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Scene Title Authorian Answers
Synopsis Savannah Burton does a Q&A with her fans… and some others.
Date August 18, 2010

A Borders Bookstore, NYC

There's a decent crowd in Border's today. While many may have just happened to be shopping for books and rubbernecked when they saw something going on, there's quite a decent crowd of dedicated fans of Savannah Burton. Sitting casually in a chair at the front of the group is a pretty blonde, microphone in hand and partially drunk water bottle sitting on the top of the table next to her. The table itself is a large one, with a display advertising the three novels of her trilogy, all of which are sitting there for convenient purchase once the talk's over. It appears to be a bit of Q&A, some members of the audience (the few who got there first) in chairs, others just crowding around.

"No, I'm not Evolved if that's what you're asking. The timing was really that I'd been shopping for a publisher for the first novel when the existence of Evolved was publicly revealed. The idea of the series was actually inspired by a few friends of mine. Next question?"

Speaking of people who got their early, Linus had been in the area since before noon and slipped into the Border's an hour before the meet and greet to get the best seat possible. He's in the front row, seated politely enough with his attention raptly on Savannah as she answers the questions. In his lap is a copy of the first book in the series, from the first printing. Clearly he's been a fan for a while, or was lucky enough to score an older copy from Amazon or another site. Probably the former, though. He raises his hand to ask a question, then lowers it when he is called upon. "You said it was inspired by some friends of yours. You knew about the existence of people with abilities before they were publicly exposed, then?"

Savannah notes Linus in the front row, giving him a smile as she answers the offered question. "I actually had two friends of mine from college that I found out had abilities. Obviously it was a big secret back then, but I'd been brewing on the stories for a while and eventually started writing. The idea of people with abilities isn't something new in any genre, so it wasn't as if I'm the first to really write a book about the Evolved… the timing just worked well, and the subsequent books were shaped by the experiences from various different people I've met and been inspired by."

"Scuze me, sugar," Lola Mayeux drones softly, standing in jean cutoffs, an oversized light cotton decorative sweater, grey, and a white tank top. She has a few books in her arms. The taller man seems more than happy to help the young redhead reach a book way up on the shelves - of course, it turns out to be a modern exposé on High-Tech Home Security. She takes the book with a smile and adds it to her little pile.

But something catches her ears, and the redhead pokes her head out from the aisle to look toward Savannah, listening curiously. Someone said Evolved? That's always enough to make this one skittish.

Being a bit later to the game than everyone may have left some people standing, but Delilah is not above using her current state of affairs- being bloating up like a zeppelin with a chewy baby center- to her advantage. So, somehow, she's gotten some schmuck to give her a chair to sit in. She should feel bad, even if just a little- but it seems to not stick. Good deal.

Delilah too has a copy of the first book with her, perched on her knees with her handbag. It's a very …well-loved copy of the book, with dulled corners and a spine that looks like it has been bent open so much the paper is flaking there. Dee came on a mission! She hasn't quite figured out out further than 'bask' and 'signed book'.

Linus smiles and nods politely, muttering a thank you for Savannah answering his question. His eyes fall upon Delilah - no, her copy of the book - for a moment as he adjusts himself in his seat to keep his ass from going numb. He chuckles lightly under his breath at the state of the book, head shaking slightly in amusement. He brought an unread first edition to be signed! His attention refocuses on Savannah rather quickly, though. It is why he's here after all.

That question out of the way, Savannah points over a taller woman in the second row. "With the mandatory Registration happening now, are you planning on adding that to later books? And are you planning more books?"

The author smiles at the question, uncapping her water bottle and taking a swallow before answering. "Well, to answer that second question—yes, I'm still writing. I'm considering writing a companion series based in the same world, though I don't plan on writing any more with these particular characters as of yet. I think a trilogy suits them just fine." There's a pause. "While I am inspired by current events and issues surrounding the Evolved, it's not fact. The characters don't even live in the same universe, after all, but yes, I do use events that happen as potential conflicts for characters. I brushed a little bit on themes inspired by the Registration in the last novel, but I do plan on continuing with such themes in further books."

