Attack In Queens

Attack in Queens, Speculated Serial Killer 'The Sandman'

NEW YORK — On the evening of the 8th, police were alerted to a home in Queens wherein they found three victims of an Evolved attack. Ted Stroughton, and children Lilah and Henry, were found paralysed in separate rooms and severely dehydrated, having been poisoned by an Evolved woman earlier that day. Lilah Stroughton had managed to get to her cellphone while under the effects of the poison and alert authorities before being discovered, which, Lilah would later report, encouraged the Evolved to flee the premises.

The Evolved woman has not been identified. Able to generate a powdered poison from her person, she reportedly used this poison to paralyse the Stroughtons, and maintained this throughout the day. It has been speculated that this Evolved is responsible for the murders in Brooklyn of another family of three*, which links to other similar incidences in the states of New Jersey and Delaware, having been nicknamed by local papers as 'The Sandman'. These murders are being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security, who have not yet released a statement confirming or denying that this incident is related to the serial killer.

The Stroughtons have been released from hospital and have declined to give a public statement.


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