Back From The Future


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Scene Title Back From The Future
Synopsis The Lost Eight are taken back to Cat's place, and Helena meets some new faces.
Date May 14, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse

The floors here on the fourth level of the Village Renaissance Building at 14 East 4th Street are of polished grey marble and the smooth walls are painted a cream color. Four corridors with four apartments each are found here, with stairwells at the front and back and elevators centrally placed in each corridor. The elevators have buttons for the first three floors visible, and control panels requiring both key and keycard to open.

The apartment doors, made from sturdy pine, are operated by keycards only on this floor. Like the second and third floors, they're numbered 401-416.

But that's where the similarity ends. This floor isn't for rental to the general public. It's a place reserved for temporary stays by whomever the person who lives on the top floor chooses to give sanctuary.

It's a safehouse of the Ferrymen, operated by a member of Phoenix, using the cover of musician's eccentricities to explain away the motley crew of folks who might come and go if anyone should ask.

Somehow, some way, Helena managed to find a phone. She called collect because she had no other choice, and answered whatever questions Cat saw fit to ask her to determine her identity before racing back to the Deveaux building to wait for pickup, clutching what remained of the items in her satchel and what samples of formula she could recover - a meager three.

A short time after the call came, Cat set out in her 2008 Neon for the Deveaux building's remains. It's the first time she's been near to the place since the fight to protect Allen Rickham, during which it was made a mess of by Conrad's actions versus Vanguard snipers firing at them. As she pulls up, she thinks of the man it was named for and his role in events. A familiar theme for her in days recent. Charles Deveaux.

The car stops, she gets out and leans against the hood, waiting and watching for Helena and her party of returnees to approach. She holds her questions for when the leader is within earshot and seen in person. "What were we supposed to do at the end of January, just a few of us?"

Helena blinks. "Uh. I don't remember, Cat. Presumably you all scattered, that would have been the smart thing. I went to fucking Moab, and then you guys tried to get me out and well - that went sideways. Everyone's alright, right?"

She looks disappointed, perhaps stung, that Helena doesn't know the answer, but she has other ways of verifying Helena's identity, or being fairly certain, anyway. She studies the face, looks at the area under her chin for traces of the needle injection site where suppressant was used. At the same time she speaks in a subdued voice. "We were going to scatter ashes from the highest bridge, simply because they're still standing."

Trask's presence is avoided, she tries not to get close, just handing over the keys so Helena can drive. She doesn't trust herself to do so while negated. "Welcome back, Helena," she offers.

Helena doesn't seem to process the hurt, or if she does, she doesn't have time to delve into it. Maybe after she's recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of imprisonment + timewarp. Harsh, but Helena's been living in a harsh world these days. She willingly drives, once people are situated - Elle at the very least, with a blindfold, and off they go to Cat's Greenwich Village haven.

At the destination, once out of the car and clear of Trask's field, Cat leads the way in. She puts the group into one elevator and gets them going to the fourth floor, then takes another to not be negated. It's a short trip, after which she walks along the corridor to meet the rest and start letting people into units as is seen fit.

Candy is in the doorway of her own little hidey-hole, the woman restless after having rested and gotten her fill of fluids. She looks around as she continues to stand there, Helena might remember her from Moab. She was only on Green Level for a couple of weeks, but she did manage to stir quit a bit of a commotion in the cafeteria before she was dragged down into her own personal hell. She crosses her arms, she isn't looking towards the elevator, just staring down the hall for a moment as she contemplates her current situation. Candy turns as she hears the ding of the elevator, merely glancing towards it as she stands there.

Helena does give Candy a double-look, nods to her wearily - they can play catch-up reunion later. She presumes that since Candy is here, Cat's checked her out, and well - she remembers her from Moab. Only after everyone is situated though, does she hesitate, and then throw her arms around Cat in a perhaps unexpected hug.

One unit's door clicks open just short of the elevator containing Cat dinging onto the floor. The girl that comes out has a ring of keycards in her hand, and the door handle pulling shut behind her- but not quite closing there. Delilah pauses in the doorway of the unit, eyes going first to the motley crew in the corridor, then to the elevator as Cat gets out and begins to show the newest arrivals into rooms, and lastly, blinks quietly as Helena opens up door number affection.

