Baby Daddy


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Scene Title Baby Daddy
Synopsis Danika meets Flint. She's going to have his baby. This can only end is disaster.
Date February 6, 2009

The Rookery

After the bomb, Staten Island grew to become a haven for undesirables. If the Island is their home, then the Rookery is their playplace. Equal parts gritty and decadent, it boasts dark alleys, bright lights, and every pleasure that one could imagine. Provided you know where to ask, of course.

Some areas have fared better than the rest of the island; some have fared far worse. For each well-tended brothel or gaming house, there's at least one creaky, crumbling structure left over from the days of pre-bomb suburban glory.

The population is considered universally distasteful, even by much of the rest of Staten Island. Criminals, refugees, victims of radiation poisoning… Those who have nowhere else to go often end up here. The most common method of getting out is to have your body dropped in the river, followed closely by being left wherever it is you got killed.

Good luck.

The night is invading upon the area, like a violin that has offered the last chords of music; allowed to fade into the distant memory of time. The darkness threatens to consume all that enters the modern era of depravity and ill will. The inky depths of fingers stirring the air and leaving only the hopelessness of desertion. It is this area that a woman's heart will quake in fear, a man's manner tested to breaking point. It is here in the city of the broken, that the damned are collected. Their numbers collecting, joining, seething, pleading, begging and destroying all that threatens to come near them.

Within those masses is a woman. Her body fitted to be of shadows as she leans on Shooters. Her provocative form offering all the promises of a forgotten heaven and all the sins of the hell they live in. Danika allows the match to strike the wall behind her. The sulfer ringing wafting with the orange-red glow that lights the cigerette within her shapely lips. Her blue, cruel eyes study the streets. Indecision upon her mind tonight. For does she stalk for prey or amusement; or is it the combination of both?

Not exactly part of the regular masses…Flint Gordon really does somewhat fit in with said masses, loose fitting jeans, oversized dark grey hoodie and black skull cap warming his mostly bald head he saunters along with his hands in his pockets and a devil-may-care grin on his face, humming to himself as he approaches Shooter, grumbling about Iron Chef and Achey Breaky Heart.

Danika lets her eyes fall on the man as he comes closer. She immediately starts to catergorize if he'd be missed. Her eyes take in the state of his dress, the manner of his movements and finally she pushes off the wall. The cigerette dropped and snuffed out beneath her foot. A prowl is more accurate to define her movements, lithe and feline like. She curves her lips into a cruel smile before it fades from view; innocence suddenly in its place as she moves to run into Flint. Her body attempting to step into his path as if by accident.

Flint's gaze flicks up to Danika as his eyes travel up and down her body in a look that is just…short of undressing her with his eyes, hands slipping out of his pockets so he can scratch his head and try to walk around the woman, laughing softly to himself. "Man…them fine fillies just seem to grow out the concrete in the city…lordy!"

Danika shoots an annoyed look towards his back and her eyes focus on him. It is as if she's trying to burrow into his psyche. Then she smiles softly to head towards Shooters. Her lithe form cutting a perfect, and oddly fearless, movement behind the man.

Flint is about as thick as a wall and twice as dense more than likely as he looks over his shoulder at Danika and continues on his way before stopping abruptly and turning around to stare at the woman. "Hey pretty darlin'…is you followin' me or sumthin?"

Danika smiles to that and shakes her head. "Really?" She tries to reach out to touch his arm. "You don't remember me, Flint? I was there while you were being creative with your name on the door." Danika gives a low giggle that sounds more like a promising purr. Her eyes light up for a moment and if she touches him, she'll try to insert herself into his memory. A beautiful thing that he actually likes and trusts. Though, there are times when even she fails.

Flint just blinks and doubletakes at Danika, brow furrowing. Cuz he doesn't remember that…not at all as he stares. "Didn't nobody see…" He throws up his arms before slipping an arm around Danika's waist. "Maybe I got drunk or somethin'…how much I pay for you cutie? How long I got you fer?" He drawls with a snort of a laugh.

