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Scene Title Azumashikunai
Synopsis Amy and Cardinal, in Japan, discuss depth over sushi.
Date May 12, 2009

Sushi Bar, Japan


Tokyo's a crowded place. It's something you read about, and see pictures of, but you don't really understand it until you're there. If you're claustrophobic, it's not the city for you. In the bright flourescent light of the sushi bar, Cardinal adjusts his position on the stool he's settled onto, shifting, glancing back over his shoulder to the wall that's so close, and then reaching out to lift a plate and put it down on the counter before him. "Weird country," he murmurs under his breath, picking up the phrasebook by his side and flipping through it.

Amy has never been in Japan, and has a hard time understanding a lot of the culture around. Yet, she does seem willing to learn. At least, that is the impression that the translator Adam hired for her might just be getting of the young woman. Navigating the crowded city, she finds that even she, a New Yorker, is slightly discomforted by the crowds. Soon, she finds herself upon a Sushi Bar. Sushi being another thing that she has never tried, she makes her way in there, discussing something or another with her translator.

Being as clueless as she is, she actually asks her translator, "So… I just sit down and order, then? Like I'm used to? Oh, and is there anything easy for beginners?" She takes a seat, then notices Cardinal. A short blink, and then, she scoots over. "Hey. Ah, you were the pilot, yes?" She offers the man a friendly, if wary, smile.

A familiar voice stirs Cardinal's attention up from the phrasebook and the sushi before him, eyes a touch reddened and bloodshot regarding her over the edge of the shades that seem eternally perched upon his nose. "Co-pilot," he admits, a smile tugging up a bit at one corner of his lips, "Jake's the pilot. Saw you on board, but I don't think we've been acquainted…" The phrasebook's set down, and he offers a hand over along with a brief grin, "Richard Montenegro."

"Amy Lindgren," the girl replies. She accepts Cardinal's hand and offers him her own, shaking as is appropriate. "I didn't think I'd run into anyone else from the group while out today, what with the size of this place and the crowds…" she says, smiling a little. She seems to remember something, as if it was an afterthought. "Excuse me, I just gotta do something." A brief conversation with her translator and guide as well as an ordered and paid for plate of Sushi later, Amy seems to be all set. The translator is left to his own devices and Amy once again gives Cardinal his full attention. "It's certainly different from what I'm use to."

"Tell me about it," Cardinal allows, his tone rather rueful as he strips the paper off a pair of chopsticks; settling them in his hand, he lifts one of the rolls from the plate between them, fingertips shifting a little unevenly as he levels it out, giving the sushi a suspicious eye, "It's definately different, I'll give it that. Makes for an interesting… vacation, anyhow."

Amy tilts her head to the side at that, seeming deep in thought. "Somehow, I doubt this trip can be considered a vacation," she says, thoughtfully. Her translator, now, is not exactly within hearing range at all, and Amy's tone is a little lower than it was at first. "Even for you, I mean." She too, begins fiddling with her chopsticks. She doesn't appear very good at handling them, as she struggles to use them. Still, she appears to be in good spirits despite that. "As far as I know I'm the only one that doesn't have any real orders here."

A quiet chuckle stirs past Cardinal's lips, silenced as he pops a spring roll in his mouth. He chews, and swallows, then shifts a bit to lean over and reach for her hand. "Here, here, like this… the sticks here, thumb there, see?" As he tries to show her how to hold them, he murmurs, "So why are you here, Amy?"

The question seems to take Amy by surprise, even as she blushes at needing help to handle the chopsticks. Though, she does seem to manage them fine once Cardinal's showed her how. As she prepares a bite, using the chopsticks, she mulls over the question for the briefest moments. "I'm not sure. I suppose it's to be safe, and to be available if needed." She blinks. "I suppose you could say I'm like the kind of intern that's supposed to learn? I come along to see some things, and to be taught and such but I'm not ready to -do- stuff yet." She pauses. "Well, Adam did say he may team me up with someone…" she says, a little bit more quiet, as if it was a reminder to herself also. She lifts her chopsticks to her mouth, taking a bite, blinking a little as she ponders the taste.

"An intern?" This seems to strike Cardinal as amusing, his lips twitching in a faint grin as he leans back into his own personal space — shaking his head, he allows, "Mm. Interesting. Sometimes I wonder if there -is- any method to Monroe's madness… well, I suppose he has his reasons."