Okay, sometimes she just has to say something, right? "…busy night?"

The fourth floor looks fairly much the same as Helena has seen so recently, except for being a safehouse area now instead of extended guest quarters. The building itself is not so much different, the major thing being this one has six floors instead of seven. Security functions in similar ways, the location is the same, there's the Rock Cellar entrance at stairs leading to the basement…

Cat is caught by surprise by the sudden embrace, but it passes quickly. A smile of relief forms, she wraps arms around the shorter and blonder one. A chuckling voice is used. "You're a sight for sore eyes too, Stormy."

Without letting go, she spots Delilah and Candy, hears Delilah's question, and speaks a simple reply. "You could say that, sure enough."

Candy watches Helena a little herself as she nods her head to other woman. She knows she has seen the woman, but a couple months of being dehydrated and then rehydrated in cycles have taken their toll on the woman and most of Moab is nothing but a fevered dream. Her eyes looking at Cat for a moment as she continues to lean against the doorway and think, her features showing the thought that she is in.

Helena takes a seat once she's done hugging Cat like a crazy person. "New faces." she observes of Delilah and Candy. She does not mention Phoenix, though she says to Cat strangely enough, "Fitting, you were the last person I saw there, and the first person I see here. I'm glad for it." She takes a breath and says two names, the question clear: "Teo? Peter?"

"Ahuh." It's more of a breathy word than a real first response, and Delilah glances back to the door behind her before closing it, a familiar metallic click as the hint of a lock. In that short bit of time she has between Helena's pick up of words, there is a proclamation. "If someone else tracks mud in on this carpet I can't hold myself responsible for what happens." Delilah says this seriously, yet so seriously that it is perfectly fitting as a jibe, and with the perfect lilt. At the one familiar name that Helena says to Cat, Dee pauses in picking up her feet to go, instead finding the elevator keycard on her ring.

She too slides down to sit against the wall, and reply. "Yes," Cat confirms. She doesn't seem so likely to introduce them, though. As was told to Delilah soon after she started, and mentioned to Candy as well, Cat likes her privacy. They may not always be kept in the dark, simply being here is a start along that path.

"I talked to them both recently. I can take you to Peter tomorrow, early. Teo we can call directly." Her somber tone is a signal there's much to discuss that she won't say here and now.

"Oh." Helena says, relief flooding her voice. "Okay." She looks to Delilah and Candy again, then back to Cat. New faces, ones she doesn't know she can trust. It halts her from further questions, for the moment. Though to Candy, "I remember you, I think."

Candy isn't one to volunteer information either as she merely watches the two from her door. Her eyes looking from one to the other. She nods her head a bit to Cat, in a way one might to let someone know that they are needed shortly enough to talk to. At Helena's words she looks back at her as she says, "I believe I remember you as well. Though, I am hesitant to speak about where I think I may know you from." The distrust in the air could almost be palpable, almost.

"If anyone ever needs anything-" Delilah's eyes go over to Helena, and then up to doors of suddenly occupied rooms. "-just let me know or leave a note out on the door… I'll see you later, Cat. G'night." The redhead smiles with familiarity to the older woman, saying a general goodbye to the hallway before turning to leave. If Cat feels the need to explain her place to anyone, then she can. But for now, Delilah is going downstairs, and back to her own home.

"Thank you," Cat offers to the redheaded former Briton as she makes her exit. "Good night, sleep well." She watches until Delilah is gone, in silence, then speaks. "Candy found her way here, she came in out of the rain while I was in the Rock Cellar. When I saw she has the mark, I offered shelter."

"Club Med." Helena says mildly to Candy, "Of course." She leaves it at that and turns back to Cat. "I know," she says quietly, "About Conrad." The bereavement in her voice suggests she's had time to process it.