As a Borders employee walks by with another stack of Savannah's books, Lola's hand gingerly slips over the top one while he's looking away. She's good, damn good, and he doesn't even notice it's missing. She now steps full out into the area where the discussion is going on, but is still staying outside of the Q&A. Just on the fringe, like fugitives like it. One shoulder, still scarred 'neath that sweater, leans against the stack as she flips through the book. And then, without raising her hand, she decides to ask a question of her own.

"An what 'bout that Registration?" She asks in her Bayou-drawl. "Do ya think it oughta be done, or do ya feel it's kinda…pointless?" Not a question about civil liberties and rights, simply - what's it matter?

Delilah hasn't had a question come to her that someone else has not asked already- unfortunate, though she is giving herself some thinking time. There is one already floating around, as the teenager listens closely to Savannah's answers to the tall woman nearer to the front. Dee leans up a bit to watch, glancing around the seats when she sits back again. The next question, being Lola's, is a good one; but then, she's just glad her idea hasn't been brought up yet.

Linus' attention changes from Savannah to the Southern drawl around the edge of the assembled people here for the Q&A session. He snickers - actually snickers - at the question she asks. Then his mouth opens up to speak before he can stop himself. "If you had ready any of Miss Burton's works, you'd pretty much know the answer to that question." He shoots a glance toward Delilah, the well-used book having girl in the front row with him, and then to Savannah. Two people who he is sure know why he said what he said. Then his cheeks turn pink when he realizes everyone else is staring at him for answering for the author and possibly cutting her off.

A lissome hand gently pushes the store's door open, and a tall gaunt figure saunters into the book store. The quaint young man is dressed in an unusually elegant manner, yet with a touch of carelessness apparent. A formal suit as dark as night might seem intimidating and regal, yet the jacket is unbuttoned, exposing the contrasting white shirt with the top two buttons left open. Dark moccasins softly kiss the floor as he slowly advances deeper into the store, grey eyes absent-mindedly surveying the many books on display and sale.

A hand raises up again, this time to have its long slender digits brush against the covers of books as the stranger continues to march forward. His heavy gaze is soon set on the crowd not too far from him. He is well aware of the reason for such commotion. Savannah Burton. Diogenes retracts his hand from the books and circles the gathered in a predatory fashion, flanking the people from the left. A sigh as heavy as his gaze leaves him as he pursues to bring himself closer, though he is in no rush. No rush whatsoever.

Savannah looks from Lola over to Linus and then back again. "It's a fair enough question, regardless." She points out, letting her gaze drift back to the Bayou'd voice. "I wouldn't say registration is pointless. I entirely understand the government's point. It doesn't mean I agree with it in the slightest. I'm registered only because I have to be. I'm of the opinion that it does a lot more harm than good, regardless of your status as Evolved or non-Evolved."

Lola has…let us call it a temper and a sharp tongue. Linus did not make a friend with his remarks, if her narrowed eyes are any indication. "Ahm askin' ta find out if Ah wanna read it, so shut yer smartass Yankee mouth," she seethes, before looking back to Savannah. She shakes her head, taking a moment to let that little flare of temper die away.

"Ah dunno," she agrees, continuing the conversation. "Just seems kinda stupid ta me. Ah mean…." she closes the book with a soft thump sound, holding it in one hand, her little pile of apparently beefed home security books in the other. "Seems ta me that if a somebody wants ta be doin' bad, they're gonna find a way ta do it, Evolved or otherwise,"

Linus lets out a little meep sound, sort of like Beeker from the muppets as the slight pink to his cheeks turns a deeper shade red. His fingers dig into the book he's holding, and his gaze heads straight to the floor. He doesn't even notice Diogenes prowl into the store, or actually listen to Savannah's explanation and the Bayou drawl's response. Hey, did they change the carpeting in here?

