Aunt Nancy


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Scene Title Aunt Nancy
Synopsis Magnes puts his trust in all of the wrong people, and Huruma lets him.
Date January 3, 2009

Outside Old Lucy's

Breaktime in Lucy's is often not so much a break- most women working there simply stay inside; as it is for Huruma some of the time, but other times, she chooses to meander outside along the short alleyway where the entrance to Old Lucy's lies. The tall woman is wrapped in a dark wool coat; tightly clad pants and boots that add a few more inches pace and crunch in the melting ice, and she finally stops and stands like a shadow against the dark brick nearby the entrance. In one hand is a slender metallic object, the end of which ends in the smoldering glow of smoke. With somewhat folded arms, the fingers that hold onto it seem to only be another attachment. Even in less.. dangerous vices, she is still graceful.

Off in the distance, there's the sound of someone's voice, possibly jumping with a 'Hah!' every few moments. The sound gets closer, until finally Magnes lands in the alley, only about ten feet away from her. He almost immediately spots her, then starts crouching down, getting ready to try and jump away before she can see him.

He is incredibly fearful of her.

She can feel him coming from so far off that it really isn't a surprise when she can actually hear him- and see him. Just as he lands, the dark woman with the pale eyes cranes her neck sidelong to put her gaze on him. When he crouches again, there is a moment where Huruma can only think 'is he kidding?'. She can smell his fear, but as for stupidity- she does not need to try and see that.

"…Where are'ou going, boy?" Huruma exhales a mixture of actual smoke and the illusion of such in the cold air, and only the former spirals upwards in a snakelike curl past her face.

Magnes is frozen in his tracks, looking over at her like a deer in the headlights. He doesn't come any closer, or move anywhere at all, he just stands there. "Uh, I um, I was just gonna um, see if Abby was in the bar…"

Huruma purses her lips for a moment, high cheekbones marking a shadow of a V on her features. "She is not. Though she may b'in soon." The woman lids her eyes almost into a blink, turning herself to face Magnes, one heel balancing most of her in a careful shift. With just the smallest push, Huruma does move toward him, feet silent save for the slick of some water on the toe of a boot.

Magnes just stares, unsure of what she intends to do in her approach, all he knows is that she's scary and she's moving. He tries to make his legs budge even an inch, but he's simply trapped there, too afraid to do anything. "O-oh, I see, well, I guess I'll see you later…"

Huruma does not do anything apparent, wandering closer until the two are not so far apart, and she can look down into his face easily enough. The smolder at the end of that metal falls ashen to the ground, and she simply glances at it before flicking the rest onto the ground and into the icy concrete. "If she is goin't'be in, I don'see purpose in leaving."

Magnes takes a deep breath, then decides to try another tactic, other than being scared shitless. Hey, if it kept Sylar from killing him, maybe other people get too curious about what he's saying to kill him, or maim. "A-ah, yeah, you're right. Hey, you know, you remind me of Calypso…"
"Th'nymph?" Huruma's lip curls up past a canine on one side, and she appears somehow offended and curious at the exact same time. What is he playing at? She knows the story of Odysseus.

Magnes shakes his head, nervously sliding his hands into his hoody pockets. "No no, I mean Calypso from Spider-Man, she often manipulated Kraven the Hunter into trying to kill him. She was a strong and beautiful African woman, but she was really scary too. After fighting Spider-Man so many times, she never truly died, and used her powers to take people's bodies and stuff."

He manages to smile, to show that he doesn't mean anything by it. "I guess I thought of it because, well, women are kind of intimidating, but you're the first woman who really scared me. I don't mean that as an insult or anything, I'm just saying…"

If the tall woman finds her curiosity growing, she does not say; so he merely gets stared at. Huruma lifts her fingers to open her coat and slip that cigarette holder into it, face never leaving the young man in front of her. Inside the coat, she does offer a glimpse of something both low-cut and baring of her stomach. On purpose or not? Nobody knows.

"Mmmmm. So… I remind'ou of a bodysnatching, immortal comic-book villainess." Huruma chews the words carefully, and it takes quite some restraint to not lift a hand and smack him in the nose. "Though I suppose I shoul'think abou'the rest as a compliment, hmm?" The humming reverberates in her throat like a slight growl and a puff of frozen breath escapes her nose. "There're worse things t'be."

"Well, I did say she was pretty…" Magnes adds, moving to lean against the wall as he thinks over everything he just said. "The Calypso from the cartoon would probably much more to your liking, though. She was Kraven's lover, and for reasons I forgot, she took the serum that made him wild, and she became pretty wild, but she was still a very intelligent doctor." Magnes vaguely remembers, then just sighs in a puff of steam. "Sorry, I'm not really good at this, the whole making friends thing. Comparing Sylar to Galactus worked a lot better…"

It's almost as if she has engaged a pop-culture reject. Inky black pupils sit on Magnes as he speaks, stutters, and fumbles. At least Huruma does get the message, despite that. As he mentions Sylar, her nostrils do flare in her next breath. "Hmf." Is all about him she needs to say. Meanwhile- "Wha'makes'ou think we're 'making friends'?" Ow.

"We're talking, we both know that old guy. I'm sure if we like, talked and stuff, we'd really like eachother. I feel bad for being afraid of you." Magnes pushes off the wall and walks over to her, not bothering to skate when there's too much snow in some places. "We should figure out what we have in common. What do you like doing? What's your favorite food?"

Huruma hasn't seen Deckard in weeks, if that's what he means. Don't feel bad about being afraid, Magnes.

"…What do I like." What is wrong with this kid? Part of her feels the need to make an example out of him- but then there is the fact that he comes to Lucy's all the time. Dilemma, dilemma. The woman's dark features clench for a few seconds, and she adjusts her weight to the other side of her hips. "'Ou don'wan't'know." No, really.

"Alright, what about stories? What's your favorite kind of stories?" Magnes asks, since everyone likes stories, right? it's just a matter of taste in them. "I like ones with big epic battles and saving the world, but I like stories where you really get to know the villains, too."

If the fourth wall were to offer that Huruma didn't like stories, that would be a lie. She does- though perhaps not to the extent that she regularly reads novels or comic books to fulfill an interest. So, she answers with the only genre constantly familiar. "Fables. Folk tales." Her eyes lid down at Magnes. "Th'first stories."

Getting to know the villains, huh?

Magnes rubs his chin and considers that, smiling. "Like the original Grimm stories, before Disney screwed them all up?" he asks, figuring she does look like the type who'd be into that kind of thing.

"Why not." Huruma can rest with that. She does, after a moment, play a smirk on her lips. "But- Anansi will always'ave a bigge'place t'me."

"What's that?" Magnes wonders, suddenly interested as he holds his hand out for her. "Can you tell me the story? And um, since you've seen me do it before, wanna go on the roof for a better view?"

Huruma visibly bristles, but only at the offered hand and the third question. After a short weighing of her options, the woman lifts her hand towards Magnes', almost queenlike. Fine. It's going to be his lucky day, provided that he doesn't act like a worse shithead within the next timeframe. "I will tell'ou some." Hopefully before she gets sick of him, her break will be over.

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