Authentic Hope


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Scene Title Authentic Hope
Synopsis A musical legacy stirs, in support of future hope. Perhaps a torch is even passed.
Date March 28 2011

Erica's Coffee Shop

A little too early for lunch and too late for most people to be getting their first hit of caffeine, it's a quiet time in Erica's Coffee Shop. A couple of students are over by the window, holding hands across the table while complaining about their philosophy lecture. Erica herself is behind the counter, listening to nineties soft rock on the radio. And in one corner, with a steaming mug beside her and a newspaper on the table before her, has to be the British-accented woman who said that Nate'd know her when he saw her.

Apparently inspired by times long gone, her attire is reminiscent of a gentleman pirate or highwayman: leather boots over the knee, second-skin breeches, a flamboyant white shirt, an embroidered and brass-buttoned waistcoat that shows off her curves…. She even has a frock coat hung on the back of her chair, while a tricorn sits on the table beside her hat. A sturdy leather sling, however, immobilises one arm, and though her long braid of hair is mostly glossy black the lowest portion is a brightly vibrant and thoroughly modern blue.

As he walks into the coffee house, Nate pauses to look for his eyes to adjust to the lighting. He cocks an eyebrow looking around feeling a bit out of place in his "rocker" attire wearing his father's leather jacket, ripped jeans, huge boots, and t-shirt. As he flicks his blonde hair out of his face his eyes fall on Ygraine as he cocks his head to the side and begins to make his way towards. He stops a little ways and says, "Ummm…" He gives her a wave and says, "Hey…my name is Nate…are you my date?" He blinks and lets out a little chuckle, "Hahaha bad pun."

Burgundy lips quirk into a wry smile, and the woman uses her one available hand to gesture an invitation to the seat opposite her own. "I would get up, but I plead advanced decrepitude and pathetic laziness", she informs him, before leaning forward to offer her hand. "Ygraine FitzRoy." Her accent is crisply educated and British.

Nate takes her hand and shakes his, "Nathan Roberts. How ya doing Mrs FitzRoy." He releases it before leaning slightly back in his chair.

"I've been better", she responds, tone dry though her lips again twitch into a smile. "I can certainly advise against getting either shot or half-starved, should you have been considering either. But unless you're a journalist, I doubt that our mutual acquaintance would have pointed you towards me to hear about the joys of life in the Dome…."

Nate shakes his head, "No ma'am I am not a journalist. I am a musician. Yet our friend pointed me through my sister. Her name is Harmony." He leans back in his chair and begins to balance on the back legs before he says, "Never been shot but I have been shot at."

Ygraine winces. "I was hoping to keep it just to the latter part, myself. And for most of my life, I'd expected to avoid any part of the whole process. But… life in New York is rather interesting, these days. In fact… well."

Neatly folding shut the paper - though it looks like there might be something beneath it, she purses her lips. "I don't suppose that anyone gave you any indication of why you were pointed towards me? I wasn't warned to expect you, I confess. Though I do have some ideas."

Nate looks down at the table as he places a hand on the table, the area below his hand begins to gain a black aura around it. The table lifts a few inches off the ground and then settles back on the ground as Nate says, "Richard felt my talents would be better used with you I think. Well he didn't say it in so many words. I think he didn't want a brother and sister duo in his group. Or company or whatever the hell he calls it." He shrugs and chuckles, "I am more about doing what I can to help."

Ygraine's eyes widen. "That is not exactly what I was expecting", she murmurs, before pursing her lips and cocking her head. "What're you Registered with, if you don't mind me asking?"

As he shrugs and says softly, "Sorry…I am telekinesis. I suspect your not a cop so I can say this…I kind of lied on my strength levels on what I could do. They think the most I can lift is a garbage can…but that is not the case." Nate watches the woman curiously.

Ygraine chuckles softly, and nods. "No, I'm not a cop. And I'd be surprised if there were many people who knew much about what they could do who'd provided a full version of it when Registering. Telekinesis, I believe, is one that they like to pay close attention to, however. What Tier did they give you?"

Nate smiles and shrugs, "I am a 2. I think they are nervous it will grow in strength and get to the point of dangerous." He cocks his head to the side, "So I have revealed something about myself. Are you within my special "family?"

