Auf Achse


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Scene Title Auf Achse
Synopsis Quinn gets a visit from a gal and a babe. Not mutually exclusive.
Date August 11, 2011

Village Renaissance Building: Elaine and Quinn's Apartment

Though it certainly has not been forever since Dee came to visit, it has been a while since she brought her son along with her, unfortunately. With Walter in the stroller and a drawstring bag over her shoulder, Delilah has taken advantage of the beautiful day to come over. Only partially announced- she called before she left Eltingville, and did an errand before aiming towards Greenwich. Everything feels as familiar as it ever does, including the Village Renaissance. It was, after all, Dee's former home, where a great many things took hold on her. Mostly good ones. She is smiling by the time she gets to the elevators.

"Don't get so wound up, it's just your aunties." Walter is wiggling restlessly in the stroller when Dee rings the bell just outside. He reaches towards the door buzzer when Dee's hand moves away from it, to no avail. "Oh! Okay, fine then…" She has dexterity enough to pick him out of the seat and hold him up to the button, which he pushes with sheer baby delight. Bzz, bzz, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-

There's almost no delay in the opening in the dramatic fashion that has become typical of Quinn answering the door to the apartment. But this time is even faster and even more dramatic than usual - maybe that's because Quinn's been waiting pretty close to the door ever since Delilah called earlier. It's not often enough, for her, that their friends visit them at their place. It's much rarer that she gets to see her two friends that live in Eltingville. Babies? Forget about it. So, needless to say, Quinn's been waiting excitedly for Delilah's arrival, killing time mostly by sitting at the dinner table hunched over a notebook she's been writing music in.

The speed with which she's jumped to open teh door is evident immediately, her hair looking a bit messt both form jumping to the door and literal pulling at it as she worked on lyrics, glasses having slid down to the tip of her nose. "Delilah!" she says cheerily - and loudly - before leaning towards Walter and reaching out to ruffle the bit of hair he has. "It is so good t' see you!"

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz- Delilah stops the baby only when Quinn speaks, prying him inches away from the button. He is still reaching, of course. Delilah wears a lacy, dark blue skirt that hangs to her knees, and a simple gray shirt, looking rather demure compared to the usual color. No reason though, that can be seen on her face. "Quinn, hello." She sing-songs. The baby fusses when his head is rubbed on, hands reaching for Quinn's when she does it. It all leaves his hair sticking out at one side. What a mean auntie! Walter buries his face in Dee's shirt, away from ruffling fingers.

"It's about high time, too, right?" She keeps the baby propped with one arm, using the other to nudge the stroller inside the doorway. "I should know better than let him see me pressing buttons. Especially when they make a noiiise~." She keeps her lilt, kissing him on the messy orange hair before following her empty stroller in.

When Delilah nudges the stroller in, Quinn takes it's handle and pushes it the rest of the way in, Inger peeking her head up from where she lays in the window sill as she watching teh new arrivals with curiosity. And probably a bit of wariness, at the sight of the baby. Quinn herself can't help but smile and laugh at Walter as he attempts to hide himself from her reaching hands. "Is he having a grumpy?" she asks with amusement, before shutting the door and moving back furhter into the apartment.

She's dressed in a button up black shirt and matchingg knee length skirt, what usually passes for her work clothes, though the shirt is tastefully buttoned a bit from relaxing and working on her music. "Just keep him away from any of the phones in the house. I'm sure he would go nuts for a colourful touchscreen like that." The glasses are taken off and set down with her notebook, the musician letting out a bit of a sigh. "It is about high time," she remarks, patting Delilah on the back - the only reason she doesn't hug is because of teh baby in arms. "How've you been?

"Apparently. He likes Angry Birds, on mine. He doesn't know what it is, but he likes it." Delilah doesn't wait too long before getting in, to unhook him from her and place him gently onto the carpet, via hands and knees. He lolls there on his tummy a moment, before pushing himself up and doing an awkward crawl across the floor. The little ginger baby gains some momentum on the way, as well. "He has some new tricks. Don't even need the windup key, or anything. He's been getting into anything we leave on the coffee table."

