Awkward Confessions


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Scene Title Awkward Confessions
Synopsis Magnes picks Sparrow up from the airport, then they have awkward discussions over pizza. So very awkward.
Date April 7 2010


It's later in the morning, and luckily Magnes' ability is working again when he gets a call from Sparrow of all people. It's freezing, there's about seven feet of snow in the unplowed areas outside of the airport, but he can fly so he doesn't give it much thought.

Arriving at JFK airport, when Sparrow spots him, he looks a bit different from the months ago she saw him last. He's better built and he seems to dress a little differently, wearing a long leather zipped up trenchcoat, stopping just above his blue jeans with yellow spirals going up them, and black snow boots. "Sparrow? Didn't expect a call from you. Been a while."

Damn the snow. First she was delayed in a layover, and now that she's arrived, it's to find piles and piles of it outside. Sparrow is not a happy bird, that much could be said. She's from New Mexico, not the North Pole! Pulling her light jacket about her, she is shivering where she stands inside the front doors, watching the outside.

When he's spied, she shakes her head, studying the man and the changes that have been made in him. She's about the same, just a darker tan being worn on her skin. Stepping outside, she heads for him, "sorry to bother you but I tried a few other numbers, and well.." He was the only one she could get ahold of. "I hoped I still had the right number.."

"I try not to change my number, just in case. And it's not a bother, I'm always happy to help." Magnes smiles and holds his hands out, waiting for her bags. He seems intent on taking all of them. "Where are we going? We're gonna fly, otherwise it'll be hours. Luckily it's not snowing right now."

"Then thanks." Sparrow answers, then glances behind her where she left her bags - a carryon and one suitcase. "The rest will be coming on a van. I've decided to move here, so had to pack up things, arrange for them to ship this way." A deep breath is taken and she laughs, "I don't know. Hotel. I need to go out looking for a place to rent tomorrow. Or.. hmm.. whenever the snow stops."

"I'd offer my place, but I'm already letting two people stay there, and somehow I don't think you wanna sleep in my room." Magnes laughs, grabbing the suitcase and the carryon, then offers his arm. "Grab my arm. And if you need a cheap place, I'm sure I could set you up with my old apartment above Panucci's."

"Hmm.. I don't think your girlfriend would like me sleeping in your room, no." Sparrow says with a wry grin as she takes his hand once her things are fetched from inside. Shivering a touch, she clings to him before hmming, "If that place is available, and cheap, sure. I don't need much.." A pause and she hmms, "Well, actually, I need room to work, but guess that could be figured out later."

"I'm single now. Long story, very long." Magnes looks around for a moment, then leaps into the air when the least amount of people seem to be looking. It's cold, especially with all the air moving, but he seems to know what he's doing and she can feel the invisible force of gravity kind of tethering around her waist. "My old room has a very large closet, it's where I kept my computer and the clothes I made. I used it for my sewing machine too."

"Oh. I.. hmm.. sorry to hear that." Sparrow says as to the loss of the girlfriend. Still, there is some intrigue there before she finds herself being drawn up into the air, this act of 'flying' to make her gasp as much as from the cold as well. She needs a new coat. Another thing added to the list of what to go get the next day, if she can get out. Listening, she hmms, nodding, "I'll take a peek, sure. If it's alright."

"Mister Panucci wouldn't mind someone using it. And if you help out in the shop, your rent will be cheaper." Magnes has them flying pretty high, high enough for the ground below to look like a little patchwork grid of buildings. He's pushing against the air with gravity, to keep their speech and hearing from getting hindered too much. "And don't worry about the girlfriend thing, that was a few months ago, I'm doing better now. I'm always gonna miss and love her, but I think I've moved on."

"I don't mind helping out here or there. I've waitressed before quite a few times in the past, though hopefully he'll understand when I need to work on things as well. Depending on the size of the apartment, I might have to rent a studio to work in.." Some of her work is rather big, after all. As they head through the sky, she inches closer, listening, her gaze to slide to him as he speaks of the girlfriend, "I see, and understand. I.. well.. as they say, better to love and lost, than to never love at all, hmm?"

"Sometimes I wonder about that saying." is all Magnes has to offer to that, but smiles at her anyway as they start to gradually descend. "I'll land at a Holiday Inn. Only sixty bucks a night. We can swing by Panucci's later and get everything worked out."

