Awkwardness & Arguments


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Scene Title Awkwardness & Arguments
Synopsis Dio stops in on Isis to apologize. Ash comes home and is greeted as one might expect of Diogenes - rudely. It gets kind of messy after that.
Date July 9, 2009

Isis's Apartment

When Diogenes had discovered that neither Isis nor the mystery man she mentioned over a week ago were home, he simply waited. Patience is something he had a surprising amount of, and he would wait for Isis with his shoulder propped against the door leading into her apartment. One of his hand sought shelter in one of his pockets, while the other is spinning the redhead's 9mm. Sure, he had his fears; one in particular being that the man will arrive first. Still, he was bent on waiting.

The stairwell door swings open, revealing the familiar little redhead. Her ears plugged with music-spilling little buds from her iPod, her voice echoes faintly down the hall as she turns to close the stairwell door. She begins strutting backward, rolling her shoulders and hips, as she continues to sing some horribly embarrassing, poppy song - The Pussy Cat Dolls, by the sounds of it. She makes to spin around as part of her catty little dance, and freezes as she finds Diogenes standing at her apartment door a few paces away. "What're you doing here?!" Her voice is squeaky with embarrassment as she jams the pause on her iPod and pops the little headphone buds out of her ears.

The moment his eyes catch sight of Isis, a single corner of his lips twitch upwards; a hint of what might have been a smile. His fingers, spread wide and far away from the gun, clutch the iron, stopping it just at the right moment, with the barrel pointed ominously at the startled woman. It is highly likely that this gesture would be misinterpreted as a threat; something Thomas had actually planned even before he set foot in this building. Safety was on, despite it being a detail that could be easily missed. His index finger is pressing tightly against the trigger, but, amusingly enough, despite the safety being on, he wasn't pressing it tight enough to warrant a shot should safety be set to off. "You hit me", he says in a dull tone, ignoring her question.

Her little shoulders slump. Whatever rare, happy little mood she had held onto drifts away, stealing the last hints of her smile with it. She takes a step back, lifting her gloved hands. She licks at her lips, obviously debating her reply, before choosing a carefully worded. "Don't, Thomas." She shakes her head, crimson curls bobbing gently around her shoulders. She's still backing away despite the hints of tension stealing slowly up her back and into her small shoulders.

Diogenes angles his head, his eyes gliding over the woman's form; he was looking at her as if they have never met before, and this was their first encounter. But as his gaze took in every detail, vital or insignificant alike, recognition became apparent in his gaze and in his visage. Otherwise, the young man remained frozen by the eternity of this picture's frame the two were in. "Don't?..", he inquires in a subtly mocking manner. "You don't want your gun back?" The handgun, given to him by Isis on the day they assaulted Tuck so that the merchant wouldn't have access to the weapon, is promptly tossed towards Isis with a fluid flick of the wrist. Whether or not the poor girl tortured by the man's bizarre antics catches the gun, he pushes himself away from the door and takes a couple of steps towards her. "I'm sorry for what I said to you."

The gun is left to clatter dangerously across the hall floor. Isis closes her eyes, turning and fumbling back a step and pressing herself to the wall. She tries to catch her breath - stealing short, unfulfilling little gulps of air as anxiety and adrenaline conduct the pace of her heartbeat into a wild rhythm. Suddenly she drops both her fists to the wall behind her, opening her eyes and looking with awed anger at Diogenes. "What the hell sort of apology is that? Are you crazy!?" She stoops and plucks up the gun, checking the slide - it was loaded as she had left it. "You never point a loaded gun at someone unless you're willing to shoot them! Are you will to shoot me? Huh?" She shakes her head, not knowing what else to say as she shoves the gun into the back belt of her jeans. She suddenly waves her hands at Diogenes's face with a rigid gesture and pushes around him to make for her apartment door.

Diogenes is naught but amused by her reaction. He cants his head to the other side, lifting both of his brows and lowering his gaze to the ground; the corners of his lips fought to stay where they were, but eventually they rose up. When Isis falls silent and storms towards the apartment door, he decides to stand in her way. "The safety was on. The risk of me shooting you there was about as big as the risk of the gun suddenly shooting into that butt of yours right now", he argues. And at this point, in case Isis doesn't attempt to walk around him, he steps aside to open up the path to her apartment's door. "I always wondered what it's like to have a gun. I've actually had it pointed at my right temple. Loaded. With the safety off."

