Back In The Saddle


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Scene Title Back in the Saddle
Synopsis Len brings Minea out of hiding.
Date May 20, 2009

Undisclosed Highway

Waiting a few extra days since the deed was done, Len gets into his jeep and pulls out of the parking lot. He tears down the street and out of town. He has already sent off the following text to Minea Dahl:

Coming to pick you up. Get ready. Dent.

Being the only one privvy to the location of Agent Dahl was Len himself. He drives for about 45 minutes, giving the agent plenty of time to gather her things, to include her receipts, and be ready to go. He pulls into the an out of town motel, and slides into a parking space right in front of the room he needs and hops out of the Jeep, moving over to rap on the door a few times.

Cheapie phone, pay as you go, enough to keep her in contact while she waits. The time spent going through memories, figuring out what was reversed, what wasn't. Most of the few things she couldn't were really just fuzzy things from childhood. Or more fuzzy really. SO she was by the door when Denton rapped his knuckles on the roadside motel. She'd already gone down, paid, gathered receipts and was waiting. She could have done another week really, but, it was good to get out. It's the nose of a gun that meets him though, when she cracks open the door, and satisfied with what she see's, closes it then opens it all the way so she can get out. Key attached to a plastic diamond with her room number tossed at him. "Take it downstairs, things have been paid, i'll meet you at the car"

Len smirks as he takes the key. "Make it quick, Agent Dahl." He walks only to the office and drops off the key before heading back to the car. He hops back inside as he starts up the jeep and waits for Agent Dahl to get her things down here.

One duffle bag. hey, he wanted receipts and she couldn't go back to her apartment. Not that she couldn't pay back out of her paycheck. But by the time he's down and getting in, she's getting into the passenger side, locking the door and putting her own seat belt on. "Well?"

"All I can tell you is that I'm relatively certain you are safe. I'm going to ask you to not ask me any questions, that way I won't have to tell you any lies. Do not go snooping. Let's just put this behind us and move forward now. I'm going to need your help on an assignment." Len looks forward as he drives, his foot it pressed almost to the floor of the Jeep as he drives down the road.

"Don't ask don't tell. Understood. Am I still to be working with Agent Castillo or have circumstances changed? And do I expect to make it all the way to the city or do you plan on speeding us into a ticket?" Minea glances over to the speedometer then to the road ahead. The lock on the door is flipped three time, back and forth without thinking.

Len slows down just a little bit. "Use to driving on them open roads, so when I see one, I like to put the pedal down." he grins. "Yes, Castillo needs your assistance with this Robin Hood thing. He seems to have disappeared off the planet. No one has heard a peep from him. I'm thinking of trying to get in touch with Wireless to see if she's willing to help us track him." This one likes to play with fire, it seems.

"And you want me to do that given my prior experience with phoenix and it's members?" Minea's eyes rest on the road, occasionally darting to the rear view mirror. "THink he got another body?"

"I have no clue whatsoever on that. But if anyone can find out, it's Wireless." He turns to her. "Speaking of which, now that I know Harrison is working with Phoenix, I do not want any information given to her without my prior approval. Not saying she's not trustworthy, but I do not want any information slipping through the cracks."

As soon as he got the call that the job was done, he sent out cleaners to take care of the mess. If anyone is looking for Goodman — it'll be a while before they actually figure out he's dead. most will think he's fled. As far as Len knows, no one can prove otherwise.

"So, I want you to play support for Castillo, offer help where you can and let her run the show. I want her to get some experience under her belt. Also, Agent Prince is working another angle for me on a different sort of assignment. I may have you keep an eye on him as well."

"Prince? They made him full agent already? I had been sending him off to be trained and help" But she could do that. "Don't speak a word to Harrison, support Castillo and Prince." Another three flippings back and forth of the locks on the passenger side of the door. "If you want to talk to phoenix, I can get a hold of someone higher up than her. He doens't pull shit, and will either tell it to you straight, or not at all"

Len responds, "Prince? He's on a temporary assignment. Mostly trailing and gathering intel. Nothing too serious. I don't want him made, but there was an interesting piece on the news that I wanted to have him check up on. He's not to engage officially, though a little interaction was not out of the question. I want to see how he does." Len turns to her. "Phoenix, huh? Can't say as I have any reason to speak to them now. At least not at the moment, and you should be careful when speaking to them as well. Got it?""

"How many times Agent denton do you think I actually talked to them?" Brown eyes glance over towards him as he steers.

Len grins, shaking his head. "You know someone fairly high up. I can only speculate, Agent Dahl."

"Because previous to the Company, I was the partner to another ISA agent, and we were tasked with gathering information on the various terrorist cells operating within the city. He managed to befriend said individual and worked with him to gather more information. I know because of that, because they seem to be firmly in bed with a great many individuals, and especially within law enforcement. Maybe.. Three times purposefully, since becoming company, and accidentally a few other times, to the point they accused me of spying on them"

Len is quiet for a few minutes as he drives. "I want you to ease back into this job, Agent Dahl. It's why I'm giving you a support role. But there's no need for you to lay low, but that doesn't mean you're going to go streamrolling back through either. You're going to tip-toe until I say otherwise, are we clear?" It's not necessarily a scolding, but perhaps someone who is concerned and wants to make sure that one of his employees will be just fine.

"Matter of worry for my well being or is it a matter of trust Agent Denton. Because I can understand if it's the latter. If it's the former, there's a few things that i've discovered, but nothing that'd impact the job" Back to the road she looks, moving her hand away from the door to rest on her lap.

As they reach the city. "There'll be plenty of time to talk about all of that. And you needn't worry about trust. If I didn't trust you, I would have never brought you aboard. I'd have taken the information you brought me and left you out completely." Len glances in her direction, "Do you feel safe going back to your place, or will you be needing a new apartment?"

"Place is compromised. I'll have someone check my equipment and belongings for bugs or the like and get on with finding a new place. If he found it, anyone can find it and I'd like to not have that Telepath or whatever he was giving me more OCD's. I'll get another hotel room once I hit my place. I have some spare ID's that I've never used and cards associated with them. stupid question, can I touch your arm?" For the first time, the brunette actually looks embarrassed.

Len doesn't seem to be phased in the least by that question. He extends his arm. It's covered mostly by the sleeve of his work shirt, though the cuff it rolled back exposing his wrist. He finally whips into the parking lot to her apartment and stops the car, while he waits for her to do what it is she needs to do.

Just a touch, barely even felt and then she's back to respecting personal space. "Sorry. Fucking Goodman." There's a glance to her apartment and a nod. "Don't think I need you to come up, i'm a big girl Agent Denton. But i'll call if there's anything wrong. Will I be issued my sidearm again?"

"When it's time, Agent Dahl. Besides, it's not like you're completely unarmed." Len steps out of the vehicle after the touch, still no reaction from him as if he's used to that sort of thing. Picking up her bag, he waits for her to get out then hands it to her. "You have my number if you need anything, Dahl. Understood?" He gets back into the Jeep. He'd go check out her place, but she's going to have to stand on her own feet soon enough, and he doesn't think she's in danger. If she's hesitant at all, this could be a nice boost for her.

And she's not a wimp. She's got a gun and woe be to anyone who's in her apartment. The other agent nods to Len as he gets back in the truck and without a glance back, the bag is thrown over her shoulder and keys in hand as he drives off, Minea heads up to her place. Grab stuff, find a hotel room, apartment hunt and .. get back on the job.

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