Ygraine laughs softly. "That depends on quite what you mean. I'm not connected to our mutual acquaintance in the same way as your sister. But I do have an activated Complex, yes. Safely Registered, of course, or I'd never be allowed into the country. But I'm attempting to change some elements of the present situation. And it sounds as if you might have some… talents that could be rather useful for that."

Nate nods and smiles, "Happy to help if I can. You can tell me where and when and I am happy to do what I can."

Cracking a swift grin, Ygraine offers a lop-sided shrug. "You might want to be careful about making open-ended commitments. By no means everyone is so honest and open as me. But… one of the first things that sprang to mind when you contacted me was something that won't require you to do anything underhanded at all. Though you might want to do it anonymously. That'd be up to you."

Taking a quick sip of her drink, she then quirks another smile. "Hard though it might be to believe when you see my staid and conservative exterior, I'm presently trying to put together a musical project. It's in support of an organisation called Liberty, of which I hope you have heard - but I won't be surprised if it hasn't really registered."

Nate blushes slightly and says, "I am sorry. I don't mean to sound ignorant Mrs FitzRoy but most of my music and time and focused on making my sis happy. She is kind of…well hormonal. Long story…yet I am always happy to help with musicial stuff if needed. What can I do for you? Teach? Write? Jam?"

"Our mutual acquaintance got her pregnant with triplets, I believe", Ygraine says, tone distinctly dry. "And… well. Write, perform, sing, help others to do so. Herd musicians towards a studio. There have been various expressions of interest, to one degree or another, but precious little progress. In truth, we have the work put together by the chairwoman of Liberty - who is herself a recorded singer, Adelaide Xylander, or Adelaide Naimarc in some credits. And I'm aware of one other song that has been fully written. What I'm hoping for is a collaborative album. Ideally covering at least something of a range of styles, though if some genius were to find a way to make it sound like a coherent whole that would be marvellous. But it would be used to raise awareness, inspire listeners, ideally spawn songs that get into the popular consciousness to some extent."

Nate hmmms and nods, "I would be cool with that. Would you be cool if I asked my sister to help. I think this is a cause she would like…I think with both of us on the project you could have the children of "Authenic" helping you. You could get a bit more…solid results." He blinks and hmmms, "Odd. I have never used my folks before to help with something yet…I think they would want us too…I think…hope."

Ygraine lifts a brow, then chuckles softly. "I… how would you feel about perhaps each doing something on your own, and a song together? I don't know how the pair of you work, or how you sound together, but… if it were viable that could be great. Let each of you express yourselves individually, as well as playing the family card. And I think that it could certainly help to interest some other musicians."

Nate nods and says, "I will talk to her. She might not want to be seen on stage or anything till after she isn't prego yet I will let you know as soon as I can. If not…I will be happy to work on your project and see what I can come up with for it. Maybe something rock inspirational." His mind is already in music mode.

Cracking another grin, Ygraine allows herself to look distinctly pleased. "Can I buy you a drink of something in gratitude? Or cake? The death by chocolate is amazing…. But I'm keen to get the album together as the first priority. Preferably get it moving so that it has a life of its own. Heck, if we get enough interest, why stop at one? I'd hope that songs about freedom and justice might still resonate with writers and performers and audiences alike. And whatever the take on the themes, we can probbaly make use of it - whether it's an allegorical love song delivered as a ballad or a rousing rock anthem, I'm hoping that we can provide a range of things to cover a range of tastes. And a range of people who might possibly be inspired to think, and to lift a finger to help."

Nate shakes his head as he takes out a pen and begins on a napkin, "No I am good. I should get back to Harmony soon. She will need to be fed or she wont eat." His hand writing down lyrics already as he looks up and says with a tone of certainity, "I don't rap."

Ygraine can't help but laugh at that. "Awww. There goes my plan for a massed rap from all the artists together. And it would have made an album about legal reform and the Constitution so very cool!" Shaking her head, she then inclines it to Nate. "Thank you. Would you object if I passed on your contact details to one or two other people, to help to coordinate things?"

Nate stands up as he nods and says, "Yeah sounds perfect…and no rap." He continues to write on the napkin as he waves to the woman before he slowly begins to walk towards the door, "Anything ya need call me." He is in musician mode. The countdown has started and the rocket is ready to explode. The door opens by itself as he walks out through it and disappears singing softly to himself in different keys.

Shaking her head and grinning, Ygraine watches him go. Maybe it's time to dig out some old Authentic CDs to celebrate what promises to be something of a coup….

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