Awkward Semi-Reunions


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Scene Title Awkward Semi-Reunions
Synopsis A couple of former Ferry children who've never quite met before bump into one another.
Date February 21, 2011

Red Hook Market

Morning classes are always a bit of a slog — whatever prompted Owain to put a math class in his morning block of classes must have been evil or something. Math should only be reserved for afternoons. However, the chemistry class that he has after is always a delight — especially when he gets to actually experience the metal elements like he did today.

The young man really isn’t paying enough attention to where he’s going as he walks along toward the student center, on his way to lunch. He’s got his chemistry book out, and is — rather unwisely — reading as he walks along, captivated by the texts on today’s lessons.

The young woman making her way across campus isn’t attending class this semester — she has only just arrived in the Safe Zone. Next semester will be her first. But she’s walking through the area, trying to get the lay of the land at least. Although she did drop email to several of them to let them know she’d be arriving this week, she wasn’t specific about it, wanting a little time to wander on her own before shenanigans ensued. Because they always do. Brynn’s eyes are taking in the entire courtyard, and she’s fascinated by the play of light through the bare branches of one of the trees on the far side.

Finding herself sitting on the ground amid a textbook and a tangle of feet… well, that was unexpected!

Gray eyes skim up over the person who is sitting on his butt in the middle of the mess with her, and she grins just a bit and waves sheepishly. Hi.

Oh, hey. Suddenly, Owain is sitting on the ground, and his rear end smarts a bit from his tumble to the ground, and his books and backpack are laying on the ground nearby. The young man blinks a few times, before his honey brown gaze comes to rest on Brynn. Oh man, she is pretty. He makes a mental note that he really should try not to make a fool out of himself.

“Shoot, I am so sorry!” His cheeks flushed, he scrambles to his feet and offers the girl a hand to help her to her feet. “I really should have been paying more attention. Are you okay?”

Brynn blinks at him, a pink flush climbing her cheeks. She missed what he said, but she can guess pretty easily. She waves off the apology with a ‘no problem’ expression. Moving to regain her feet, she stands slowly and looks around to retrieve her own backpack from where it landed.

The young man grabs the backpack as well, offering it out to her with a sheepish smile. “Sorry again. I hope you don’t hold it against me.” She’s so quiet. One hand instinctively goes to his chest. “I’m Owain Mihangle.” Then, he gestures gently to Brynn. “Can I ask your name, if you’re not too mad at me for knocking you down?”

She straightens up, her gaze not on his eyes but his mouth. At the name Mihangle, her eyes flicker in surprise and she looks up at his face, a little puzzled. She sort of remembers a name like that. Before reaching out to take her backpack that he’s holding, she signs, Mihangle — like the Ferrymen? Then she reaches for the bag to sling it over one shoulder, not sure if he’ll even understand what she asked. She really needs to get a cell phone, she thinks to herself. Even if JUST for the typable notes.

Oh, that’s why she hasn’t answered him yet! He was beginning to think that he was making a fool out of himself and she just didn’t want to talk to a lowly freshman like him. A bright smile cracks across the young man’s face, and he nods enthusiastically.

Yes, he signs, once his book is in his backpack where it belongs. My dad was in the Ferrymen before the war! He grins. I’m sorry I didn’t realize you spoke ASL sooner.

Brynn actually smiles a full, bright grin when he signs back. It’s not like it’s obvious. She seems genuinely amused and thrilled to at least be able to talk to someone. I’m Brynn. I spent a lot of time in Canada at one of the Lighthouse homes. Are you going to school here? Do you like it? I’m supposed to start in the fall — I decided to come too late to get in for Spring.

Owain grins even wider when she has the reaction that most ASL speakers get when they find someone who can hear but can can talk to them properly. Nice to meet you, Brynn. I was in North Dakota with my family. Apparently, his sister’s disability can also be a good way to impress pretty ladies.

I do, yes! I like it a lot, it’s pretty great. I’m majoring in chemistry, and the labs are way better than the labs back in Devil’s Lake! The equipment is actually new, and they actually have — He stops and sheepishly grins, rubbing the back of his neck. Sorry, I’m sure you don’t care about how well the chemistry labs are stocked. It’s a great school. They even have folks who can help you learn how to use your ability, if you’re Evolved.

Brynn smiles a little, shifting her feet. Well, I came for the art program, so… no, not really interested in the chemistry. But I can tell you’re really excited, so that’s pretty cool, she signs in return. I’m really sorry to ask you… but what did you say your first name was? I caught your last, but I wasn’t exactly looking until midway. She looks a little embarrassed. There is *so* much to see around here.