"I trust my own ass more than I trust some strange guy who keeps things from me and left me behind with an Staten Island, pawn shop clerk who he just so happened to royally piss off!" The longer her little remark goes, the louder her voice becomes. A familiar, nosey neighbor stick his head out of the door, causing Isis to lean back sharply and shoot the man a burning glare. "Haven't I told you once…!" She begins to shout, but the man quickly flees back into his apartment and shut the door. She grunts, apparently the fuel for her fire waning now, and crosses her arms over her chest. "Maybe you should stop pissing people off and they won't point guns at you," she mumbles. She stares at Diogenes for a long moment before sighing. "That was a shit-ass apology, by the way. You owe me another." With a grumble she shoves her key into the lock and bumps open the door with her hip.

"Purely because my apology drowned in the fire of your overreaction", he says before allowing a moment of silence interrupt him, during which he steps closer to Isis, "doesn't mean that I should offer you another." He is surprisingly calm and stoic; perhaps even eerily so. He does, however, step away from the redhead, allowing her to open the door. A hand of his grabs onto the strap of his bag at the level of his chest, and his steps carry him after Isis. "I went to see a shrink", he continues as though the two never had a conflict, "And I've told her about how a choice of sparing a life or ending it came up in my past. I lied to her about choosing to preserve that individual's existence." The nosy neighbour is apparently ignored by Diogenes. In fact, the man ignores everything but the woman whom he follows keenly.

Isis steps inside the small apartment, offering a simple, "Cats," and jutting her chin back towards the door to remind her shadowing companion to close the door." She sighs as she begins to pull off her gloves and slips into the kitchen, crawling up onto the counters to place her firearm in a little space between the top of her cabinets and the ceiling overhead. "Why did you lie?" she asks, her curiosity drowning the last sparks of her anger as she drops back to the floor with a little thud.

As he's closing the door behind him as soon as he is reminded to do so by Isis, Diogenes answers her question: "Anonymity psychiatrists provide isn't unconditional. Even the fact that I might have killed someone already has me on a special list, most likely." His hand slides off the door, and he turns to face Isis, standing by the door. "In fact, she already knows my name and thinks she's creating an aura of friendliness by calling me the shortened form of my first name. Still, she was the one who said I should see you." Finally, Diogenes steps into the apartment, his eyes searching for that thick book of his he temporarily gifted to Isis.

Isis steps back out from the kitchen, two wine coolers in hand. She offers one of to her guest even as she follows his gaze towards the massive book resting open on her sofa. "Why go to a psychiatrist if you won't tell her everything, or if not everything, at least the truth? It won't serve anyone any good and will just end up a waste of your time." She speaks as if she knows, but with a careful distance applied to the entire topic as a whole. "Besides, don't blame them for trying to make you comfortable and get close - yeah they do it because it's their job, but they go into that job because they care." She slumps down into a seat at the kitchen table, taking a sip of her drink.

"I didn't lie entirely", he objects, suddenly turning his gaze to Isis. "Of all the men I killed, one I spared. He was the one who hurt me the most. He was the man who taught me that words hurt so much more than fists. I really wanted to kill him…" Even at this point, Diogenes remains a cold, distant demeanour, but his voice does give off a slight tremor now and then as he speaks. "…During that moment, nothing else seemed to matter. Not my mother who was drowning in tears, or my sister who was beating me in a blind fit of rage. I just wanted to kill the bastard. But I didn't. I didn't kill my father." Looking down, he adds: "Primarily because… he was the financial foundation of our household. Killing him would have effectively killed us. So I left."

The little redhead lifts her dark gaze slowly. "Some thing are more important than money and finances," she offers on a heavy but ambiguous tone. She watches her friend a moment longer before pushing up from her seat, taking another deep sip from her chill bottle as she wanders off towards the sofa. She seems restless, uncomfortable with the topics you keep choosing to bring up, but makes another attempt to still herself as she sinks onto the cushions beside you open book, scanning the page without actually taking in any of the words before looking away. "Everything is more important than money," she corrects herself before altering the subject back a slight degree. "I think you should be honest with her. You see something in visiting her if you listened and came here."