"Yeah, wonder if the person who said it had really ever loved and lost?" Sparrow answers before nodding her head, "Alright. Sounds like a plan to me. And it's not like I don't have the money to spend.." She is comfortably off with her artwork, thankfully. "Thanks, Magnes." The words come out grateful to him as they begin to descend, a hint of color to show upon her tanned cheeks.

"Alfred Tennyson, a poet. And no, I don't really think he knew what he was talking about. But maybe if my situation wasn't so unique, I'd feel a bit differently." Magnes lands in the back of the building, pushing the snow away from them in a wide circle. He certainly never seemed to use his ability externally when they first met, but now he's pushing the snow away, making a path as they head around to the plowed front of the building. "It's no problem, Sparrow, you're a friend."

"Sorry to hear." Sparrow says again, meaning it. There's a some odd emotion to show in her words before she finally says, "But, I have to say, at least you've had the chance to know love, even if it's painful to know that things are over with." As they land, she chuckles, feeling her feet settle upon the sidewalk, once more connecting her to her powerbase. This is a good thing. Walking with him towards the front, she glances aside, "Still, thanks. There are those who would have likely giving me a 'screw you' after leaving so unexpectedly and not hearing from me in so long. Or been more along the lines of 'who the hell are you again?', not so ready to come out in.." she gestures around them a little, "..this to fetch someone from the airport."

"Hey, we're practically in the same ability family, we've gotta look out for eachother." Magnes laughs, not commenting on love anymore it seems. They're walking along the salted walkway to the front doors, and he turns around, facing her while he moves backward. "You're the Earth, and I'm the gravity that holds everything together."

"That we are." Sparrow will accept that, leaving such heavier topics for another time, perhaps. As they reach the front of the building, she turns to him, her gaze to watch as he seems to move backwards. "Leaving already?" She asks before realizing it, and then chuckles, "Makes me wonder what sort of things we might do together." It's a very real thought, one that brings a certain thoughtful look upon her face for a moment.

"Well, if you're inviting me in." Magnes was about to put her bags down, but instead he walks ahead and pushes the doors open for her, with his shoulder, then starts heading for the desk. "Well, we could always practice. There's lots of dirt, and gravity, well, everywhere."

"I am, yes. If you wish to talk some more? Maybe share a pizza or something?" Sparrow offers, not the least bit sleepy yet, it would seem, and with all the snow, not likely to go back out into it yet. As he heads in with her, she gives a smile, then proceeds to do the check in with the clerk, finally getting a room on one of the bottom floors, key card handed over to her. Turning back to him, she names the number, and it's up the elevator to the room to unlock the door an dstep inside, "Just set them off to the side. I'll worry about unloading them later."

"You know, it sucks. I could be getting days off of work or something, but my boss knows I can fly. I'm an intern now." Magnes sits the bags against the wall, then leaps over to one of the beds and spreads his arms and legs out after tossing his coat into a chair. He's wearing a black shirt with yellow spirals going down the sleeves, and one yellow spiral in the middle. "It's been so long since I've been in a hotel room. I'll pay for pizza if you order it, I haven't had stuff from places other than Panucci's in a while."

"Lucky you.." Sparrow says, laughing quietly. "Intern?" So much to catch up on, that's for certain. "And our powers.. well.. I think finding out how we each could battle against the other, in case we come across another.." A pause, and she asks, "Do you know if White was taken care of? I missed that showdown…" And didn't exactly hear how it ended. "I have so many to get in contact with.. to catch up with." A sigh, and she watches as he falls onto the bed, her gaze to linger before looking away. Her light jacket is pulled off, revealing her own tshirt of a local bar back in NM, paired with the jeans and light tennis shoes on her feet. Hair is left down tonight. "Hmm.. see what the hotel suggests as to what's nearby.." She digs on the dresser near the tv, pulling out the book that the local restaurants leave their advertisements in. "This one looks good, but you might have a better idea of a name." she'll name off a few, see if any catch his attention, discussing his likes of toppings, then ordering for them along with sodas or beer if he prefers.

"I'll only take alcohol if you want it too, I don't wanna be the drunk guy. Otherwise, soda." Magnes laughs, flicking a finger and grabbing the remote to turn the television on. "I think White's taken care of, but I don't know anything specific. And beating a gravity manipulator has everything to do with experience. I have a good idea of my potential, if I had a few years, but a guy with some years on me could totally smash my face into the ground."