Amy shrugs. "I don't really know how to explain it, but Adam has taken me in. It's sort of like a job, since I, well, do get money. But, I haven't been trained yet?" she raises a eyebrow, her eyes studying Cardinal at that. "Of course, I know -why- he took me in," she says, sighing a little. "How in the know are you about his business, anyway?" It seems as if the prospect of divulging the reason for her being with Adam made her less freely talkative.

Cardinal reaches over for the small cup of tea set beside his plate of sushi, allowing with a shrug of one shoulder, "I know what he's doing, and maybe a little bit've why. I make it a point to know everything I can about the people I'm working for." A look over, lips twitching in a faint smile, "I probably know more than the rest of you, honestly."

Amy does not really have much a reason to trust Cardinal. Then again, does she have much reason to really trust Adam, either? "I'd guess so. I don't know a lot, myself." She looks around the bar, seeing if there's anyone else there, besides the translator. Regardless, she shakes her head. "I thought of showing you, but, ah… I'm here because I'm one of the so called Evolved." That last part, she says very quietly. Something about discussing her being special in public obviously does not really sit well with her, as she nervously looks around after even mentioning the term. "I can't imagine that there's any other reason for my being here." She takes a few more bites of Sushi, and her expression seems weird: not one of disgust nor one of delight. It's almost like confusion.

"I figured that much," Cardinal lifts one shoulder in a casual shrug, noting as the tea's brought up to his lips for a light little sip, "As far as I know, everyone is - well, except for the rabid wolf, but, I guess I can see why Monroe wants him around." There's a hint of something in his tone, disapproval perhaps. Maybe a hint of distaste.

"This stuff is kind of good," Amy says, a smile forming on her lips. "Little weird, but good." She blinks a little, curiously. "Rabid wolf?" she asks, at first, confused. But she shrugs it off. "Uhm! Anyway, what about yourself? I mean, I'm sure your way of ending up in with Adam's group now must be different than mine."

"Ethan," Cardinal says shortly, considering her for a moment as he sets the cup down, "I don't know if you've met him yet, but… be careful around that one. He's dangerous." He reaches over for the chopsticks then, gaze dropping back to the sushi plate, "I was approached for my expertise in my particular field."

Amy seems to take the warning to heart, nodding seriously. Then, however, she chuckles softly. "A criminal, huh? I suppose the old me wouldn't approve," she says, casually. "But after 2006, and before Adam I had to steal for the money to put food in my mouth. I think it's hard to be judgmental of unlawful behavior nowadays." She seems to be a very honest person. At least, about some things. She's certainly willing to share.

Cardinal's chin bobs in an easy nod, allowing with tongue firmly in cheek, "I'm a goods and material acquisitions specialist." A sushi roll is waved a bit at her between chopsticks, noting, "The law doesn't give a shit about us. Why should we give a shit about the law?"

That point does seem to strike true with Amy, who finishes her Sushi, putting the Chopsticks down on the plate. "True," she says, in agreement. Yet, her hands that both find themselves by her knees now, supporting her torso… those hands grip at her knees tightly, her arms quivering a little. "I think I may have gotten in way over my head on this." She blinks, and then shrugs, chuckling softly. The old famous 'laughing it off' trick.

"Probably." Cardinal takes a bite of the sushi roll, his eyes closing behind the shades, "…but there's no better way to learn how to swim." He chews, and swallows, adding quietly, "There's always a way out if things get too deep, though, girl. Remember that, if it comes to it. Hopefully it won't."

Amy nods once more, but seems less convinced about that point. "Well, for now Adam hasn't given me any reason to not trust in him, so…" she shrugs. "I'm not going to go down that line of thought." She smiles softly. "Ah, I think I'm going to head back now," she says, when glancing at the time. "It was nice meeting you, Richard."

"Don't mind me, I'm just paranoid by nature," Cardinal replies with a shake of his head, setting down the sushi roll and flashing over a crook'd smile to Amy, "Comes with the territory. Chances are, he won't break that trust, so, nothing to worry about. I'll see you around, eh?"

Another nod. "Probably." She gives Cardinal another smile, thanks the cook - or whomever is minding the counter - for the meal, and then heads on out with her translator in tow. There is still much to see in Japan with the free time that she's been given.

"Ah, youthful optimism," Cardinal murmurs to his tea, tone rueful, "How I miss you. Monroe, I swear to god, if you hurt any of these kids you've picked up…" Of course, there's nobody to hear, but himself.

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