Diogenes doesn't think that; he promptly shakes his head in response, reluctantly and rigidly walking over to one of the windows, looking down onto the street. Such was his favourite activity - to observe, to watch and to examine. He didn't like it in the least bit when he was the one being observed, watched and examined. "Now you're starting to sound like her", he murmurs under his breath, raising his gaze to look at the skies, instead. "Honesty gets you absolutely nowhere. It's a shovel with which you dig a hole, which, sooner or later, someone will fall into, and usually, it's you", he adds before looking behind him at the redhead. "How much did you read?"

THe scrape of metal on metal sounds as a key slides into the lock of the front door and Ash turns the handle, making his way into the apartment. He rolls his shoulders a bit and turns, putting his coat up on a hook before turning and looking over the apartment, a slight blink as he notices company. He tilts his head a bit, slipping a hand into his pockets and offering a nod to the man before looking to Isis with a soft smile and heading into the kitchen. The smell of food wafts from ma shopping bag in his right hand, but he takes it and puts it on the kitchen counter before coming back out, glancing from the woman to the man curiously.

Isis chuckles. "I've taken a few psychology classes," she mumbles pleasantly, only to frown as Diogenes begins to offer his remarks on honesty. She sets her drink aside, beginning to unfold from the sofa and offer some hearty reply, when the sound of the key in the door snags her attention… She watches silent as Ash steps in and goes about his work, the quiet continue to reign until the man steps out into view again and looks from the little redhead to her guest. "Hey," she offers with a soft smile. "This is Diogenes. He's been helping me a bit with my ability…" she turns to look at the mentioned man and lofts both brows, etching her smile more deeply onto her soft features. "Diogenes, this is Ash." She makes a slight gesture towards the man before polishing off a good measure of her wine cooler.

All it takes is extra company for Diogenes to lift that mask back over his visage once more. He fully turns away from the window just when the door is opened, the muffled, dull footsteps that approached being enough to make the partially paranoid young adult wary. He says nothing, at first, and even offers no greeting to the man, as rude as that might have been on the guest's part. What he does offer is a feigned look of surprise, and when Ash peers back into the main room, Tom lifts both of his hands up defensively and interrupts the introduction Isis tried to voice. "This isn't what it looks like! We were just having sex!", he exlaims an explanation, which apparently was a fairly ill joke. "And this is obviously my way of saying - nice to meet you", he notes and leans against the window behind him.

Ash blinks, just once when Isis tells him that. He looks at her for a few moments, eyeing her so to speak before he turns his gaze on Diogenes. "Hello…" He offers the man a slow nod of his head. "Nice to know someone's helping her…" He offers, though it's obviously a bit weak and a cover up for the fact that he had no clue someone was helping her. He lets an eyebrow crawl slowly up his forhead at the man's… odd greeting and Ash's arms cross over his chest slowly, the man well… rather obviously not amused. He doesn't look annoyed, just not amused by it.

Isis's features go blank and, if it were possible in any way, paler. "Oh gods," she mumbles, lifting a hand to cover her lips as she stares wide-eyed at Diogenes. Her body quivers a bit, her shoulders bobbing, before finally she cannot contain it any longer and fumbles forward under her own bright laughter. She rests a hand on Diogenes's shoulders, shaking her head as she tries to manage a few words through her giggles. "Not… advised," she finally gets out, moving a free, bare hand to hold her stomach where a cramp is quickly forming. With a few deep breaths she finally reins in her amusement, cheeks colored with a soft crimson as she looks to Ash.

To complete the nonchalant pose, Diogenes flips one of his feet over the other, and his arms are crossed in front of his unimpressive chest. Unlike Ash, he seemed to be amused. Very much so. Wearing a mischievous smirk, he tips his head to the side. Alas, his amusement is interrupted by the woman's hand that falls unto his shoulder. Not one who likes physical contact, especially when it might mean his face might be flattened by an incoming fist that belongs to a man who might be jealous of not only Isis laughing at his joke, but invading his personal space freely, Thomas stirs with evident discomfort. "Well, what would you have me do? You don't have a dresser big enough for me to fit in", he tells Isis starkly. And then his attention would fall on Ash. "So, on a scale from 1 to 10, how much do you hate me now?"

