or you don't."

"I feel like I'm waiting for some sort of sign, like, approval. Even doing this…" Magnes reaches his hands to place them gently on to her shoulders. "it feels like I'm pushing a boundary."
It is still there, the tension that tightens throughout her body. Her shoulders lifting and nearly pinching together, "I have boundaries, Magnes. It isn't anything personal against you." she looks "I do perhaps believe you are searching, reaching for something that isn't there. You're persistent, but you seem to be persisting for the wrong thing."

"What should I be persisting for? And… I don't think I'm truly looking for anything more than some sort of, I don't know, some unknown response." Magnes carefully removes his hands, but continues standing where he is. "I've never met anyone like you, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for in you."

Yana takes a few moments to consider her words, after a lengthy sigh, "You're only as close as I am comfortable to allow. Just like anyone else in my life. Even my nephew rarely receives affection from me, because that part of me is shut off for the time being. So.." she turns to face him, "We should just stick to the Platonic level."

"You know I'm not trying to push you, right? I want whatever you want." Magnes assures with a slight nod, moving a hand up to awkwardly rub the back of his neck. "And even if you weren't shut off, I just… I can't see myself actually getting a woman as good as you, I just really like this little relationship you do allow me to have. My largest flaw is never knowing what to do, not knowing what mistakes I can make, and… you just tell me. This is the easiest, most simple relationship I've ever had, platonic or otherwise. If it wasn't for you, I'd probably be hurting a lot more about Elaine dating one of my bandmates."

Yana doesn't offer up a response that gives an indication as to how she feels on the subject one way or the other. Like always, she remains rather neutral. "Well, I suppose that is healthy. I can continue to be a positive influence in your life, sure. Though, the way that you want to be influenced, and what you want to make of yourself, you'll have to realize that there are aspects that I can't exactly share with you."

"Share with me at your own pace, I'm not expecting more from you than you're willing to give." Magnes heads over to the coat hanger, reaching out to touch his jacket. "Would you like me to go now? I know you probably want some privacy."

"It's getting late. So it is probably best that we conclude the evening, yes. I am feeling a bit tired, and I have a few plans for the day tomorrow." Yana looks towards the small corridor of her apartment to the various bedrooms, taking note that Christopher has obviously gone to bed. "You'll have to contact me and let me know how the exchange of the virus went. It'll be nice to know that it went to good use."

"I will. Have a nice night, Doctor Blite." Magnes pulls his jacket on, then slips through the door and down the hall. Her locks seem to turn without her having to walk over to them, using gravity to offer one last courtesy for the evening.

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