Back To My Roots


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Scene Title Back to My Roots
Synopsis Elle is heading up the investigation of a recent incident at The Nite Owl. The first Agent she brings onto her team is one Isabella Dawson. Surely, the world is going to end.
Date September 18, 2010

Suresh Center - Elle's Office

Elle Bishop has called Isabella Dawson to her office here at the Suresh Center, in order to gather her up as part of her investigation team. The office is rather barren, with a window overlooking the street below; it's obvious Elle just moved in here, and is quite unsure as to how to decorate the place. So, she sits at a desk, which is barren except for a thin folder of paperwork, a phone, a laptop, a lamp, and a few pens and pencils in a cup, tapping her fingers on the desk. This is all new, having her own office…having responsibility. It's not something she's used to.

There is a cushy chair sitting across from her, pulled out and waiting to be sat in. The daughter of the former Director of the Company is tapping her fingers on the top of her desk as she waits, staring out the window.

Right on time, the door clicks open and Isabella steps in. The agent's stern face, straight back, and dour demeanor are rather strange when paired with her adorable red silk blouse with the little puffy cap sleeves, and her black ruffled skirt that flares at the hips. The stern click-click of her red pumps on the ground follow her arrival. Isa pauses a moment to take in the office, and then Elle herself, before finishing the trek over to sit into the proffered chair. No greetings, no pleasantries. She just looks expectantly at Elle.

Elle, who is trying to look the part of the head of an investigation, is dressed in a black pinstripe dress suit, complete with those killer heels she always wears, though those are obscured by the desk. She watches quietly as Isabella steps in, brows raising slightly. Once the woman is seated, the little electric brunette nods slowly. "Agent Dawson, good to see you."

She flips open that manilla folder, turning her eyes down toward the contents. "So, I have been asked to lead the investigation on the incident at the Diner on Wednesday evening. I'm compiling a team of agents to assist me in this, and I would like to request your assistance." A small smile that doesn't quite reach her eyes is offered to Isabella. It quickly disappears, however, as her eyes turn back to the paperwork.

"On Wednesday, September 15, an incident occured at The Nite Owl Diner. What I am assuming to be an empath from previous experiences with one Huruma activated their ability, causing widespread fear and panic throughout the diner, which resulted in injuries." Her frown grows. "One man stabbed another, before escaping. He dropped the weapon before he did, however. I, too, was effected, resulting in an attack on Abigail Beauchamp, and another attack on the man who had stabbed the other. We are going to be looking for two people here. First, the one who stabbed a civilian. Our primary goal, however, is to find the person responsible for this empath attack, before they can cause any more damage."

Blue eyes raise to Isabella again. "I have a list of witnesses that need questioning, and I need assistance in re-inspecting the crime scene." Someone who won't destroy the crime scene as Elle Bishop is so prone to doing.

"Bishop," Isabella greets cooly. As Elle recounts her case, Isabella lifts a slight brow. And when it gets to what she needs… Well. "From what I understand, I'm not the type to be questioning witnesses. Not that I wouldn't like to." The corner of her mouth ticks up there, but it quickly vanishes in favor of her usual sour mood. "Reinspecting the crime scene, however, I can do. Do you have the weapon?"

"Then I need your assistance in reinspecting the crime scene. I'll get others to handle witnesses." Elle's brows raise as she leans back in that cushy office chair of hers, patting the arm. So strange, being the one behind the desk for once. "Weapon is currently with our doctor types, being checked over for prints. If we find the fellow who did the stabbing, I may need some assistance in apprehending him." Though she'll ask Odessa on that one first. "In any case, I need you to search that Diner high and low for anything that will help us find out who this empath is."

She lifts the folder, tapping it on the desk thoughtfully. "While you're investigating the diner, I'll question the staff, see if they can recall anything."

"I'd be happy to help," Isabella replies. "I haven't done real crime scene investigation in a while. It'd be nice to get back to my roots." Straightening a little, she gestures at the folder. "May I?"

After a moment, Elle pushes the folder forward on the desk for Isabella to peruse. "Good to have you on the team, then, Agent Dawson. I figure we can head out there tomorrow afternoon. I've already called to ensure that the witnesses will be there." She leans back in her seat, watching Isabella. "If you see Agent Lupinetti, by the way, send him my apologies. I'm sure he'll understand what I mean."
Isabella collects the folder from her and flips it briskly open, perusing through the pages within. "Right, tomorrow afternoon." Though, at the apologies, her eyes snap back up to Elle, flashing a little for a moment before she stiffly tosses the folder back on the desk and stands. "Send them yourself," she snaps. So much for her good behavior so far! "If that's all?" she asks harshly.

Elle's brows raise at the snappy behavior, watching Isabella with an unreadable expression. "That would be all, Agent Dawson. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon, Two-O'Clock on the dot, at The Nite Owl." She doesn't say anything about the change in Isabella's attitude, instead only watching her with a mild look on her face.

"See you at two," is Isabella's brisk farewell, and the diminutive woman turns and click-click-clicks her way out of Elle's office, closing the door with a vanishing swish of her black skirt. And Elle is left alone with her bare office.

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