Touching her is not allowed. There is a hiss as his arm wraps about her waist and pulls her to him. Danika's eyes flash with cold cruelty, very inhuman for a moment. Then she puts a hand against his shoulder to give a push. "I'm afraid I'm not for sale and I'm not sure you could afford me if I was." Her lips curve into something more innocent, more becoming. "Is that all you want, Flint, just a roll in the alley? Truly that is most uninspiring, even for your gender."

Flint frowns now, obviously confused, backing off at the hiss as he scowls at the woman, expression going from 'duh jovial' to 'pissed' pretty quickly. He doesn't like being confused as he narrows his eyes at Danika. "Darlin'…c'mon now…don't be like that. I didn't say nothin' 'bout rollin' in the alley, I'd rent a motel, you know I would."

Danika smiles to that as she offers. "You are quite right." Her lashes fall to her cheeks then, slowly with a coyness that goes against her hissing earlier. "I am so ashamed. It is just.. well in this neighborhood a girl has to be safe. You'll see I don't have any weapons on me. What about you, Flint? Are you packing anything other than those muscles?"

Flint just nods slowly to Danika. "…oh lord, I den forgot, is you all bleedin' and needin' some of them feminine thangs again?" He shakes his head. "I don't need nothin', I mean I got a lighter and some money…"

Danika looks down at her black pants for a long moment. Her lips curve to that. "No, I'm good, but hey thanks for thinking to ask." She indicates Shooters. "How about you buy me a drink and we can go from there, Mister Moneybags?"

Flint's brow stays furrowed as he eyes Danika for a few moments. "Where does I…" He just trails off and gives up with a snort, heading towards and into the bar, guffawing softly. "Mister Moneybags, lord, I love that…"

Danika leads his hand around the provocative swell of her hip as she moves into the bar. Her aquamarine eyes glinting playfully. Victim found. "Oh baby, that's just the first of many things tonight you are going to love." Her lips curve sultry and sinful then.

Flint follows after Danika, not quite sure how the hell he's in this predicament…but he's not going to complain, chuckling and shaking his head slowly as he watches Danika's hindquarters with a critical eye.

Those hindquarters are ones of legends. Danika moves to the bar and glances around the area. Then she looks back towards the man thoughtfully. Her lips curve delicately into a wanton smile. "So what do you want to buy me to drink? I mean.. you do have enough for a room and condoms right?"

Flint can appreciate legends really as he tilts his head to the side then tugs his hat off, shoving it into a pocket and meandering towards the bar with a frown. "Whatcha want to drink honey?" He drawls and snorts. "…I ain't cheap! I might be broke most of the time, but I ain't cheap! I'll even buy you a hamburger after we're done and hold the window open for ya when we skimp out on the bill."

Danika flutters her lashes to that. "Really? You would hold the window open for me?" She places her manicured nails to her heart, "Awww, you are a romantic." Her hair is tossed a bit over her shoulder before she leans in a bit. "Does this mean next we can you know.. run off and get married, have a few children?" Her lips curve as she waits for the panic to situate in as she sits at the bar with him.

Flint places a hand over his heart and just nods slowly before gesturing for the bartender so Danika and order her drink and then there is a long pause as he stares at Danika, eyes narrowing and then widening and then narrowing once more as he just gasps. "W-what? You is…oh lordy…" He really doesn't know this woman's name, so he tries to remember. "Betty Sue…" He trails off. "What the he-" He gasps again, face contorting. "Y-you're pregnant?! I told you to stop poking holes in my rubbers woman!"

Now at this point a nice person would laugh and say no she wasn't. Danika is not a nice woman. Her eyes open expressively wide. "You said you loved me! Don't you remember?" She sighs mournfully. "We were talking about names while you were .. you know. I told you to pull out but you were saying all that stuff about wanting to be with me forever." She shakes her head and looks around the area. She's scanning everyone that walks by.