"But a universal way of beating a gravity manipulator, using your ability…" He still lays there, sprawled, apparently enjoying a large hotel bed. "Overwhelm them with weight. I have to imagine everyone has a limit. And me personally, I've got lots of little limitations that I keep a secret. You should always test your ground with someone, no matter what ability they're using. Remember everything you see, their reactions, patterns, and eventually you'll figure out how to beat them."

"Beer it is. It goes with pizza better than soda." Sparrow speaks from experience there. Once the order is made, she heads for a bed herself, and after toeing off her shoes, she climbs up to sprawl on it as well, listening for a moment, "I hope he is. I wasn't so sure of my ability against his, but everyone was thinking I'd do well." She was worried, yep. Pondering, she nods quietly before she states, "Of courese, there comes the weight limit, or with me.." Well, he noticed her kicking off her shoes before, "I work better being in touch with earth myself. I'm not sure of my limits in some ways." A shrug is given, suggesting she's not truly tested herself in that way. "I respect the gift too much to use it carelessly or without good reason. But.." She has to wonder how hers with pit or work with his. Interesting combinations come to mind.

"Don't you think you were given it to enjoy, as a part of yourself? I mean, it's a blessing to have arms and legs, and they're a part of you. You learn to use them and you enjoy using them. Is there anything in here you can manipulate?" Magnes wonders, looking around the room, not sure what exactly counts as 'Earth' when inside of a building. "Hey, what have you been doing in Mexico, anyway?"

"To some degree, but at the same time, I think Mother Earth gave the ability to me, to use to help people." Sparrow answers with a slight shrug, knowing that not everyone sees her way of thinking of her ability, "I use it in sculpting.." she admits before glancing around, then laughing, "I don't think you wish me to go playing with the building.." But, she slips out of the bed, going to her carryon. Digging into it, she comes out with a couple of ziplock bags that holds a hunk of clay in one, and in another a rock that's about the size of two fists that already shows some 'carving' on it. "I got this.."

"Learning to use it so you can help people better sounds like a noble purpose to practice with it." Magnes adds, sitting up and crossing his legs after kicking his snow boots off. When he spots the clay holds a hand out, tugging at it slightly so he can hover it into the air. "So, let's experiment… which I guess is a weird thing to platonically say in a hotel room." he notes, snickering.

Handing over the clay that brings a rich scent of earth to the room when it's pulled out, Sparrow takes the bed opposite him as he makes the ball float in the air. Laughing at his words, a hint of color touches her cheeks at his words, "Probably some of the strangest things to be said here.. in meaning." A wry smile, and she looks back to the clay. "I can't make it weigh more, can't make it suddenly grow to more clay that what is there in your hand.." And yet, with a hint of concentration, he might be surprised to find the clay changing form, perhaps to 'melt' away from the hunk it was in.

"Is it easier to manipulate if I do this…" Magnes doesn't obviously do something, but with her ability, she could tell that the weight of the clay suddenly dropped to nearly nothing. "I think this is probably the strangest thing two people our age have ever done in a hotel room."

Quirking a brow upwards, Sparrow watches, and then laughs as she leaves the clay in a mud almost quicksand consistancy, letting it slip and slide about in his hold. But in the next moment, with a moment to reach out to touch it lightly, the hunk hardens to the point of rock, growing heavier in some ways. Giggling, she shoots a smile up at him, "Probably so. " A pause, and she wonders, "Read any more interesting comics?" She questions lightly, teasing him as she goes back to playing with the clay, letting it run through various shapes, consistancies, even making it move in his grasp t try and wrap around his hand.

Magnes releases the clay so it's floating in the air inbetween them after it's done wrapping around his hand, then closes both hands, seeming to use hand movements to manipulate gravity at times. He's suddenly trying to hold it completely still in one spot in the air, making it quite heavy. "Is it harder to move when I use a lot of force?" It's around twenty pounds or so now. "I've been reading Runaways to the kids. I help take care of the orphans at the Lighthouse orphanage. Runaways is a comic about kids who learned their parents are super villains, so they run away from home."