A minor update, in short time. Dee, arms free, is more open with grabbing Quinn into a quick, tight hug. Maybe it's sudden, maybe Quinn saw it coming- but nevertheless, it happens. "I have been good, all things considered…" Delilah leans away, smiling and stepping softly after the babe, who has parked his butt in the doorway to the living room, peering around it. "You guys?"

Quinn warches Walter as he begins to crawl, chuckling quietly. Inger watches as well, for the moment content to spy on baby Walter from her perch. She'll come down when she's good and ready, and confident that Walter isn't going to pull on her tail or otehrwise make her regret the idea. "Man. He's getting so big and active. It's so scary t' think about what he's going t' be like in a year. He's such a-"

Quinn is cut off by the hug, smiling to herself as she returns it. It is sudden, but it's certainly not unwelcome. "We've been well enough. Kinda boring, all things considered. Which I guess is nice, given the alternative, but I wouldn't mind a little excitement sometime soon." SHe shrugs, moving to lean against the dinner table. "I'm glad you guys are doin' well. It's like I told Sable last time she was here, Elaine an' I get worried."

"He's gonna be a big boy, if his genes have anything to say about it. Right, Walter?" Dee creeps after him to watch, as he begins to inspect the carpet, and then the span of it. "I've had enough excitement for the last few days." She looks back, a glance, to see if Quinn is looking at her. When she confirms, she continues. "Been having some strange dreams again. The least interesting of which, I was a pony, and Delia was a bunny rabbit." Which can mean a couple things- but the most obvious is that she has been in touch with others in Eltingville, somewhat, and that maybe Quinn isn't alone with some of them.

"You're both right to be worried. Especially lately." Delilah doesn't look back at Quinn when she says this, instead leaning there in the doorway, the back of her red mane of hair all the expression the other woman gets. "I'm afraid of what might happen. Delia told us to hide and wait." For what? goes unsaid.

Quinn's happy and amused expresstion flattens dramatically, watching Delilah silently for several moments. There's a selection of things she could pick to address in that few moments of Delilah speaking. So, she decides to start from the easiest of topics - "Delia's always a bunny. You know she's a dreamwalker right?" A beat. "Wait, of course you know. But… yeah, she does that. I can't remember what I was in the last dream of hers I was in. One time I was a princess, though! She came t' save me. She was lookin' for someone else, but it was still cute."

Quinn can't help but giggle a little, but it tapers off pretty quickly. "Yeah. You're not the only one who's having dreams again. Mine… haven't been too bad, at least. Talking with Jolene… writing a memorial song for Magnes…" Quinn rolls her shoulds a bit as pushes off the table, her arms crossing as she moves over towards Delilah.

"You guys worry me just from bein' there, but id Delia's warning you…" She actually sounds worried even now. Maybe a little bit uncomfortable as she moves up behind Delilah, a hand placed on the woman's shoulder. "Did Sable tell you about the offer we gave her?"

"I knew, yeah. Wasn't ready to be pulled out of a cartoon, though." Delilah shrugs and laughs, looking to Quinn when it feels less forced, and Quinn is nearer. "I had one about a meeting, and then one about Kasha and Abby."

"I don't know. What did you offer her?" Dee puts her palm on Quinn's hand, before following Walter into the den proper and sinking down onto her knees, setting the pack of baby things aside in the process. Walter ambles over to her lap, crawling his way onto her thighs to push himself up. She picks up his hands, and arms, and tilts him onto his shoes. The boy teeters in her grasp, largely uneven, but he is standing, technically. "At first we had no choice but to be there, and it is getting harder and harder to think about going. Not even because of good things."

Quinn blinks and tilts her head. "Oh right. I- think I had that one too? With Nadira…" Quinn looks down at Walter, smiling. "You're going t' be a cute kid, you know that?" She scratches her own cheek, eyes following Delilah as she moves into their den. Inger, with the presence of a less familiar adult, has decided to hop her way down from the window, meandering her way in that slow cat way toawrds Delilah and Walter. "I dunno. Being a cartoon is kinda fun. I thought it was neat. Then Kaylee was a snake and it was kinda sccary, but…" Quinn trails off, waving her hand dismissivly.

