Attack On Evolved Artist

Not the most creative headline in the world, but then, it's only a half-column of news on page four, likely surrounded by ones just like it, and dwarfed by articles of greater magnitude. It goes something like this:

November 17th, HARLEM — Artist James Mathison was attacked just outside an art exhibit hosted at The Vector Gallery at around 9 30 PM. He was found beaten but conscious when exhibit-goers inside heard his cries for help. Although public statements from Mathison have not been given to the press, it's been reported that Mathison used his Evolved ability to fend off the attacker, who had left the scene by the time Mathison was discovered. Anti-Evolved attacks have been a problem in New York City and it's been concluded that this was likely of the same nature, as Mathison is known to publicly out himself as an Evolved when advertising his work. No suspects have been identified, but those attending the exhibit have been questioned. The NYPD has encouraged anyone to come forward should they have any information regarding the attack.

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