One brow is quirked upwards, followed by an inquisitive tip of his head. Diogenes sets his gaze free to roam the crowd; like starving hunting dogs, his eyes rush forth in a meticulous search of a particular voice. Lola has a voice, accent, tone and attitude to be remembered, after all. And soon enough, surely enough, Diogenes sees the fiery woman stand amongst others. "I take it the upcoming anniversary does not remind you that it was an Evolved who bombed a hole in the heart of New York, miss?", he exclaims firmly, his question as much as a reprimand as it is an inquiry. Grinning, the man is content, for it serves two purposes: attracting Lola's attention, and that of Burton.

"Miss Burton, since I already spoke, I hope you don't mind me slipping a question in, as well?" Much like the question before, it is not one he expects to hear an answer for. Instead, he continues, pulling his arms behind his back to let his fingers intertwine there. "You have likened Evolved to disabled people - with positive intentions, I might add. But don't you think it carries highly ambiguous overtones? Particularly, it draws Evolved as victims. Now, the real question is… How many of Evolved who you knew had the ability and mentality to destroy, rather than create?"

"Easy," Savannah attempts to diffuse the situation. "No need to get angry. Anger leads to hate, and I think there's something about that leading to the Dark Side." She grins a bit at the joke, even if no one else comments, and she looks over at Lola. "You're exactly right. There's no litmus test for evil or harmful intentions, so certainly that doesn't mean that someone who is Evolved and has a powerful ability is suddenly too dangerous to be out in the world. If we were to make Registration really equal, we'd have to have some way of really testing to see the potential for harm in non-Evolved people based on their skills, talents, mentality…"

Savannah's eyes shift next to Diogenes. "Pointing out the fact that there was an Evolved that caused the explosion doesn't make a non-Evolved any less dangerous. There are hundreds of serial killers, terrorists, mass murderers, rapists, and other harmful individuals who are equally as capable at causing a blight on any city in the world. A suicide bomber could have just as easily done the same thing as an Evolved."

The blonde author gives a small nod towards Diogenes to allow the question, sitting forward in her chair a little. "Ah," she chuckles. "See, you aren't quite getting my point. It isn't disabled people I make the comparison to, necessarily, and the word disabled isn't entirely accurate for people with various disorders or things that make them other than 'normal'. 'Disabled' people, as you're referring to them, are not victims. To view people who are different as victims is to make them victims, as if the were somehow done wrong. My friends, whom were the original inspiration for my novels, were good people, granted. However I've spoken to plenty Evolved and interviewed them for different perspectives, and some of them were certainly more dangerous, and certainly capable of destruction just as much as some of them were entirely harmless and some had incredible potential for positive impacts upon the world."

Whatever Lola was about to say as far as the conversation goes, she doesn't say it. No, she's got something else on her mind. For anyone paying attention to her, she'll have gone a bit pale as she finally notices Diogenes. Really, a man who has been stalking and - she believes - trying to murder you is not exactly a man you forget easily.

"Why ya know all 'bout that, doncha sugar?" Lola asks over the crowd to Diogenes standing on the far side, but still as part of the conversation. "'Bout serial killers an mass murderers, Ah mean. Evolved or otherwise." If she stays among the crowd, he can't hurt her.

Maybe it's just Delilah, but she didn't come here to hear the same old bellyaching she hears from her friends and family, no sir. This is starting to seem more a political arena than a fiction Q&A. She looks askance to Lola and her virtual attack of Diogenes, and then looks back up towards the author, vaguely hopeful that she- or someone working with her at the store- can help to divert it back to what it's supposed to be. Her concern hasn't quite turned into action, but it is teetering on that line.