It wouldn't be right to say she looms, but Quinn certainly does stand for once towering over the pait as Dee stands her boy upright. "Elaine and I told her that if things ever get too bad there, you guys are more than welcome t' move here. We have a whole bedroom we don't even ever use." She sighs, hunching over so that she's closer to level with Walter. "With how dangerous it is, we worry. Though I get if you guys wanna stay to make sure things are okay there, that's probably what I'd do. We just want you t' be safe."

"It's getting to be less safe every day." Delilah isn't sure how to explain things to someone that doesn't live there. It is hard to know just where to begin. She looks up at Quinn, and for that moment, she looks exactly her age, a bit lost and hopeful at the same time. "We did put a lot of time into making a home there, but it won't matter if they line us up against a wall." Lilah's face is pallid, now, and as she looks to Walter, puts in a happy face for him. He smiles and laughs, the peak of a few tiny white tooth in his lower jaw.

"Delia said that people were meeting about it, I think. The people in Eltingville? I'm not sure, dreams get blurry, and there was a lot going on in it. I think they may mean to come for us. But maybe we should go before something happens." Walter crumples at his knees and into her lap again, and Dee wraps her forearms around him protectively. He thinks it's just another Thing, so tries to stand up again, butt-first.

Naturally, that only sends him back onto the carpet, and he lets out a frustrated series of baby-words to his mother.

Quinn follows suit after Walter, moving to sit on the carpet. She, hower, is much more graceful about it that the young, young boy. The serious turn in the conversation hasn't dulled her expression much furhter, perhaps put on for Walter just had Delilah had done. But rather than reach out for walter once more as she laughs at his baby words, she instead lets Inger walk out from behind her and up into her own lap - Delilah has her baby, QUinn has her (someone else's) cat. It works out, right?

"I hate that place, and I've never set foot in it," is grumbled by Quinn, fingers stroking at the squished face cat as it watches Walter hesitantly. "A lot of the dreams I've seen, a lot of the bad stuff I've heard from Jolene and from Adel… it sounds like stuff giong on in Eltingville now. That's what scares me the most," she admit, eyes cast down at Inger and her expression growing gradually more sullen. "I do think that if you guys can do anything to help, you should, as long as you can. But the selfish part of me wants you guys out the moment it gets too bad."

"Hey Inger." Dee murmurs, glancing up at Quinn again. "It's a lovely neighborhood, but not in this day and age, and not for what it's for. I wish I could have lived there, decades ago. The house we have there is just right…" If only, if only.

"We've done our best to befriend people there. So many young people, and older people. Nadira, since we apparently both know her, is going to have a baby in a few months, too. I've been volunteering since I got there. I've been kind to almost everyone, no matter what." It won't be enough, she knows it. "If something happens, I tell myself I'd be able to act, but having it happen is another thing. I would feel better about it if I had a gun, or even if my ability worked again."

Quinn's eyes close halfway and she nods, looking back up with a smile at Walter. It's good he's there, to keep things from becoming totally depressing, and Quinn would have that so much. "Nadira an' I worked t'gether at Tartarus. We're, uh… close friends." And there's that blush that always betrays Quinn's intentions of keeping how close to herself. "I can't believe it's almost time for her t' have her kid, I was there when she found out. She's in Eltingville now? God. That's… sad. And makes me a little scared for her. I hope she can handle it well enough…"

Still petting Inger with one hand, Quinn leans back and props herself up with the other. "At least you're helping t' make that place a little better, even if it's only in small ways, Proud a' you for doin' that, it sounds like that place needs as much of stuff like that as it can." A glace over towards her room, and she takes a deep breath. "I have a gun. Borrowed from- friends," the Ferry. GCT, specifically, "if you want t' take it. I've been practicing over the last few months, but not the last week or two."

"I kind of spirited her away from out of a drugstore. I knew she was familiar at the time, but all I really saw was some poor woman with a bump looking like she had nobody else in the world." So, as Quinn can rightfully guess, the little miss Trafford swooped in. "I had been attending a farmer's market for a while, but there was an incident a couple weeks back, and now they're watching it too close. I can't be so friendly when they're watching like that." Someone might get jealous, or- something.

"I can't. They search you every time you pass the gate, and even if I took it in pieces, they would know, they're soldiers." Military, maybe not so much- there are hired guns here and there, she thinks. "If I could, I would. I'm an okay shot." A pause, wherein she picks Walter up again to stretch his legs out, sneakers stamping on carpet. "If I don't hear something soon about what Delia was saying, we might have to just- never go back. It's not like we can move our stuff out through the gate, either."