Flint just looks taken aback, sinking back on the nearest chair/slipping into it with wide eyes and a general fish like expression on his face before he rubs a hand over his mostly bald head. "I must've been on crack." He shakes his head. "Daddy always said 'don't do that stuff, you is dumb enough boy'. I should've listened. Lord have mercy what am I gonna do…" He's probably already making plans in his head.

Danika stares at him with those sweet, innocent eyes. "You said you'd marry me. You.. Flint, you are going to marry me right? I mean. Remember? We'd get a small little place and you'd be faithful and we'd maybe have another one." She sighs softly, looking completely heartbroken. "What else were you planning to do? You do love me, right?"

Flint just sighs softly and moves forward carefully, dragging his bulk out of that chair and gesturing towards the bar with a sigh. "You can't be drinkin' if I've knocked you up, it'll cook the baby's brains and they'll come out dumb as a rock and twice as stupid."

Danika's smile falls for the first time to that. She stares longingly at the alcohol as it is presented and then denied. Damnit. Then Danika reaches out her hand to him and offers. "We'll be happy together. I mean, I am pretty and I was good in bed. Don't you remember?"

Flint doesn't take the hand for whatever reason, just takes the alcohol himself, throwing it back and shaking his head slowly. "Yeah yeah, whatever ya say darlin'…we should get you to the motel now, get your feet up." He frowns and scratches his head again. "I'm pretty sure you was a real good lay."

Danika crosses her long legs and then sighs again at the lack of the drink. It is a good thing she's having fun. "Well okay." She moves to stand up. Then hurt fills her eyes. "You are happy, right Flint? I mean, you are glad that we're having this baby and that.. I mean you do love me, right?"

"Oh yeah…" Flint fades out again, getting all emotional and 'aww shucky' about it all, toeing the ground. "I always wanted to be a daddy. A good daddy."

Danika nods her head. "Well, then you get your wish, hmm?" Her hand is offered to him as she studies him for a long moment. "Virgina. My name, you aren't using it. I like Darling though."

Flint just stares at Danika and just wraps her in a hug with a big shiteating grin on his face if allowed and he laughs happily. "I guess them fallin' stars ain't a waste of time after all, they brought me yer uterus and fertilities." He sighs and shakes his head quickly. "Virgina…well…I guess you ain't no more!"

Danika forces herself not to tense when he touches her, and it truly takes everything in her not to. Then she offers. "I suppose you are right, Flint. So tell me, we never really talked it was more just steamy passion. Tell me something. What is it you do again?" She tries to scan his memories for his job if there is one.

Flint doesn't have a job really…he just mugs people where need be. He releases Danika and turns towards the door. "We gotta get you off yer feet, then we gotta find a doctor…" He babbles on and shakes his head. "What is it to me? A little baby! Lord, you ain't gonna pop out a chicken or nothin'."

Danika curves her body provocatively against his. "Oh Flint! We're going to have a baby. I'm feeling sort of tired though. Can you get us a room and lay with me. I.. I just want to sleep in your arms for the night."

Flint laughs and lays one on Danika if allowed, wet and sloppy and just happy as a june bug he is as he gives her a little squeeze. "Oh yes, I can get us a room, certainly…but I gotta make some 'rounds before I turn in sugarsnaps…" He starts leading the way towards the door.

Danika opens her eyes wide to that. "No. I mean, can't you just come nap with me for a little bit of time? I just. I want to watch you sleep and know that everything will be okay. You.. I'll wake you. Please?"

Flint snorts and rolls his eyes. "Don't worry 'bout nothin' darlin'…trust me, I'll take real good care of mah baby."

Danika looks a bit nervous then. "Well in that case. We should get to that room." There's a mental cursing in her head as her plans to mess with his memories are put off for another night. Then she perks. Maybe she can do it later. "Flint, I think this will be a great ending of an old chapter and a great start of a new one."

Flint just is happy as can be, he even has a pep in his step as he saunters on his way out the door, holding it open for Danika. "Oh of course…lordy…imagine me, a /daddy/." He heehaws, really…he makes that sound as he snuffles again and nods slowly.

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