Linus cracks his knuckles as he continues to stare at the floor, listening to the words around him grow more into a political and moral debate than a talk about a book series. Suddenly he stands up from his seat and shoots Savannah an apologetic glance before he stares at the ceiling. It's an odd place to stare for the speech that follows, but hey. It's easier than looking Diogenes or Lola in the eye. "If you want to decide if you want to buy the book, go look at some online reviews or something. This isn't the time or the place for this debate. Miss Burton has kindly volunteered some time from her busy schedule to come to this store and answer questions from her fans and sign some books. And you're RUINING it!"

Diogenes happily acknowledges the writer's reply: he offers a respectful nod which is followed by a strangely triumphant smirk. "Thank you", he mouths with barely a sound to be heard. In an invasive manner that contradicts the seemingly wholehearted smile, he eyes Savannah for a moment longer before diverting his gaze to a different target - Lola. It is at this point that the man's smile escalates to a grin that is brimming with mockery. But that is the only response she receives.

Even if he had the intention of replying, it would no doubt have been interrupted by another man's sudden outburst. Predictably, Diogenes is unfazed by it. As one might guess from the deliberately feigned surprise, he is but amused by it. "Calm down. Sit down", he speaks up in a cold tone once Linus falls quiet; the accompanying gesture is a hand being lowered, truly calling the devout fan to reclaim his seat. Not that Diogenes is patient enough to wait for him to do that, no. Instead, he momentarily, for but a second, takes away Linus' legs from him as a stimulus to sit back down; he triggers a haunting sensation that foreshadows complete absence of feelings to be received from his legs. As noted, however, it lasts only a moment.

"I highly respect Miss Burton, despite my aggressive approach. She is a talented individual, as is evident from her writings", he remarks. "I want to know her better, and I apologize if I have insulted anyone here. Now, since it is my fault things were derailed, I will put them back on track. Miss Burton, what is the single largest challenge when writing up an Evolved character. Can you name a single aspect that you find to be the most troublesome?"

Lola is determined to remain in public. Alas, he has the advantage here - he can see her. She knows it, and so it has become a little game of dare. If she is to stay in his sight, she is to stay quite in everyone's sight. How she'll lose him later remains to be seen, but she does pile Savannah's book atop her own stack, letting her arm curl around behind her, beneath her long, loose sweater, where it waits. She remains quiet for now, but she doesn't look away from Diogenes.

The situation is diffused, both by Linus' outburst and Diogenes' response. Savannah offers the former a warm smile, "Thanks, we'll get back on track." With the other's question, she offers a quick nod. "Good one. There's quite a few, when writing Evolved characters, but I can narrow it down to two, at least. The first being that I'm not Evolved, so I don't truly know what having and controlling a power feels like. I can only be creative and go off of the descriptions from those I've talked to. The second is actually determining what abilities the characters have and how that affects their personality… their ability doesn't define them, but without their ability they wouldn't be quite the same. It's a careful balance." She peers around the room. "Any last questions before I sign some books?"

Oh, thank goodness for Nerdrage! Delilah practically sighs from relief when Linus stands up and streams that out- then again, it's pretty funny, and she sighs while trying to stifle her laughing. The question offered next is one that she can somewhat relate to much more- a personal point of view. When Burton answers it accordingly- and very well, mind you- and fishes for the last inquiry, Delilah nearly hops out of her seat when her hand goes up into a wave. Maybe she doesn't quite wait to be pointed out. Yeah. Her British chime is very audible.

"I know that you can get material from your friends and generalization, but with the first books over, are you going to be doing any special research for other novels?"

"Hey, you wait just a second, I'm not going to sit just because y-" Okay, maybe Linus is going to sit just because Diogenes told him too. He looks confused, but it wouldn't be the first time he's fallen down without much of a reason. Even in recent memory. He promptly shuts his mouth and goes back to staring at the carpet, his hards folding over his chest. Looks like it's time to stewing and moping like the time his mother took away his Super Nintendo privileges when he was a child. He does look up when Delilah almost leaps out of her seat with excitement, then goes back to Savannah to wait for her answer. Special research, huh? Cue the daydream.

"Excuse me."