Quinn frowns a bit when she hears more about Nadira. "Poor woman. Do you know if she has a phone? I should call her. It's been too long since we talked anyway." Her hand reaches up from Inger, rubbing at her chin. "Thanks for helping her out, though. I appreciate that. I wonder where the hell her fiancee is, though." Not that he could go looking for her there, and Quinn knows that. But she still seems a little sour about it.

"I figured that might be the case or something, but I- thought I'd offer anyway. "I'm sure if you guys do do that, you can get some things out. Important things. Maybe get a few things out at a time, an' then just not go back?" SHe shrugs a bit, picking Inger up into her arms and rising back up to her feet. "On a more cheerful topic, Elaine made cake last night. Double fudge, it's really good last night, if you want some."

"I can give you the number for where she's staying, I think, unless she's unhooked it or something. Phone lines are spotty." Delilah watches Walter turn in her hands, starting across the floor when she lets him down again. He shuffles to the coffee table, putting one hand and then the other up, and pulling his head up after, to look at the surface of the table. Checking for things.

"I think that would be great, actually. Can we cut a small piece for him? He's only had pudding for some treats lately, I think it's about time for icing and chocolate. Even if he keeps me up all evening. I like it when that happens, but probably won't whenever he learns to walk…" Dee laughs, imagining the activity then. "Maybe we can bring out a few things here, just in case? We can try the middle ground, first." Take out the most important things, bring them here?

Clicking her tongue as her way of showing annoyance, Quinn sets the cat awkwardly on her shoulder as she moves towards the kitchen. "Could you, before you leave? I'd really appreciate it." Here's hoping, at lesat.

Walter is going to be mostly disappointed with anything on thet able - it mostly just contains Quinn's iphone, a Rock Band guitar, and one of Elaine's textbooks for teh forthcoming fall semester. Nothing too special, at least not special enough that Quinn thought to move it. Walter might think otherwise.

The cake is taken out, Inger jumping down from Quinn's shoulder before three slices are quickly cut and slid onto plates, Quinn carrying them towards the coffee table. There's something for Walter to oogle at. "Delilah, dear, of course you can bring some things here. We have the space, and even if we didn't no one uses the studio but me anymore, so I'm sure we could put some things up there. Whatever you want to do, just let me know. If there's anything I can get for you guys tot ake back that you can get through the gates, just let me know and I'll see what I can do."

The guitar? That has motherfucking buttons on it. Walter makes an excited noise, bobbing onto his feet, awkwardly angled, leaning up with his hands outstretched. They curl around the top of the guitar, and he pulls it an inch closer, just enough to press on some of the buttons. Haaaaaaaa- best thing ever! Click click. Even if it does… nothing.

He looks up when Quinn comes back, blue eyes practically glowing, his cheeks pulled into a chortling expression. Of course, when she puts the plate down, he decides to reach for that instead. "I think I will take you up on moving some of our things. Papers, files, our safe, that kind of thing?" Delilah scoots over to the coffee table, plopping Walter into her lap and sitting there for both of them.

The clack clack clack of the buttons raises Quinns eyebrow as she walks out into the room, cake in hand (she's had more than a few waitress jobs in past years). "Uh oh, Delilah. Your boy's takin' a liking t' the guitar. Better watch out, or he's going t' end up more like me an' Sable than anyone else. An' isn't that a scary thought?" She smirks, settling down on the couch and handing around the cake. Walter's is a dramatically smaller portion, but one he should enjoy regardless.

"Good. I'm glad. Picture books, Sable's instruments, stuff like that? Whatever you wanna bring by, just in case." Forks are set down, and immediately, Quinn takes a bite of her, eyeing Walter fo a moment. And she then doesn't really hesitate in taking a dollop of froting and dabbing it right on his nose, giggling as she waits for his reaction. That's not bad, right? He'll just go a little crosseyed and giggle.