Sparrow watches quietly, and when he begins to try and hold it in place, she works harder to make it twist and turn, to shape itself, sliding from one form to another, though it doesn't spread out anymore, his gravity making it hold a lump form in some ways. "In some ways, yes." WEight does matter, but perhaps differently for him. Listening as he speaks of the comic that he's reading, she smiles a bit. "I haven't heard of that one. Sounds cool."

"I'm reading volume two to them now, I can let you read volume one." Magnes smiles at the ball of clay, releasing the tight grip he has on it, then starts trying to pull it apart into two halves. "This is kind of weird. It's like our brains are touching or something."

"I'd like that. Give me something to do while I'm here in the hotel late at night." Sparrow says offhandedly as she plays with the clay. As he starts to try and pull it apart, she begins to work against him, hardening the clay towards the consistancy of rock, harder and harder still. Briefly does she look up, her cheeks flushed as she nods, "I haven't ever worked like this with someone." Truth is told before her gaze ducks down to watch again, though if he continues to try really hard to rip it apart, she will give in to him, softening it the next moment, to make him off-balance himself.

"Ow." Magnes says when the rock finally splits, holding his head for a moment. "That didn't exactly hurt, it just felt weird. Wasn't expecting that." Magnes stands up when he hears the door knock, releasing his control of the clay, then pulls out some money and hands it off to the pizza guy before closing the door and heading back to the bed. The pizza is sat on the nightstand that's against the wall inbetween them. He opens the bag, looking down at the two large bottles of alcohol. "How old are you anyway? You old enough to drink?"

Reaching out, Sparrow catches the clay that seems to curl into her hand like some pet, once he releases it to head for the door. Tucking the lump into the bag again, she sets it aside to look around for some napkins to use for them both. "I'm four years over the age limit, I promise." Holding up a hand as if she would complete that with 'scouts honor' or something similar. "It smells delicious though.." And her tummy is rumbling now. "The grilled chicken they had on the plane was like two mouthfuls of cardboard with a few bites of rice on the side." Oh yeah, yummy.

"Wow, you're older than me? I'm only twenty-two." Magnes starts patting himself down, feeling his stomach, then his arms, as if looking for something he may have lost. "Did I suddenly just become less impressive? I totally did, didn't I?" he half-jokes, smiling the whole time.

"Only three years older." Sparrow answers, grinning a touch as she decides to move to the same bed he's on, taking the pizza with her. Placing it between them, they have easy reach, and can use the box as plates so they don't make a mess now. Looking up at him, she tilts her head, "Less Impressive, How do you mean?" She questions, not quite picking up what he means by that.

"I'm starting to learn that women don't really like younger guys. Or maybe it's a maturity thing, I'm not sure yet." Magnes lifts a slice, biting into it, then reaches into the bag to grab his bottle and twist the cap off. "Actually I'm not sure at all what I was getting at, and I'm pretty sure I just created an awkward moment."

"I don't really look at age, normally." Sparrow offers in answer as she reaches for a slice of pizza. Taking a bite, she sighs quietly, savoring the flavors found on it, licking the grease off her lips before she finally speaks up again with a low laugh, "Nah. It's alright. Can't say that I really have had a boyfriend, so.. age doesn't matter. Moved around too much, never really found someone that.. connected? Who wouldn't freak out.."

"Connected?" Magnes grabs two plastic cups from the nightstand, placing them into the empty spaces of the box before pouring beer into both. "There's girls I think would be nice girlfriends, but I don't wanna feel what I felt when my last relationship ended. So, I've kind of been, keeping things casual, y'know?"

"Connected, yeah. Like.. I don't know. Attraction? Understanding? The usual things you'd want in someone that close to you." Sparrow tries to explain as he pours the beer into the cups. Taking up her own, she downs a sip before licking her lips again, soon to nod her head in understanding. "But if you don't open yourself up for such, then you never know what might well pass you up.." A wry smile and she glances down at her pizza, likely blushing, "Sorry.." She finally speaks up after a moment, "I'll.. hush.. I'm just a little tired, a little hyper.. lot hungry.. and.. dunno."

"I don't wanna seem like an oblivious 80s movie, early 90s sitcom douche, so… I'm just gonna guess that from all the blushing and keeping me open to relationships and stuff, you're attracted to me." Magnes is a bit bolder and open about his thoughts than the last time he met, sipping at his own cup while he waits for her reaction.