These words are whispered more than once as Diogenes elegantly brushes past one person after the other. His destination is hardly abandoned by his sight; he aims to keep his gaze on Lola with only mild interruptions when a more stubborn fan refuses to give way, at which point the man uses the subtlest encouragement to provide himself a path. And it isn't too long until he is next to the ever elusive redhead, provided she doesn't downright run off at one point or another.

Although his attention rests largely on Lola, spoken words do not escape him. He is not as interested in the miniature conference as he's claimed, but his mind does not abandon it entirely. Not yet, at any rate.

Savannah laughs, a wide smile spreading across her features at Delilah's excitement. "Actually, yes. I've talked to a few different Evolved individuals in the past, but not quite on the scale I'm thinking of working on things this time. My agent's pretty good at setting me up with interviews. Some of the stuff I'm working on takes some interesting angles, so… I'm going to be researching a lot on both sides of various issues. I'll certainly be talking to a lot of people, I believe. Interested parties can feel free to contact my agent."

Lola makes sure to stand in the public eye, turning her back against the stack, but she keeps her hips off it, and her hand back around her back, a comfortable position, perhaps. She watches Diogenes as he moves around toward her, making sure that she stays in everyone's view. She watches him with dark, evil eyes - what's being discussed is lost on her.

"…Do you have his card?" Delilah's abruptness is possibly entertaining as well. If she weren't sitting down she would possibly roll with glee across the room. Cue Katamari theme, picking up chairs and people on the way out.

Linus slowly stands back up, clenching his first edition copy in one hand as he approaches the table Savannah is at. He's actually first in line, but he steps to the side to allow Delilah to go first and so she can have her question answered. The thing - whatever you want to call it - between Lola and Diogenes over by one of the shelves is lost to the back of his mind. He's only feet away from Savannah Burton! Not that she's the most famous author in the world, but.. well. He's a nerd. He licks his drying lips for moisture, fingers idly drumming on his hip.

The elegantly dressed young man cranes his neck, though his gaze remains interlocked with Lola's. "Don't look at me like that", he mutters in a low yet playful tone, "they'll think you're my ex."

Diogenes narrows his eyes while his smile widens. His steel gaze lasts a moment too long, that's for sure, but it ultimately drops to her book collection. "You read?.. Didn't imagine you could", he muses just loudly enough for her and anyone close enough to hear. "Think you're going to buy Burton's new books?" As the question is asked, Diogenes lifts his eyes to once again regard Lola. "Personally, I think her fascination with Evolved is just a form of escapism; think comic books for teenagers, just to a higher degree. Still, think I'll get me a copy. You?"

Lola has her back to the stacks, and for the moment there's really not much else existing except for this man, and she does look a little nervous. But much less-so than she used to - in fact, she fronts against her nerves rather well with spite.

"Coulda said the same fer you, sug. Way Ah hear tell of it ya just live out there among the trash. An they ain' much fer schools, now is they?" She doesn't answer about the book, but she is glad that Savannah's first book is on top of all the other things she's buying. "Poor thing, ya is, really. After they done retaken Staten, is there a hole dirty 'nuff fer ya ta skulk 'round in left in New York anymore? Ah mean, there's plenty a dirty places, but ain' none of 'em up to your standards."

While most have not noticed the proximity and tension between Lola and Diogenes, it hasn't been overlooked by the author. Savannah clears her throat a bit. "You aught to come over here. I'll sign that copy there that you've got." There's a bit of a plan hatching in her head. Still, she's got a signing line to take care of. She smiles as she notes Linus allowing Delilah to be first, and she offers a nod, pushing forward a stack of business cards that bear the name 'Kamber Abbot'. "Kam's a good guy, so feel free to give him a call and we'll see if something can be arranged."