"At least he'd have some kind of art in his life, right?" Delilah holds him up against her chest, so that he can see onto the table. Cake! Not a lie. Blue eyes do cross as Quinn dabs chocolate on his nose, and one hand reaches up to where she touched. He makes a mouthy sound, trying to lick his lips. Not working! Dee reaches for the dab with her finger, laughing, before putting it on his lips. A good taste, then.

"Stuff like that, yeah. I think Sable will want her pride and joy safe." She means the guitar, though it does occur that maybe Sable has some more important things now. Hm. "The guitar and things. She works so hard on her writing, too." Cough. "How do you like it, Walter?"

"Mmmmmmnnnnnnmmmeh?" Is about the content of his response.

Quinn can't help but laugh at Walter when he fulfills her prediction, more or less, of his response. She leans back for a moment, before wrinkling her nose and instead sliding down on to the floor next to Delilah. Another bite of cake, and Quinn looks over at the child with a smile. "Don't even lie," she says to him. "You like it and you know it. Don't play coy." She reaches up, tapping him on the head twice with finger.

"Sable knows she can bring anything by any time," Quinn says with a bit of a laugh. "We made that pretty clear with our invitation, and th same goes for you." Quinn slouches a bit, closing her eyes as she takes another forkful. "I just hope you guys either figure something out or things get better soon. I know you didn't come by here to talk about all kinds a' depressing stuff an' what not."
"Well, I did. But now that it is mostly out of the way…" Delilah tickles at Walter's stomach, while he tries to pry a gob of cake from the plate nearby with pinching hands. "I suppose it's time to settle in for cake, instead of crying into our tea, huh?" Walter sniggers when she pokes at his belly button this time, bringing back a slick of brown icing to stick into an open maw.

"We'll take you up, Quinn, I have no doubts. Time will tell how quickly, or how successfully. I'll talk to Sable about things tonight."

"Oh. Well, now I feel like an ass," Quinn remarks with a bit of a laugh. "If it's somethin' you want t' talk about more, it's fine, really." She shrugs a bit, grinnging at Walter as he eats some of the icing. "Elaine'll be happy t' hear it. She might be even worried than I am. I think she's napping. Or something, if you wanted t' say hello. I got kinda caught up in workin' on music, I don't know if she decided t' go out or something…" Quinn looks up towards the closed bedroom door, tilting her head for a moment.

Cake is a good enough distraction, though, the musician taking a big forkful - her slice hadn't been much bigger than Walter's, and there's only one small bit left now. "You're welcome t' hang around today as long as you want. I'm sure ELaine'll be excited t' have a baby to take care of." Since Walter's the only one they can anymore, something which brings a momentary look of sadness to her face. "Basically? Open invitation. Same one Sable got. Mostly. Our home is you all's home, and if you ever need to drop walter off to make sure he's safe or whatever? It's cool. No need t' even call." She takes her plate and fork, reaching to grab the othes once finished as well, and hurries them off to the kitchen.

"I think I just needed to make sure it was happening." Delilah answers, following the look that Quinn gives the door, taking her own fork up now and letting Walter make a mess of himself in the meanwhile. "It's okay, I wouldn't want to wake her if she is. Thanks, Quinn. It's nice to know that there's always someone here. I guess I just needed to hear it to believe it. That seems to happen more often to me, than others." Maybe it has to do with how brazenly independent Dee tends to be, and how much she values 'family'. Validation, perhaps.

"This little monster might need a hose when he's done." Dee eyeballs the smear already on her son's face. Boys. "I think we'll stay. And cover Inger in choc-o-late…" Right? Right.

"Oh, no no no. From what I know about his former owner, I'm pretty sure Inger takes after her - I'd avoid pissing her off. You'll probably regret it, and I imagine " Quinn tone is dry, but there's a smirk on her face. She scans around the room looking for Inger, but the calico hsa vanished from sight since she was banished from Quinn's shoulders. Plates placed away, forks in the sink, and a napkin brought back to wipe walter's nose off with, handed to Delilah as Quinn settles back down on the floor.

There's a moment, though, where a grin froms on her face, and she leans over against Dee, pointing at her. "Just be warned, you're gonna stay here for any period of time…" SHe grin turns impish, and she nudges Delilah with her elbow. "Things tend t' get interesting in our household. Sable's never minded, though." ANd on that note, she stands back up. What was that I said? Oh, nothing. I promise.

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