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Scene Title Aubade
Synopsis Veronica and Brian prepare for her long trip to Argentina.
Date November 21, 2009

Dorchester Towers Veronica's Apartment

The gray gloom of morning fills the bedroom; Veronica is moving quietly, trying to let Brian sleep as she puts a few last minute items in her suitcase. She'll wake him before she leaves, of course — she isn't trying to sneak off when she doesn't know how long this mission will take, when she doesn't know when she will see him again. While she accepted the job without a second thought or even the hint of reluctance, now she begins to feel the stirrings of doubt and uncertainty. She doesn't know who she will be working with, in a foreign country, with no friends to turn to should things go badly. At least she's trying to do something she is sure is the right thing, for the first time in a long time. She clicks the suitcase shut, latching the locks before moving it off the bed and onto the floor.

"Let's do it one more time."

And suddenly Brian is awake. Apparently clicking it shut is what it took to wake him up fully, Brian supports himself with one elbow, using his other hand to scrub at his face furiously trying to ward away the sleepiness there. Still looking a little groggy, he goes to sit up, looking up at her with a questioning look.

She gives him a sad look and moves to sit beside him on the bed. "Morning. I was going to wake you, promise. I just figured you could sleep until I made us some breakfast, then ride with me to the airport," she murmurs, her voice soft as if she is still trying not to wake anyone, though Kat moved out earlier in the week. "I'm going to miss you so much."

His head flops onto her shoulder. Letting out a slow yawn, his hand goes to flop onto her lap. "What kinda breakfast?" His arm then slides across her lap and over her stomach wherein he pulls her back down to the bed so she's once again laying next to him. "You're always going to south america without me." He murmurs softly, leaning forward to kiss her briefly.

"This time it's not like it's for fun," she says, kissing back and curling up with him for a few moments. "I hope to be back quickly — the quicker the better, for everyone." She wraps her arms around him, closing her eyes as she rests her head against his. "Do me a favor and try to keep Adam from killing anyone else while I'm gone? The rest of the founders — I know you hate the Company, but he doesn't get to play God, judge, jury, and executioner all at the same time, especially when he is hardly innocent. I'll feel better leaving if I know you're … trying to stop him, since I'm not on his case while I'm down South."

Smiling warmly, Brian slowly pushes her shoulder away and presses her back against the bed. It is not long until his chest is pressing down on her, laying atop her with his head resting against hers. "You're leaving for God knows how long, and you still only talk about Adam. I'm beginning to think you like him more than you like me." He smiles softly though, hands trying to find hers. "I love you. How long till we have to leave for your flight?"

"An hour," she says, after a quick headbutt for the Adam comment. "I love you, too, and I'll try to stay in touch, if it doesn't compromise anything." She kisses him softly. "And it's not like I've talked about him all week. Just sort of a reminder… or request… that you keep on him when I can't." Her fingers interlace with his as she looks up at him. "Breakfast isn't that important, I guess…"

At that last bit, a big grin grows on his lips. "An hour?" Brian looks over at the clock before looking back down with a large, overly excited smile. "Really?" He looks positively delighted when she says that breakfast isn't that important. Leaning back in he goes to plant a brief kiss on her neck. "Make it good. I don't know how long it's going to be…"

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