Attempted Robbery Thwarted By Local Man

"Tonight, local 24 hour Diner was apparently attacked and almost robbed by a single gunman, the single assailant was foiled in his robbery because of the Nite Owl's dishwasher. Brian Fulk single handedly fought off and repelled the assailant, while taking a bullet wound in the leg at the same time."

"Police say they were very surprised at Fulk's courage and or foolhardiness. Though his decisions are somewhat questionable, there will be at least one person who is happy for the young man's heroism. The Nite Owl's manager."

"Fulk was carted off to the hospital by the police, and is currently unavailable for comment. But according to police reports, the unknown assailant held Fulk, the only employee inside at the time at gunpoint and demanded the money from the cash register. While the assailant went to destroy the cameras and the tapes, Fulk got a hold of a taser and was able to take down the would-be robber. Though he was forced to flee, he did get a shot off at Fulk before running. This man is now at large, any one with any information on a man who fits this description—"

A flick of a sketch that looks like no one at all in particular.

"—should call the police at once. In lighter news, a local woman claims to have found the cure to the disease known as procrastination." A smile forms on the newscaster's lips, "A good attitude and just a little bit of -soul- music. Trisha Takinawa with the story."

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