The young man laughs softly, nodding. Yeah, I can see why you wouldn’t be interested. It’s boring stuff — I’m only this excited because I have an ability that makes chemistry classes fun. He smiles, then, as she asks him his name. Owain Griffin Mihangle, at your service, Brynn. He does a corny little bow. God, you’re totally blowing it, she must think you’re the lamest person to ever exist. There really is a lot to see around here. If you ever want a tour, I can probably help you out.

Tilting her head, Brynn studies him for a long moment. Perhaps trying to decide whether she wants to encourage the guy. I’ll think about it, she finally signs. She doesn’t look coy, just perhaps a little cautious. Maybe after I find the rest of my friends, we can meet up somewhere local for … I don’t know, food or something? I don’t have a phone, so… I can’t really give you my number or anything. But if you know where the Lighthouse folks hang out, you can probably find me there pretty easily.

His face flushes. She didn't turn him down, so that's something. He's awful at this whole talking to girls thing. I hardly know where anything is around here. I…could give you my number? Or you can find me here, ten to six, every day except Wednesday and weekends. A large grin accompanies this. If you want to clue me in where the Lighthouse folks are. I might know a few, I was on Pollepel before the war.

Brynn tilts her head, curious. You were? She was young, traumatized, and she had the flu when she was on Pollepel. She doesn’t remember a lot of that time, not really well. She slept a lot. And there was the terrifying run on the truck that was ambushed. I was sick when I was on Pollepel. But she was there. I don’t really remember everyone who was there. Just some of the people who were taking care of us. She does smile, though, and pulls her backpack around to pull a small notebook out of the pocket meant to hold water bottles. She hands it and a pen to him. If you put down your number, the others might be glad to see you too. She doesn’t know that for certain, but she assumes any of the kids will be welcome to make contact.

A large grin appears over Owain’s face, and he takes the pen and notebook, quickly writing down his name and phone number in a fairly artistic scrawl. He then hands it back, quietly thanking his luck that she hasn’t chased his awkward teenage self away yet. It was…a trying time for me, honestly. I was going through a lot, so I didn’t really talk to anyone except my dad and a few of the nice adults. I had the hugest crush on Miss Kaylee, though. He takes a step back, settling one hand lightly into his pocket.

So you are an artist? Can I ask what kind of art you do? He clears his throat, feeling a bit like he is coming off as way too earnest. I play guitar and piano. That’s about as artistic as I get. Not that such things would likely be impressive to a deaf girl.

Brynn smiles just a bit. Uhm… sketching, painting, chalks.. Tattoos. Without needles. She shrugs, looking rather modest. Graffiti sometimes? I’m a chromakinetic, so… it can make things really neat on walls.

The young man grins. Tattoos without needles? That sounds pretty fun. He rolls up his right sleeve, revealing an image of a guitar made out of trees and the skyline of New York reflected on water on his left forearm. He’s apparently gone out and gotten a few of his own already, the hard way. I got a few of them the hard way.

The mention of her powers prompts a smile. Mine isn’t nearly as cool in the visual department. He reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small black drawstring bag. This is opened, then placed in the palm of his hand.

The young man’s face screws up in concentration, and a few metallic clicks sound from within the bag. Then, slowly, a half dozen perfectly round copper balls float gently out of the bag. These slowly drift in a lazy circle around the chromakinetic’s head, circling twice, before they return to their place within the black cloth bag. I’m a metallokinetic. I can sense about 75% of the periodic table, and I can control some of it too. He closes up the bag with a grin, pocketing it once more.

Watching curiously, Brynn grins at the spheres. Those are cute. Controlling metals must come in handy. At least, she would have to think so. Lots of things are metal. I kinda figure my power is just … something to make things prettier. So that’s what I do with it. They’ve all seen more than their fair share of ugly. I’m glad it makes your classes easier, though.

More like my classes make my ability easier. It’s weird and difficult to explain, and I don’t really understand a lot of it myself. Her explanation prompts a smile. You don’t need an ability to do that. His cheeks flush, but he keeps going without missing a beat, as if he didn’t just outright compliment her, promptly checking his watch.

So, you have my number, now. Feel free to send me a text if you want to grab a coffee or some other kind of consumable item that we can enjoy together. Then, he takes a step back, grinning. I better get going — I have class in ten minutes!

Brynn catches Owain’s face reaching a beet red color as he spins, raising one hand and booking it as he wraps his mind around the fact that he just — somehow — blatantly flirted with her.

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