Candy nods her head a little as she looks at Cat and then says, "About the giving me shelter part, Panther." She purses her lips, trying to think of the best way to put it. Nodding her head a little she says, "I need to do more than just sit here. I know it sounds faintly cheesey, but I need to do something for you, I can't just accept this without feeling like I'm mooching off you." She offers a weak smile and then adds, "Even if that is what you have it here for."

Her eyes meet Helena's as she speaks of Conrad, and the reply is a slow nod. There's an understanding, perhaps, shared between them without words for the moment. After that stretch, she says only "We have some stories to share, things to catch up on."

Then she turns toward Candy, showing a thin smile in starting her answer. "It's good of you to offer. I've been thinking of things you can do, jobs to help you get your feet back solid, without drawing attention from DHS. What sort of skills do you have?"

"Yeah, Xena." Helena can't help but grin a little - oddly, she goes for one of Cat's secondary bedrooms, with a pace of familiarity and returns without the satchel that had been resting on her hip before she goes to sit down.

Candy looks at Cat as she stands there, spreading her hands a little. "I was a marine biologist before… I went on my vacation. I can clean, cooking I'm fair at," she answers as she stands there, before she adds, "And there is the thing that you have already seen me do."

On this floor they aren't just bedrooms, they're apartment units, most with one bedroom and furniture, appliances too. Refrigerators, stove, microwave, televisions, washers and dryers, bathrooms… In terms of size they approximate the average middle income apartment. Suitable for hosting entire families when that need arises in terms of sheltering and supporting in the style of Ferry operations. She watches Helena as she enters one of the units with a door she opened and left cracked for the arriving group, and speaks with Candy.

"Marine biology. Interesting." She nods once, and muses about how that fits with a theory she holds regarding abilities and how they manifest. "Don't have anything in that field, but the Rock Cellar can perhaps use some help. It has a kitchen. There might also be some office work you could do. We'll talk about that more tomorrow, maybe?"

And her eyes travel to Helena again when she returns. "I've got room for you upstairs."

"Oh," Helena says with some embarrassment, and then goes to fetch her satchel again. "Sorry, Cat. I'm…tired. Relieved. A lot of things. I'm sorry I forgot about the ashes." she blurts out in apology.

Candy blinks a little as she looks between the two woman, though she doesn't say anything as she looks at Cat. She nods her head and smiles, "Paperwork… I can do paperwork," she says as she looks at the other woman. "Though, yes, tomorrow might be a better time to talk about it. I still don't think I'm completely replenished on my fluids, and more rest probably wouldn't hurt."

She nods slowly when Helena speaks, sharing "It's okay. You've been to hell and back. Can't be foremost on your mind. But that is something, just one thing, to do now that you're back." Cat manages a brief smile before shifting attention back to Candy.

"I appreciate you offering. Things will be found for you, but don't worry. I won't treat you like a workhorse, dumping all the dirty stuff on you." And she stands. "Good night, Candy. See you tomorrow." Feet move her toward the nearest elevator, where she presses a button and waits for Helena.

Helena offers Candy a little nod, then pauses. "Do you remember Tabitha?" she asks of Candy. Candy might, Tabitha was all about trying to be the yard's queen bitch. She hated Helena, even tried to assault her once in the yard. Helena bit her on the leg. That concievably may have happened before Candy was dragged down to red, but maybe not.
Helena says this as she's getting in the elevator.

Candy nods her head as she watches the two women getting into the elevator. "Yes, I remember Tabitha. She's the one who cemented my opinion that as soon as I could, I should try to escape. You saw where that got me in the cafeteria," she replies as she moves her hands to hang at her side, her eyes going down before she shakes her head she can't let that place dominate her thoughts.

It's hell for them, she realizes, to have been there and to think of it now, probably. Cat can sympathize to a degree, having herself been briefly held by Ethan, hands denied her. Screams as Dani was tormented so close by. She has to wonder if she'd have been suppressed there, given the passive nature of the ability. They, at least have some small comfort in not having panmnesia and being in that pit with all details being so indelible.

Inside the elevator she opens the panel and presses the button for six, and soon the doors close. Going up.

Helena informs Candy with placid satisfaction just as the doors close, "I kicked her ass." Hee.

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