Ash turns his eyes on Isis as she bursts out giggling, but even her bright and amused laughter doesn't stir Ash's stern face. His eyes go back to Dio at his question and his broad shoulders give a slow shrugging motion. "Hate is a very strong word. There are very few people in this world that I hate. Dislike though… that would be about a 6…" He turns and heads back into the kitchen, coming back out with a beer in his hand, uncapped. He takes a sip of it and turns his eyes to Isis for a few moments. "Brought home chineses… didn't feel much like cooking tonight." He leans back against the wall, a slow sip of beer taken as he watches Diogenes, but other than that isn't speaking at the moment, just watching the man. There's no hostility in his eyes, just waryness.

Isis steps away, shaking her hand as if Diogenes' obvious discomfort had unsettled her own fingertips upon touching him. "Diogenes," the little redhead hisses a bit as he carries on the jest a bit longer than is necessary. She sighs and falls back onto the sofa, tucking up each of her feet beneath the opposite knee in a comfortable 'Indian-style' pose. She sips at her drink as she tips her chin up, wrinkling her nose at the tensions in the air as she looks from one back man to the other, finally letting her gaze rest upon Ash. "Chinese," she acknowledges with a little smirk. "I'll, uh, fix some plates." She pops up to her feet and polishes of the remainder of her drink as she slips off towards the kitchen. She'd peek out from time to time between the clicking of plates and silverware.

"Chinese food?" Diogenes shifts his gaze to Isis with that twinkle of mischief in his eyes which often replaced the sadness he so often carried with him. "Uh-oh. Things aren't going well between you two, are they?" Rarely would these words be spoken with sincere worry in his tone, and now is no exception. Mockery, though, is something Diogenes was quite good, as unfortunate as it might be to those who happen to be 'gifted' with his company. He pushes himself away from the window, walking away from it. His hands in his pocket, his gaze fixed on the ground, he steps forth, musing aloud: "As much as I want to intrude and annoy what's-'is-name, I visited you just to offer that apology and check up on you." Once close to the door, he would spin on his toes to face the apartment as a whole, including Ash and probably even Isis would be able to look at him there. "I have more important things on my to-do list than abusing socially awkward scenes."

Ash gives a light grunt to Isis little escape from the room, using the food as an excuse to get out of the room and the tension and head into the kitchen. He pulls in a slow breath before letting it out in a long sigh and turning his eyes back towards the other man in the room. "She doesn't like me being protective, but she is one of the few things in this world that I care about." There's an inherent warning in there, though it's not a threat, and maybe not the warning most woulud take it as. An eyebrow is lifted again at Dio's question. "Actually things are fine…" His voice holding a note of curiosity, and more than a small amount of annoyance with the man. He's not tense or anything, but he's obviously not entirely pleased with the man at the moment. His arms cross over his broad chest as he watches the man, not speaking now, gone silent, just eyeing him.

"Diogenes," Isis barks the name as the guest makes a note on the little redhead's current relationship. She peeks out to see the man aligning himself by the door though, lofting a brow before her feet draw her the rest of the way from the tiny kitchen. "You're leaving?" She looks over to Ash and then back again, giving a little nod. "You've still got some promises to keep," she remarks, bracing her shoulder to the wall and folding her arms over her chest as seems to be the fashion under the tense atmosphere. "A few more pages from the book and we'll give it a go. Right?"

A chortle is invited by Ash's statement regarding the woman he cares about. Tom's face lights up again, and he decides that such an opportunity is simply too good to miss; he subtly inclines his head forth, silently observing Ash. And then he would tilt his head back, his inquisitive eyes attaining a triumphant look. "There's your problem right there", he announces happily, "you may care greatly about her, but how can you know the feeling's mutual?" So much for Isis's attempt to chastise the man with the rough attitude. "Sure, Isis, we can give it a go, then", he says as he turns to turn the handle of the door. But before he leaves, he decides to make one final comment. "Y'know, if you really want to solve things", he begins, looking over his shoulder at Ash, "Swap bodies. She goes wild in bed with something extra in her pants."

Ash glares at Diogenes, his eyes going from the neutral waryness to outright hositility. He moves forwards towards the door, not going to hurt him, but he intends to see that the man leaves immediatley. "YOu're leaving, now." He says firmly, anger sitting just beneath the surface of his voice. He doesn't look towards Isis at the moment, just glaring at Diogenes with a virulent annoyance and irritation.