Delilah smiles brightly when she's allowed to finish her line of questioning- and perhaps, incidentally, get her book signed first? The poor well-loved thing. The book. She makes sure to tuck a card into her bag first thing, nodding and grinning. "I know some people that might be useful, but I'll have to ask them about if they'd be interested." Her being one, but she doesn't say that, of course. "For research, I mean." Delilah has enough brain to lean in now, confiding something to someone that she assumes- will totally understand. "We all kind of- run in circles, you know? Safer like that, really."

Linus waits, patiently, for his turn to have his book be signed. In the mean time, Savannah's suggestion across the group for Lola to come over and have her book signed causes him to look back over and see the 'quarrel' between Lola and Diogenes. He'd notice the tension, the way Lola stands, other signs - if only he had the slightest care about the two. Instead, he turns back to the table to lean around Delilah and pick up the agent's business card as well, leaning in just in time to hear Delilah's more hushed words. He turns a little pink again, but says nothing.

"Oh, you'll find the opposite to be the truth, Marie. And you look like the kind of girl who knows as well as I do, if not more so, that Staten is no more rotten than the rest of the world. In fact… Staten plays its cards straight; it wears no mask, its horrors visible in broad daylight." As Savannah calls out to Lola, Diogenes casts a momentary glance towards the author. Unintentionally, the dull grey eyes convey quite the antagonistic air, as though the writer has interrupted a sacred ritual.

The young, darkly dressed man exhales a fractured sigh and turns his eyes back to the redhead, slowly leaning towards Lola so as to exchange words that only she would hear. "Think on it. How many people here know what I and you can do? What we, given the right circumstances, would do? So, you tell me, what is worse - a nightmare you face, or a nightmare that hides in your shadow behind you?" Having said most of what he wishes, Diogenes straightens out, and this time sends a friendlier look to Burton, complete with an apologetic smile.

Marie. Christ almighty, Lola hasn't been called Marie in almost a year. "Ah kin end ya, sugar," Lola points out, very softly. "Doncha go hurtin' nobody here an we ain' got no more problems - most a the folks you done with that Ah know 'bout are long since dead 'n buried. Ya just go over there, nice an easy like, an getcher book signed by the purdy lady. Then ya kin go bout yer day, creepin' out schoolchildren an the like." If the notice was for her to get her book signed, she seems to have no inclination to do so.

The author notes her encouragement ignored, but she gives no attempt to draw either closer, her gaze resting on those in front of her. Savannah smiles again at Delilah. "I'll give Kam a heads up." She'd have to give him a heads up on quite a few things, but she'll not think too much on that. "Definitely understand the whole circles thing. Feel free to let them know it's completely confidential. I'll even treat them to coffee. What's your name?" She questions, making sure to sign Dee's well-loved copy.

"I'm Delilah. Trafford. He might hear from at least me, if not friends-" She smiles, a hand moving onto her chest. There is quite a lot of fondness in her voice- possibly a little bit of her being starstruck. She doesn't often get to meet people like Savannah. "And have you ever thought about addressing class more? There's a lot to draw from places like Staten, I think. Might be something."

The threat completely changes what Diogenes has had in mind. Truth be told, he harboured no intentions of bringing any harm or even chaos this day, but Lola's elaborate threat sparks childish giddiness within him that is simply too delicious to resist.

The store's politely quiet noise is soon drowned out by the shouting of a man. "I will not do it. You will not touch my chi…" Simmering anger and frustration are met with an untimely and anticlimactic end, as his loudly exclaimed statement never sees its own end. The firm negatory gesture of his hand melts into a wobbly motion. His body soon follows, for the tall man crumples to the floor, pulled down mercilessly by gravity. It looks like such a fall might hurt, and it certainly does, but sacrifices must be made.

Motionless and on the ground, Diogenes shouts out in a voice that sounds more frail, now: "Th-that woman! She can disable people's movements!" Some Evolved boast an immunity to their own ability. Diogenes did not.