Sparrow opens her mouth, then shuts it, soon to take a sip fo beer before trying again. "I am, yeah. But.." She laughs, "Last timme I saw you, you were dating someone.." So she put him out of mind as far as any sort of relationship. A glance up, and she studies him before shrugging, "But I'm not the sort that is comfortable with a casual relationship, that I know. " so perhaps it will have to remain just friends for now.

"Sorry, I really wish I could, but when I think about getting into another relationship, I start having this anxiety in the pit of my stomach, like, all this fear…" Magnes sits his cup down, placing the palm of his hand against his abdomen. "I don't know if that'll ever go away, the fear of losing someone."

"Then friends we'll remain." Sparrow says easily enough, seeming to drop the subject on anything happening between the two of them. And yet, she frowns as she glances to him, "loose as in.. just breaking up.. or something bad happen?" She's curious and confused.

"Amnesia, the permanent kind that can't even be fixed with an ability. She forgot our entire relationship, and me completely. I had to break up because I couldn't have her feeling obligated to someone she didn't even know. I think she still feels guilty even though it wasn't her fault…" Magnes shakes his head, his mood seeming to drop as he downs his cup, then refills it. "You know what, I can't keep dwelling. I'm not saying all these bad feelings I have are just gonna go away, but I'll go on a few dates with you and see what happens."

Hearing of what happened, Sparrow just blinks a few times. "Damn." So much is said in that single word - sympathy, surprise, and just OMGWTF all rolled into one. "Sorry." She finally says quietly before downing the rest of her beer, and holding her glass out for a refill while he's pouring. AS to the last, she shrugs, "No need to.. I mean.. I don't want to push something, Magnes. " Alright, now she's going to end up blushing as she stumbles over words.

"It's not pushing, a few dates won't hurt, just to see how I'm feeling about everything after. A date's not saying we're in a relationship, it's just… dipping your toe into the water." Magnes continues sipping, and finally goes for another bite of pizza. "A long time ago a girl wanted to date me, and I regretted not taking her up on it. And someone in a comic once said that when you get old, you don't regret the things you do, you regret the things you don't do."

Sparrow considers for a moment before finally nodding her head, "Alright then… we'll see where things take us then. Leave it to fate, hmm?" A wry smile to curl at her lips before she takes a bite of her pizza, soon to finish off that one slice, tongue darting out to lick her lips once again before she lifts her beer for a sip to wash it all down with. Listening, she tilts her head, not asking who that girl was as her curiosity might lead her to do, but instead, nods to the comment afterwards, "True."

"Can I ask a question?" Magnes sounds a mixture of curious and slightly bashful, his own cheeks finally reddening when he finishes off another cup, and fills it again. "Why me? I mean, I don't even know what I mean. Claire always gave me certain reasons, but with you they'd be totally different."

When asked, Sparrow ponders for a moment before she shrugs, "I like your eyes. I've seen the way you work under pressure as well. I.. well.. I guess I like someone who likes comics? Who isn't afraid to be a geek in this day and age?" A pause, and she considers, "I'm comfortable with you? Maybe it's a power thing. As ou said, we're both earth related. There's comfort there in ti."

"I sound pretty awesome when you put it that way." Magnes sounds both amused and flattered, then starts to look her over, considering his own thoughts. "You have nice eyes too, and cute cheeks. You seem really wise in an innocent way. And hell, you actually give comics a chance, I can't ignore that, that's… pretty attractive."

"Well, you are. But then, I guess I like the personality as well. It's more a turn on than looks at times for me." Sparrow offers without hestiation, though likely will blush a touch when she realizes what she's said. As he looks her over to offer his own compliments, she laughs, "Innnocent.. well.. in some ways." And she doesn't go further than that. "Of course I would give comics a chance. The ones you suggested last time were fun to read." And yes, she got them.

"Whoa, now I'm a turn-on?" Magnes is snickering, and after he downs his next cup, he screws the cap back on to the bottle. "Alright, us getting drunk is probably the worst idea ever. Well, good for me, not so good for you, so." He closes the bag up, and grabs his slice of pizza to continue eating.

"yess…" Sparrow admits lightly, but then laughs, "It's the truth, in general, that personalities can turn me on at times more than looks." She's trying to explain, and only digging herself in a hole better. Ahem. A glance at the beer she's head, and she shakes her head, "Take more than two cups of beer to get me buzzed, sorry. Too many late nights working at bars, and getting free drinks. " Not a cheap date is she in the alcohol department.