Isis's soft features lose all their expression and hue once again, though this time it is not saved by a lighthearted chuckle or even a smile of amusement. She stands locked in place for only a moment, Ash's movements breaking her out of her stupefied little trance. She goes bolting towards the door, heaving it wide open and pointing towards the hallway outside. "You've got no right. No right! Pervert. Get out!" She glances back as Ash comes nearer, grunting as she pushes at Diogenes's shoulder to encourage him out the door. She'd slam shut the entry as soon as he'd departed, falling back on the door and fixing her wide-eyed look on Ash instead.

"That didn't take much", he makes a note to self aloud, "Am I on that short list of hated people, yet?" Not that he actually waits for a response. It would be unwise to do so; he already had one sore bruise, and Ash wouldn't even need his ability to pose serious threat to the frail young man. And as he sees Isis approach, he knows he should get out fast. He does just that; the door already open, he slips behind it even before Isis arrives to nudge him towards the shoulder. With a chuckle, he would hop away from the door and walk down the corridor.

Ash doesn't slam the door. He shuts it, very carefully, letting the handle turn in place before looking around the apartment and then locking the door as he steps away and sinks down onto the couch. The tension in the man's body plain to Isis' eyes. HIs own eyes close up tight and he breathes in slowly, a growl rumbling from his throat. "I don't… want that mother fucker.. around here again Isis. I know this is your apartment, but I don't want him anywhere fucking around me… I'll break him next time he pulls that kind of shit." His eyes lift, anger plain in his eyes, the want to go off down the hallway after him and beat him to a pulp is pretty plain to his lover.

Isis frowns at Ash's demands, looking back towards the sealed door with a soft scowl. "I don't know what go into him. I…" She grunts and takes some time for herself, slipping away into the kitchen to return a few minutes later with the plates of food she had prepared. She sinks down onto the couch, passing over a plate, only to look down upon the food of her own meal without any true interest. "I'm sorry. He had no right to say any of that. I… don't even know what to say."

Ash isn't really interested in the food now either. He looks at the plate you set down in front of him, his eyes still tense, still alight with fire. "I don't care what the fuck got into him. He had no fucking right… to make… any of those comments, not a fucking one.." Another growl builds in his throat, his eyes closing for a few moments, a few deep breaths pulled in, then let out with a long exhale. "Do you know… how very badly I want to walk down that hallway and beat him to a pulp right now Isis? And you call him a friend?" He lifts his eyes, his gaze incredulous, angry, and a few other emotions running through him before he knocks his beer back and drains the rest of the alcohol, setting the bottle on the table before he grunts. "Sorry… I don't know what to say or do right now Isis… that man…" He clenches his jaw a little bit. "Don't take anything I say seriously right now.." Hey, he's trying…

The little redhead glances back towards the door, sighing with a slight droop in her shoulders. "Yeah, he's a friend…" She offers, but that is really all she can say. She cannot excuse nor condone anything the man had done. Besides, their friendship was a very strange one. She lifts a hand and combs through the falls of her scarlet locks. "I'm sorry," she offers again, pushing her plate away and pulling up her legs onto the sofa with her, looking down absently into her lap.
Ash turns his eyes on you as you tell him that. He snorts in obvious disdain. "Some fucking friend you've got there Isis…" he shakes his head, looking back to the food in front of him. He toys with an egg roll for a moment before tossing it back onto the plate and looks over at you. "Yeah, but sorry doesn't excuse the shit that just came out of his mouth Isis… how am I supposed to react to that bullshit so we don't end up in another fight? So we don't end up go0ing quiet for a week again? Cause I know for damn sure the kind of shit I'd like to say right now and how I'd like to react…"

Isis grunts and stands, turning back to face Ash with her hands held out at her sides. "What the hell do you want me to do? I apologized, Ash. You don't have to be around him. That's fine. What do you want from me?" She reaches over, grabbing the medical textbook from the sofa, and tucks it up under her arm as she begins to slip away towards the bedroom. "Let it go, Ash. I know and you know that he had no right. What more do you need?" Her usual anger seems drained, leaving her only mildly irritated as she flops onto the bed and pops back open the book, looking over the pages.

Ash looks up at you as you get angry with him like that, his eyes narrowing at you as you pick up the book and retreat to the bedroom. He follows you though, stopping a few feet inside of the door. "I don't fucking know what I want from you Isis… if I did then I'd tell you don't you think?" He sighs and moves over, settling onto the edge of the bed, looking over at you. "I don't know, you to talk to him? ridicule him for it? Something?" he sighs and shakes his head, lifting a hand up to run his fingers through his hair. "What do you want from me Isis? Just to… let it go?" He snorts incredulously, leaving no doubt that that is not going to happen.