Lola shakes her head. "Sugar, ya ooze creepy. Ain' nobody buyin' that shit." But she's already backing away, back through the stacks where she can hopefully turn a corner and make her way out while Diogenes' shouting draws crowds toward him. Just because she doesn't believe people will buy it, and she certainly has no desire to be seen. Instead, she shouts, to play along as she hits the door, "Somebody call an ambulence!" And hurries on her way - ducking between shelves to get quickly out of Diogenes' line of sight.

The book is signed and slid back to Delilah. Savannah smiles, giving a nod. "I'll pass the name along to Kam. And I hadn't thought too much on it, but I'll certainly consider addressing it a bit. It's a very interesting idea…" And then, unfortunately, there's a bit of chaos. She peers over, trying to make sure everyone's okay.

Someone likes an idea! That's a first. Delilah is so used to echoing things or not being listened to at all, that she barely registers what's going on behind her with the rest of them. She looks, yes- and stares for a few moments- though there isn't much she can do besides mirror Savannah and hold her book up to her round stomach. Likely that she has two fans standing there, if Dee reads out loud to herself. Maybe when she's written mountains of books years from now.

As rightfully predicted by Lola, Diogenes is fooling no one. Perhaps people have seen the hand gesture when Linus sat back down and assumed the worst, perhaps they did not approve of Diogenes pushing through them to approach Lola earlier, or perhaps they simply did not like the guy for verbally assaulting the author. Hardly anyone pays attention to the motionless man on the floor.

A bit awkward, this. But it does not stop him from emitting a low chuckle. "Oh, that's just cold", he notes. "That is cold, even to a guy like me." He wriggles to life, stretching his limbs before slowly climbing back onto his feet. It is at this point that the crowd is more wary of him, though the chaos does not escalate. It merely provides him with a clear, unobstructed path towards Savannah. A single book slips off the pile as Diogenes grabs it and offers it to Burton.

"I hope you don't mind the little show. The girl has been bothering me for a long while, and I wanted to scare her off."

Savannah smiles at Delilah again, her gaze staying in the direction of Diogenes… and as it seems, he's just fine. The blonde relaxes a little, then nods towards Dee. "Looks like everyone's okay." As Dio approaches with a book, it's quickly signed with a flourish. "The two of you certainly didn't look very friendly, and maybe next time you might not want to do something quite as dramatic as that to get rid of someone you don't like. But I guess everything's okay now." The book is offered back.

Delilah stands a little bit aside when Diogenes approaches after he seems to- get up perfectly fine? She looks at him with a tilt in her head, eyes curious and smile vague when he exchanges words with Savannah. Haha, okay? He must not be good with girls? She really has no idea. A glance is given to the author one more time, and she nods. "Hopefully I'll be in touch." How Exciting! "Thank you so much!" Is her departing word for the blonde, a tiny wave distracting from her smile as she moves off.

Linus watches as Diogenes gets up, more or less dusts himself off, and walks over to get his book signed. What in the hell? He just cut in line! The indignity is astounding. With a shake of his head, Delilah is given a smile as she trots off. Linus steps up, handing over the pristine first edition copy to Savannah. "Make it out to Linus, please." He looks at Diogenes as Savannah is signing his book. "For what it's worth, I believe you. I think there is someone who can paralyze people in the room. I think it happened to me."

"Oh, I don't know. The idea played out better in my head than it did in reality. Guess I am still some way away from a mastermind, huh?"
Diogenes picks up the book, briefly tossing it into the air - a mere inch - before it lands conveniently into his hand. Not a noteworthy achievement, considering the abysmally short distance the book flew into the air. He steps away from the table, flashing Savannah a content grin before finally setting off.

Or, well, he would have, if not for overhearing Linus. As his overly fancy moccasins drive him forth and towards the exit, a glance is cast behind him towards the nosy, if a bit socially awkward fellow. Diogenes repeats the trick from before, stealing all sensations from the repeated victim's leg for a fleeting moment, just to show Sherlock Holmes that he is, in fact, onto something.

But by the time the feelings return to Linus' legs, Diogenes will already have ventured outside.

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