"I'm already bordering on tipsy and I've had about four. I'm gonna cut myself off there. And man, I always thought my personality was my weakness when it came to women." Magnes nibbles the crust of his pizza, having been stuck on the same slice forever. "Would it be good if I left soon? I mean, for you."

"No flying while tipsy." Sparrow states quietly to him, "So you take a taxi.. or something. Wouldn't want you running into a building or something, alright?" Reaching for another slice, she looks aside at him, "I guess.. hmm.. it's up to you. I'm not going to start anything tonight, if you want to crash here or something. "there are two beds, after all. And they're adults, after all.

"It's still early, I could take a nap or something." Magnes swallows, finger nervously tapping against the sheet. "Can we blame how awkward and tense I am right now on the beer? I wanna stay an awesome turn-on." he requests, laughing again.

"I'd feel better if you stuck around. I mean.. " Sparrow is blushing, laughing as she holds the slice of pizza, seated there opposite him the pizza box. "Why so awkward and tense?" She wonders, curious now as her gaze sweeps downwards to take him in, then back upwards again, that brow to lift upwards a little.

"We're sitting on a bed, you just confessed to me, I think you're incredibly attractive, and I've been thinking about sex for the past twenty minutes." Magnes puts it quite bluntly, taking a large bite out of the pizza crust.

That brow rises a little higher with his admission before Sparrow laughs quietly, "Should we consider this a first date or something then?" She asks, grinning a touch even with pink cheeks. "You know, I wouldn't allow anything more than a kiss on a first date, hmm?" And yet she doesn't seem surprised to know he's been thinking of sex. Likely a thought that's been entertained by her as well.

"You know, I'd challenge that, but I don't think I'm that confident." Magnes' cheeks flush a bit, rubbing the back of his neck after dropping his slice. "Suddenly I'm not very hungry anymore. First date it is." he agrees, waving his hand so the pizza box floats over to the other bed.

"It's not a matter of confidence or not, but the way I feel." Sparrow answers him as she glances towards him. "I might be tempted for more, but I know what I want in the end, and it's not.. casual. If it's meant to be, then things can wait." While the pizza box floats off, she holdson to the second slice she'd snagged, and takes a bite out of it, showing a deep aprreciation for the flavor. There's just nothing like NYC pizza, right? And while some might insist that it's better in another city, for her, NYC is certainly at the top of her lists!

"Truthfully I don't know if I'm good at casual anyway. My range of experience is pretty limited." Magnes falls back on to the bed, arms spread out as he stares at the ceiling. "I can't for the life of me figure out how we started talking about this."

Hoarding her slice of pizza and her cup of beer, Sparrow shifts a touch on the bed as he flops back to lay there. Watching, she waits till she's swallowed before answering, "Just talking about life, and hmm.. girlfriends and.. you know, things tend to come back to these sort of topcis at times. It's Murphey's Law or something."

"Well, I'm gonna take a nap." Magnes decides, sliding over to face her, though he doesn't look all that tired, he seems ready to escape the situation somehow. "All I keep thinking of are jokes about how gravity constantly penetrates the Earth."

Finishing off the slice of pizza quickly, Sparrow washes it down with the last of her beer. Licking her fingers clean, she reaches out for a napkin to wipe them off. "Alright. I have a book to read.. I'm not quite ready to sleep myself. Will the light bother you?" She wonders, though she does reach out to brush fingers through his hair lightly, as if to soothe his awkwardness away.

"Nah. I strained my ability yesterday, I think I just need a little rest after what we did with the clay, and the flying and moving snow…" Magnes closes his eyes, already starting to drift off when his exhaustion almost hits him like a brick. "Thanks for being interested, and sorry for wanting to get in your pants." he idly says before going silent.

"You.. shouldn't have.. I mean.." Sparrow mutters at him a few choice curses once he mentions having strained himself with things. Shaking her head, she sighs, then continues to brush his hair as he starts to zonk out. "It's alright. I won't hold you against wanting to get into my pants.." Slipping from the bed, she'll see about covering him, making him comfortable before curling up in the other bed to eat another slice of pizza, drink a little more beer, then zonk out herself after getting comfortable in a pair of boxers and tshirt.

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