"I kicked him out? The guy has no place to live, no job of which I know. How much more damage can I do?" The fiery little femme looks back over her shoulder with a quick glare before realigning her attention on the book within her hands. "Yes! For fuck's sake, just let it go - you spend more time being angry at me, and I at you, than enjoying each others company. If you're with me just hoping for another sweet display of coffee in bed than there's something seriously wrong with our relationship." She sighs and drops her forehead to the book with a slight thud. "This is not healthy," she mumbles on a slow, cautious, saddened note.

Ash shrugs his shoulders to the mention of the guy being homeless. "Then he should get himself a job and find some work. I found work, with your help, but I did. If he's homeless with no job maybe he should get a job?" He looks over at you as you tell him to let it go and his eyes narrow. "If one of my friends came in here and spouted that kind of shit would you just let it go Iris? Were you willing to just let it go when John was making his comments? I had to all but manhandle you out of the restaraunt…" He shakes his head, but he blinks a bit at that and then at the last comment, his face sinking slowly. "And all of our arguments seem to revolve around your life Isis…" His voice sad, his head shaking slowly. "You're not willing to budge on anything… I can't work with you on stuff if you're not willing to budge as well Isis…"

Isis lifts her head sharply, rolling over to scowl at her lover. "I already budged, Ash! I threw him out. Like I said - he's already in a shit spot, what more can I do to him?" She lifts her hands in a gesture of uselessness and lets them flop back onto the bed. "Fine, I'll budge some more - don't let it go. Just sit here and brood over him being a jerk. Not sure where that's going to get you or help us, but have at it." She shrugs and rolls back over. "Ugh! Sometimes it like I just can't talk to you!"

Ash watches you, listening to your words as you speak and his eyes narrow a bit, ,more sadness in his expression. "I… see..' He murmurs softly to you, swallowing hard before he rises from the bed. He goes into the kitchen, and the sound of a bottle cap being twisted off of a beer is heard, then another a few moments later before a heavy thud is heard and then a sound an awful lot like a skull on something hard before a heavy sigh comes from the kitchen, the man in there muttering about doing nothing but fucking up and a few other things abohut wondering why you even bother withb him.

Isis groans as she hears the bottle tops pop off one after another. She lifts the massive textbook and tucks it up over her head in a very childish manner, hiding under the heavy text. She shoulders slump as she stuffs her hand up under the book and peers at her digits watch. With another mumble of annoyance she comes back out from under her cover of pages and rolls out of bed. "I have to go to work," she calls as she begins to find a change of clothes.

Ash is sitting in the kitchen, slumped forwards with a beer bottle in his hand and his eyes closed. he's breathing slowly and looks up when he hears you speaking. He rises to his feet and moves towards the bedroom, stnaind in the doorway. "You know.. .I… I've been so afraid that I'm going to lose you, that I'm going to wake up and the only good thing in my life will be gone that I've been more concentrated on keeping you than I have been on being happy with you. Isis… I know it's not fair, but I don't want that bastard around here. I don't want influence like that around us. I want to enjoy having you rather than be worried about protecting you and keepign you."

Isis sighs as she wiggles her hips into a pair of black slacks, glancing back over a bared shoulder. "It's not fair that your jealousy should limit my friends. You're being whisked off to god knows where, for god knows how long, and have I said anything?" She sighs and snags an emerald hued halter from the closet, tugging it down over her head before turning around. "I won't bring him around when you're here, but I'm not banning him from the apartment. Alrighty?"

Ash blinks a few times at that. "uhh, yeah, you have Isis… the night I told you you had plenty to say about it. And not fair that my jealousy should limit your friends? It has nothing to do with jealousy Isis. It has to do with that mother fucker and his complete rudeness and you yourself said he had no right. He brought it on himself.." He shakes his head slowly to that. "No Isis… if I see him, I'll beat his face in. So you can decide if you want him here at the apartment or not, but I am dead serious when I say that. I've never put up with assholes like that before in my life and I'm damn well not gonna start now." He crosses his arms, peering at you, anger and hurt in a good even mix, as well as more than a little bit of incredulity at the accusation of jealousy, when there's not been a hint of such from him, it's been pure anger for the man and his mouth.

Isis grunts and smacks her hands against her thighs, only to turn away and begin to pull her hair back into a long, slender braid. "Perhaps that wasn't the best wording. But, I'm sorry - I'm flustered." She hisses and begins to tug her boots back on, lacing the cords up the fronts before pulling her pants back down around the knee-high footwear. "All I asked was where you were going and for how long. The only thing I had a freak fit about what your 'baby-this' and 'babe-that'. I meant your jealous in that you feel the need to 'keep' and 'protect' me." She pops back up to her feet with a little ridge forming between her brows. "You're just going to beat him up? That's great. Just wonderful, Ash." She stuffs the textbook into a bag and slings the pack over her shoulders before slipping out into the kitchen.

Ash lofts one of his eyebrows at you as you tell him it wasn't the best wording and you're flustered. He doesn't comment as well, there's not much need since your entire comment didn't apply. "No that is not all you said Isis. And yeah, I called you babe abd baby. It was an affectionate term. I don't know what else to call you and like I said, Isis sounds… too impersonal.." He sighs softly and shakes his head. "Jealousy has nothing to do with wanting to keep and protect you. And frankly I don't see anything wrong with wanting to keep you. But I've concentrated more on that fact than on enjoying my time with you, something I'm going to correct. When you ask if he's just going to beat him up Ash nods his head. "Yep. People like that need the shit kicked out of them, sometimes it straightens them out. What was he here apologizing for Isis? When he went to leave he said he just came over to apologize to you, and apparently to be a dickhead to the both of us about our relationship."

Isis halts as her stomach sinks, dropping like a hollow pit as Ash's question reaches her ears. She clears her throat and reaffirms her pace, slipping off into the kitchen. She sets her pack aside and pulls herself up onto the counter, reaching into crook between ceiling and cabinets where she hides that familiar 9MM. She shoves the gun into the pack along with her keys and wallet, as she replies. "He needed some help with something. I went down to Staten Island with him to help him. He left me out of the loop on some of the details and said a few hurtful things." She shrugs. "He came back to apologize."

Ash stops in the doorway of the kitchen, having followed you out of the bedroom. He watches you put the gun away with an obvious dislike for the sight, but at least he doesn't make any comments or anything. He watches you, listening to what you tell him. "Wait… he took you down to Staten Island… the lawless territory for some help with some shit, left you out of the loop and said hurtful things, then he pops up here and insults the both of us? Some fucking friend you have there Isis." He crosses his powerful arms over his well muscled chest. "What happened?"

"Hey! You're not my daddy or my keeper, if I call him a friend you're going to have to accept that," she remarks as she rearranges the pack back over her shoulder. Still, when questioned for details her gaze shies away and her shoulder lifts in a sheepish shrug. "He said he was having issues with his phone. He was looking for some telepath that fucked with his memories, though." She waves a hand, trying to make a dismissive gesture of the whole messy situation. "He didn't let me in on the whole thing until I had taken some guys body. So, I punched him. He got a little sensitive - I mean, I didn't intend to hit him that hard. I'm not used to being a guy - and said some mean things and walked away." She clears her throat, shuffles a boot, and begins to head for the door.

Ash steps into your way though when you go for the door, his eyes narrowing, anger flaring over his features at what you tell him. He reaches out, stopping short of grabbing your bare shoulders and his hands fall back to his sides. "No, it's not something I have to accept. Isis… a relationship is not a one way thing. I don't accept that you call him a friend, and with what you've just told me… he's not a friend. He's fucking using you." He growls, deep in his throat, now the man is just furious. "He fucking… puts you in danger… not even telling you he's going to… and he fucking uses you to hunt down some telepath, then when you get angry he gets offensive. he comes to apologize and acts like an asshole? No… Isis… if I see him again I will put him in the fucking hospital. Do you understand me?" His eyes narrow quite a bit before he steps out of the way to let you go.

Isis halts, looking up as those words, 'He's using you…', echo down on her, inspiring a sense déjà vu as she recalls the pawn keeper's words. She scowls and lingers a long moment in silence. "I understand," she mumbles, pausing with her hand on the door once Ash has stepped aside. After a moment she reaches out and dancing her fingers along the hem of his shirt. "Never leave angry, they say." She chuckles and dips her head. "Have a good night, Ash." She slips out the door, shutting it gently behind her.

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